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Abhishek Rohila(Avi)

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United States
United States
Lost Writer (Insta @1feeler)
February 16, 2019

Its not about anger its not about revenge its not even about the loss Its not about facts anymore, its not about who was involved and who was not its not about justice anymore it doesn’t matter what they did and why they did I feel no concern towards the ties they have Or if they have a family or not I don’t feel any concern towards the collateral damage it would cost. Its just our family members were murdered and we want them dead, every single one of them who was involved directly or indirectly. Its not a simple thing to ask anyone if they would be happy if all the responsible people are brutally killed because there is no such emotion or a word that would content what Indians are feeling r...

February 11, 2019
Ann Arbor, United States

   “If I would say something would you believe it ?
Would you keep it close till the time it seals it ?
Would the miles matter ?
Would the words without my lips flatter ?
Would my voice reach you?
Would it tell you how much I want to meet you ?
What is it that would suffice you ?
Was Jim Corce right about time ?
Why does that track reminds me of you ?
Why do I want to be always there for you ?
Why do I have so many things to say to you?
Why now piano plays all about you ?
Why Am I so high on you ?
Why do my climate change blames you?
Why is it that nothing what I would do completes me?
Is it really about you or is it solely about my conscious to believe in me?

I know all these questions ar...

February 4, 2019

If I had been "Present" I would write a letter to "Past" telling him something about what I feel about this magical thread I feel "Existence" has created.

Hey Brother,

How are you ? Its been a while I wrote to you. I know you have been busy collecting every bit of life. You know it always amused me how our family works, three brothers who cannot meet and yet we stay connected. I know among us you are the one who has to take all of it and the one who has to stay I guess. Its always hard for me to comprehend what exactly you must be feeling with all of it, the decisions, the results,the satisfaction, the contentment, the disappointments, the regrets, love, hatred almost everything that a bein...

April 4, 2018

"The dark days weren't over just yet. She realized that when she found yet another note in her mailbox. She felt anxious as she opened the note. It said..."  Trump will win the next elections".

March 25, 2018

We all find happiness in "light" right ?
Yet we just can't stop ourselves from
exploring the darkness
And once you are surrounded, you crave
for light again.

Human heart - A mystery.

October 2, 2017

No matter if it's a fading star
Or a dusky lamp from a distant street
I find you everywhere
Whenever I am alone
Or whenever these agile feet are still.

It doesn't seem to me destiny favours us
Not that I worry about it
Or hate this fact about us
Because when I close these eyes
And I am in deep sleep
I find you there with me
Sharing my warm sheet.

Do you remember the scars I showed you ?
The untold stories I told you
Or the way I said forver
When you asked me to stay ?
Do you remember that breathing "hey"
When we used to talk till the night kisses the   first ray.
Yes, yes I still live in these thoughts
Trying to give it a name
or at least a lying reason
So that I can walk again

November 22, 2016


Was it light that led to the existence of darkness ?
Or was it darkness that led to the invention of light ?
Amazing right ?
one can never be defined without the existence of the other.
And yet we are unaware of the phase without both of them.

I believe we should cherish both of them, as one is incomplete without the other.

October 15, 2016


Moments when we forget they only serve good in Maths not with relationships.  

September 23, 2016

Moments and people

I believe there is always a reason why we meet people why we let those doors stay open for them and why we bid a good bye in a hope to see them again.
Some believe people meet because they have something of each other which longs to return to its righteous owner. Some believe destiny has some plans for them..and some like me believe its a coincidence.
Amazing part is we don't know which one is the absolute reason and no matter how bad or worse experience we hold of  meeting new people a part of us is always ready to welcome new ones.
I find this act pious and beautiful and the fact that both our mind and heart they don't have there control on it, makes it more precious. ...

June 11, 2016

                             A Thought

Nothing stays, each moment born is the harbinger for the next one and life of that moment is defined by its impact on our lives. If we take a look more closely we will find ourselves the creator of our own world, I believe that the myth behind existence of a  powerful energy that is above us stays just because there might have been a day earlier when a human being was too weak to take the blame on himself or may be was too humble to take the credit of his own good deeds.  
      With each passing era a bit more was added to this myth and it didn't take long for human beings to adapt it, after all it was and remains the perfect bastion for each lie we ...

May 24, 2016

"Count" For a Name

Have you ever observed that
There is a particular count for how many  
times you can call out a name, close your
eyes and try to remember how many names
you used to call  at some point of your
life, are still there.
I am sure you will find some of them who
used to be soul of your conversations and
now they are more like a happy or sad
memory which is fading away with time.
I would say that one should always add a bit of
more happy phases to the names they call
because sooner or later you will reach that last
permitted number.

May 2, 2016

                             That Day

There can never be a space where darkness can delude my eyes and I would miss looking after you..

There can never be a  day when thought of being with you doesn't crosses mind..

There can never be a night when moon can pilfer your charm and be more mesmerizing

There can never be a day when people would stop finding you in there conversation with me

They believe it takes alot to hold this feeling for you

They feel that I walk in shadows of stillness while waiting for you

I wish there could be a day when could weave a sentence that would let them know that

This feeling this emotion this muse whatever that is for you from me never  asked for an...

April 9, 2016

                                          I Wish

I wish I could meet you someday
Wish to store that moment
and admire it everyday..

Prosaic you say you are
Look through my eyes?
and realise how beguiling you are.

I wish I could drink an "evening" to night with you
Witness the shy difference between listening
and hearing you.

I know we don't belong each other
And Nothing would ever change
no matter how much we long for each other.

But this enduring hope keeps my love alive
Asks me to wait till the time feels reverence    
and allows us to live together our lives.

April 5, 2016

                                     Choose the feeling you hold

You do realize that nobody can ever define your way of loving as right or wrong, not because they don’t hold a right over it or because their tendency to judge vacillate time to time. It’s just they can never reflect what you feel in their views. It’s something that only you can see through, be proud of that feeling. That is among very few things that will always be yours, good or bad it does define you. You never hold one single reason for the question that “why only him/her?” And somehow others do hold copious perspectives for why and why not.
Define the love the way you really feel about it let it be euphoric, mis...

March 17, 2016

Forgiveness is in your hand,

Forgetting is in Faith's.

One is a decision you can make,

One is a the decision that destiny


March 14, 2016

Change :

A thing everyone wants
A perspective very few accept
A decision very hard to make
A phase which gets old the moment it is born.

February 26, 2016

Sometimes i feel love,hatred respect, perception everything that heart spawns is just like any other sand dune....whose formation and desolation remains uncertain and dependent on the flow of water or air around it.

February 12, 2016


Why would I look up to the sky and wish something for myself when I have you in my life ?
Isn't it already enough that he made me bit known to you ?
So what we didn't share a walk?
Our journey of words was worth a million walk  
There are billion ways to prove that we were never made for each other
But what if i say we needed only one to prove that we are for each other.
I know i will fade away in your memory like any other stranger
But I will make sure you live in my dreams in my words till they know you through this stranger.

February 7, 2016

            Yet another year comes
  With passing days this month comes
              Some date some wait
       Some follow the gist of heart.  
        Some believe in path of stars
   And by the time you realise to live it
   February bids you bye and you start
      Living under the spell it has cast..

January 25, 2016


Sometimes its all about the way she sees
Sometimes it doesn't even matter where she is
Million miles away or two blocks away
When you are in love
She is every where wherever you see.

Sometimes love is beyond explanations
Sometimes even the particular definition fails to define what love is
Sometimes its just defined the way you think of her
Sometimes its beyond yes or no
Sometimes its far from stay or go
Sometimes its all about a  decision that goes wrong
Sometimes its all about a happy mistake that felt like a song
Sometimes its beyond give and take.

Sometimes even your words may pale
Sometimes even your ink may fade
Sometimes even the poetry migh...

January 18, 2016

The beauty lies in small moments

Such as

The first time she turns around to look towards you.

The first time when she herself holds your hand.

The first time she wakes up and looks towards you.

The moment she let herself fall in your arms.

The evening when you are passionately waiting for her to come.

The first embarrassing moment which brings a mild smile on your face.
The moment she hugs you and whispers "I love you ".

The night when you talk and you don't even realise when its 4 in the morning.
The first dance with the perfect dim lights.

All I want to say is keep these moments safe ... give yourself an evening or a night when you just close your eyes and recall all these moments...

January 17, 2016

And she touched me again

Dear "owner of desirable shore"

What is it that makes you so real ?
My thoughts my love or little extra beer ?

You know I went to that lane again where I feel I am bit closer to you.. I did what I told you before, that i would listen to your song in the midst of nature and away from city roars. The song mesmerized my heart and as you said I was weaving out my own lyrics from those unsaid instrumental words.
I know the magic was not in the song it was in the cord that says its by you to me.

What is it that makes you so special ?
When I have no threads attached
When I know there is a foggy chance of our future
When I know you wont allow me to come that close

January 15, 2016


You know you are the most alive thing that has ever happened to me,
who now stays in every bit of me. I know what you feel about me. That I am just a random traveler who is here at your shore to enjoy the bliss of its beauty.

You are wrong my precious love. I am here because these breeze that carry a gentle aroma of yours have made me realise about my wings. About how I can live a dream which is beyond the words of beauty, pleasant, peace or anything that has age.

It has moved on towards the undying era of love, were the only barrier would be the wish of that all mighty. I now value time more than anything, I have realized what a second can be what a minute could do and what an hour c...

December 14, 2015


Sometimes I just wish to pass that place
Blend into that air & feel that place
The serenity of old times guards that place
You may not be there my love
But essence of your presence still lives
in that place ...
Why storm of my heart rupture there
Why the raging tears go mild there
What is it and how is it my love
Everything you once touched
Everything you once said
Remains Unaltered Undisturbed there..

December 2, 2015


         Season of  Cold or Warmth ?

Predestined to make us crave for warmth

To look towards fire with a feel of warmth

Reminds us "being together and close" is warmth

Such is this season named after cold
But spawned to define warmth.

November 28, 2015


Nothing has ever stopped
Nothing will choose to stop
The moment it does
I am sure you wont let it stop

Whether its love or its hate
We express every bit of it
Still that rage doesn't escape
Why its that nothing surfeits this rage ?
We keep wondering this with passing age.

Hear it out once again
It was not only your heart
That let you tear out in that rain
Find him .. Find him once again
Its in you as it has always been the same
Look in to that mirror
And call out your name
I am sure your will listen
Listen to Your Conscience again.

Listen to it again...

November 17, 2015

                        Providence Of Yours is it ?

I wish they write me Somewhere
Somewhere in Ink...
I might live my dreams again
Dreams I wished here on earth
Dreams i have always seen.

They told me this is a beautiful world
It will stay as it is
Would never fade to blur....
Then why its getting dark now
It was warm once its getting cold now...
I wish they write me Somewhere
Somewhere in Ink...
I might live my dreams again
Dreams I wished here on earth
Dreams i have always seen.

Each day father told me tales about good
Made me feel how beautiful the fire is
But never told how hard it was for wood.
Why are we raised knowing all about good
When real...

October 17, 2015

It all depends how you comprehend the following statement as:

World is bigger than the world around me.

October 13, 2015

Sometimes I feel the only difference between us and Almighty might be..

He surely considers what he was a minute ago.

October 11, 2015

         The Eyes that took my heart

              Were shy in night
              Were bold in light
             Touched my Insight
             Hesitated when lied
         Spawned Pearls when cried
         Coruscated Rage in Fight  
  Imprinted Alacrity in dying foresight
           They were belying reality
              of my dreamy life....