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Anoop Jaiswal 🌟✌

PO# 625203
Researcher by profession; Believer by choice !!
October 17, 2017

Happy Diwali...!!

Even a single candle is enough,
to bring light in the mighty dark..

Teaching the living souls to shine bright,
Even in the darkest night..

To fight against the evil,
& to follow the right path...!!


October 15, 2017

Irrespective of all the heartbreaks we face
in life,
We should not have a generalize perception about everyone
we come across..

Things are different,
When we stop assuming..
& start exploring...!!


October 14, 2017

".....Hey there!!
Why are you gloom in this wonderful weather?
Why don't you bear that refreshing smile that makes you handsome...  
are you sure this shirt will suit you??  What's wrong with you dapper?  
Where is the sexy swag that makes you different?  

Ahh... you need to relax..I will be always there to cheer you up...."   

..............Said the guy on the other side of mirror!!


October 12, 2017

You are calm and quiet,
You speak less, observe wide..
With a virtue to see things differently,
You touch the heart like splash of a tide..

You sense the emotion,
Running through my eyes..
Relaxing nerves in stress,
Filling heart with rejoice..
Compassion in your soul,
Makes you different..
& the stars in your horizon,
Bless you wide...!!


October 11, 2017

A star in the sky...   
Shining different from rest in the next  
Different from others..   
Totally on his own,   
Chucking away the negativity gone  widen...

There existed a cloud,   
Mighty and dark..   
Afraid to loose it's control on creatures of  
It begin to tear the star apart..   
Others were trembled,   
The star kept fighting and finally was left   

I wonder what went wrong,   
Why a big cloud was afraid of a dim light?
Why others were silent & didn't stood up?
Why can't a pigeon alone can take a

October 10, 2017

I just started adoring you,
But you screwed it all..
You showed your true colors,
Like you have always been..
Stooping low,  
Making yourself again fall...

If you think I will try again,
Don't think hard cause i wont ..
No matter how affectionate you pretend,
If you think I will be moved..I won't...!!


October 9, 2017

I feel so low,  
I am not the same what I use to be before..
Things have gone changed,
Deep down the core...

No more bright smile,
Dwindling will in a scary aisle..
Use to be so different few days before,
Losing the charm & it's been a while...

I never wanted to change this much ever,
Feared no mountains, streams or deserts..
I seek no sympathy for what I have gone through,
And now I know that I am living with hazards...


October 7, 2017

#Words of Wisdom

Keep the wisdom in your mind,
Let the smile embrace your face..
Bridge the gap between Heart & Soul,
Shine pleasantly like moon exhuding Grace!!  


September 28, 2017

Sufferer or surfer...!!

It's the approach that makes the difference,
You wanted to be drowned by the waves..
or rise above
& surf on the tides...

Loosing hope and sitting helpless seems to
be the only way left,
But it takes courage to stand up again &
fight back..   

Life is like a tide, full of ups and downs,
at times it makes things go tougher..
Loosing hope or fighting back is in your hand
only this attitude decides whether..
you are a sufferer or a surfer...!!  


September 26, 2017

Some said...some untold...  
Freshly baked out of mind or kept behold..!!

Every mind has so many thoughts to talk  
about and so much to share..
All it waits for is "a listner" to convey its
meaning to...

Some times it's you...
Sometimes some one else...
and if no one turns up...
it's the god that listens...!!


September 25, 2017

The untold truth....!!    

I don't remember the last time,  
when I felt satisfied with my job..
Not even remember when I cared for my  
dreams and not what society thinks..  

Isn't it unfair to sacrifice our dreams to  run after money??
Why do we say that money cannot buy happiness..??  

Guess it certainly does..!!  

Every dream has a cost...  
Some are cheap.. some are precious..  
Some driven by the responsibilities  
Some forced by the atrocities  
But one day..  
Every dream has to be sold...!!


September 25, 2017

I don't ask for much..   
Never expect your texts or call...    
when I wish to hear you.  
My texts go unread and calls unattended..
Keeping expectations is not good I agree..!!
Guess I don't have a say..  
& it makes me wonder that...
"Are We Really Together??"  

"Love is when you see it in someone's eyes &
understand what the words fail to convey"


September 24, 2017

You know me better than me...!!
(Dedicated to my D-Gang)

At times when I go gloom,   
& nothing seems to be right..
Your love lights the dying spirit in me,
awakening lost hope in the darkest night...

What would I do without you,
You are the only companion I look for..
The only shoulder to cry on,
& the only one to open heart for...

Not sure it's the good deeds of the past,
Or the kindness in thee..
I am blessed to have you by my side,
You know me better than me...!!


September 23, 2017

I see it in your eyes,
Sparkling dreams & my paradise..
Don't you fear.. Ohh my dear,
Our love will make us rise...

I will match my pace with your footsteps,
You will hold my hand when we walk..
We will make a home away from the world,
Let the people stare and talk...

We will shine together like diamond,
Loving each other making art..
Drinking tears of joy and sorrow,
Playing strings of love in our heart...!!


September 23, 2017

Voices are different,
Varying is the choice..
Let's bind our heart in a fashion,
To be the sound in the noise...  

Away from superiority  & hatred,
Filling heart with generosity..
Playing symphony of trust,
fighting together with atrocities...

Let's just be the one and unite,
Like swarm of fire flies..
Moving from place to place,
Illuminating world with light...!!


September 22, 2017

Afraid to show what you really are,
Lacking strength to shine among all..
You act stupid, insane and pathetic,
Name calling others..
& engaging everyone in the brawl...

I know how insecure you are,
Why can't you just be kind to others?
World doesn't revolve around you,
Stop being a protagonist,  
and making pothers...

A wise man once said,
Time never stays the same...
Today might be yours,
But remember,
Tommorow will prove you lame...!!


September 21, 2017

Another fairy tale romance...!!   

In the middle of the night,  
Amidst the crowd going high...  
I saw a guy so attractive,   
Getting on my nerve, soothing to the eye...  

Lured by the persona I began to think,  
Should I give a start or resist the charm..  
The smile on his face made me a stalker,  
It was hard to get rid of that feeling...  
Seems like some one was holding my arm...   

Gathered all my courage & I approached the guy,
Breaked the ice by saying a Hi...
A smile came back with the hello on my way,
If I say I was fine... it would be a flat lie...  

We talked for a while, shared a drink & danced
His touch was really special & I was in trance...
Those mnutes were framed int...

September 20, 2017

Let's be just in approach...!!  

Human we are,
humane we should be..
What's the point in imposing falsifying  
facts under eye soothing attire?
Why can't we have a overview  
beyond customs and religions,
To be what we really are  
and not to please the sire...

Troublesome  or free,
Subjective it is..I agree..
but propagating the evil can never fulfill  
the inner desire.
Life never gives another chance to  
undo the deeds done,
Once done it's over..
Later one cannot switch between ice and


September 18, 2017

Take a chance...!!  

Take a chance,  
and see where life takes you to..  
Unlock the door to the other side,  
to know what you are going into...  

If you won't try, you won't know,  
what's there in your fate..  
Even if it creates ruckus for a while,  
Any how you will be going to be
someone's bait...

Do what your gut says,  
Life gives you a "upgrade" at every stage..
You are the one who need to decide,
Take a chance or stand still in the cage...!!


September 17, 2017

Let your tears wash away the malice...!!  

It's never too late to start again,       
to stretch your wings and take a leap...
What's the point of cursing the obstacle,   
that gushed the sadness in you down deep...  

No matter how hard you try,   
nurturing ill-thoughts will never bring you
You will still be judged now and later,
Dire of hatred will overshadow the  
bloomed aspirations...  

Don't hold in self, speak loud how you feel,
Let the world call you lunatic
keep their opinion aside..
It's wise to attain peace by self   
than to see someone hurt,
Let your tears wash away the malice...!!


September 12, 2017

I cried again...!!   

Gazing through the window of my room,
I see an old energetic couple..
Sitting peacefully in their terrace garden,
Sharing love seemingly subtle...  

Life never fails to amaze me,
It gives hope in the darkest moments..
What I left thinking of few years back,
Turned out to be the most important  

I still remember when we first talked,
Still fresh are the memories of remembering
you in rain..
Your thoughts again brought me tears,
I never wanted to but
I cried again...!!


September 11, 2017

She is what she choose to be...!!   
(#Special dedication)

Just like any other girl,
small gestures make her smile...
She loves to dress up pretty,
watch movies and go out for shopping...
but she is not a easy cheff, to let you in, she takes a while...

Sweet, Moody, grumpy and what not?
she got all shades of rainbow in her stride...
Affectionate, adorable and enchanted,
are just another adjectives for her,
She is head straight and keep her horizon wide...

She know how to bear pressure,
considerate enough to lend a helping hand...
She is a charmer, beauty with brain personified,
she is a team player who got all ranges in her band....!!


September 9, 2017

Let me dream wide awake...!!   

Even for few moments.. I will smile,   
no matter what price happiness may  take..
Living in the heavenly glass houses,
Lost in the lavish lifestyle,
Let the world sleep,
And I will dream wide awake...

Isn't it the best thing that I can do..
Be an escapist to re-energize,
Away from the filth..Away from heartbreaks..
Smiling happily in solitare,
What else could be the words of wise...

Positive and negative have always been in me,
Why should I feel sad..Why should I fake..
Some moments of happiness I too deserve,
Leave me on my ownself..
Let me dream wide awake...!!


September 7, 2017

#Words of wisdom...!!  

Several words unsaid..    
Several thoughts in mind..
Living like an old machine..
Yet we say we are fine...!!