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Alixx C. Reine

PO# 121269
United States
United States
The Contious Child Of The Great Forgotten
September 8, 2014
Reserve, United States

Alexx in orbit, to all mankind who was once strong dominators of the planet you call your own. Is it really yours? Or have you all been transferred from a former planet millions of years ago.  Because the simple fact something went wrong and humans were greatly needed for future purposes. Your not the only kind. There's others like I. Most call us weird and things they cant explain are unidentified. It's all a lie if my opinion was worth the screen it's being typed on. My mind's in tune with the thing unknown that only the willing could comprehend.  

  It's dark and lonely here. I wish to be who I really want but it's not possible for me to think nearly of the impossible cause i'd be conside...