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July 22, 2019
Los Angeles, United States

Your eyes held too
many words unspoken
i wonder if the wall
inside of you had ever
the way my heart did
countless of times
We bid proper goodbye
just like we did
on birthdays and holidays  
I put on my aviators
ready to fly away
in my white chariot
I waited for the
restlessness to fade
but I felt a trickle
of tear escaped.
I denied the heartache
to return yet it ascended
as if it was yesterday
Wishing for things
that never happened
if we had stayed
friends instead of lovers
with the man
who’d broken my heart
more times than
he’d ever loved me


June 17, 2019
Los Angeles, United States

It's been awhile since I thought of you.
Your face appeared like an old photo that stayed the same.
Stoic and solid, heroic and fearsome. Your eyes mirrored the woman who birthed you and the people before her when the world was different and simple.
I wondered what you thought of me if you were here.
I wondered if you'd recognize me as
I saw you in every man I've ever loved.
The only trace I have of you is your last name.
I wondered if you ever remembered me up there.
Despite everything that you had said and done,
I wished you could see me riding a bike, watch the fireworks together and maybe walk me down the aisle someday.
I wished you could see me now and told me everything i never heard...

June 15, 2019
Los Angeles, United States

The silver strands grow
like weeds,
a sworn enemy of
my strawberry hued crown.
I wonder if going north
is a better option
than south,
if turning left is safer than making a right.
Everywhere I see a mist floats on a cloud of dust.
My bones are weary from unanswered questions
My joy has endless holes,
I am too scared to dream. Too feverish to wish
until this agony
flies away.
Too bitter to pretend
about calling
the sky blue
when I see gray everywhere.
I am a ghost with a tan wandering if I
will ever find
my feet on the ground

June 4, 2019

I walk on a street
of invisible waves
just a few blocks
after Washington
and Abbot Kinney
where windows
and doors chime
with traces of
and Matcha,
singing bowls
and drum circle.
The sun and the moon
never left me alone
shadowing my
every move.
I ask the city
that sings of
Jim Morrison
on roller blades
if it can elude
the doubt from my sleep
My words lose rhythm
when I whisper
my fear into the wind
and wait for the waves
to carry me away
I bare my soul
to the stars
wishing for my
constellation seen
across the galaxies
telling me where to go

May 13, 2019
Los Angeles, United States

He opened the door with a smile as warm as summer. He called out her name and said a new guest has arrived bearing gifts in trove.
she stepped out of the kitchen in her curls and terra-cotta complexion. The two bedroom home had a pinball machine, drawings of ancestors sufferings and a pair of stilettos.
We had turkey and a glass of wine. After the pumpkin pie, we sang Christmas songs with rosy cheeks . The guests cheered when the couple took turns dancing merrily, him in stiletto heels and her in a bow tie. Before the dishes were brought in, she put the bow tie into a box while he stored the heels in the closet, tucked safely in a box, away from his work boots and running shoes. They stood a...

May 12, 2019

Mother; mama; madre; okasan; maman; mutter; Mae; ahm; Majka; moeder; ibu  

In light of Mother's Day, I want to honor the mothers, aunts, grandmothers, big sisters and women who are a great influence in our lives.
Some of us are lucky enough to have mothers who are our best friends. Some of us may inherit the same traits and strong characters as our mother's we tend to clash at times and felt the urge to make her see our point.
There is also the unconventional mother whose bohemian lifestyle  made our childhood different than the rest. Regardless of the type of mother you were raised with, once a woman gives birth to a child or adopts a child , the child becomes first in her mind and soul. T...

May 9, 2019
Los Angeles, United States

I remember how I used to wrap my arms around the tree and breathe the morning air after the rain.   I remember how proud I was of the tree and how we were destined to be in each other's lives. The tree held my heart in its palms and carried my voice in its leaves
The tree stayed through the hard days and stood its ground through sleepless nights. It had seen my worst and my best until the years arrived with a string of grey hairs and bags under my eyes. The day came when I sought the waves and the hills, believing the tree might've been a foolish notion, an illusion of love at first sight. Even just saying it made everything tasted bitter on my tongue. I asked the unanswered questions as I w...

December 26, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

Bea was a girl with a pixie haircut and a popularity that went beyond our school grounds. Her corner was always crowded by the coolest of cool. We met at a country club both our families attended and shared cigarettes behind the tennis court.
My existence had been resurrected once Bea gave me her seat in her corner. We talked on the phone everyday, shared our love on books, boys that we wanted to marry and smoked by her bedroom window. One day she kissed my forehead before she dove into the pool.
The kiss on my forehead became a habit and she held my hand when we napped under a tree. The happiness we felt when we spent our days together was true.
On the day Bea turned 16, I lost my seat to ...

December 24, 2018

Far above, we were nestled away from the crowd, the smell of food, cigarette and the sound of accordion playing a ballad of war and love. he led me to a box of wooden floors and silk curtains. Listening to his footsteps next to me made my cold feet warm.
He dropped a kiss on the back of my neck and wrapped his arm around my waist. I held onto his hand with eyes closed, an act of trust I vowed to under an arch of flowers and seashells not too long ago. I felt a tug on my lips until I tasted a sliver of plump fruit, sugary and fragrant. Mango. I could hear him standing next to me, the sound of plate clicked against the table .  I caught a whiff of vanilla, a soft texture with a trace of powd...

December 24, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

My hands had taken over me. My body burned with fever and my skin was flushed from your gaze. I fought every sense to be safe to no avail. Being next to you made me feel like walking into a vortex. My skin of skin came off in seconds at the sound of your breathing. I'll forget who and what I am in a heartbeart. You said I left a shadow in your bed and an ache that never fades. I will be every goddesses in the book to be in your arms day and night that the moon lost count of the time and the sun refused to descend. I pray you never ceased to speak my name in your dreams and I hope that my silhouette lives in your veins.

December 24, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

I had a dream about you again but this time you took shape as a magician who defied death from the fire gods and the water monsters. I remember the smell of amber notes in your voice with words birthed from the kings and queens of the north. There was nothing around us but a bed sheet and a bottle of wine. I remember the feel of your skin against mine and the taste of wine from your mouth. I remember wondering if you really knew who I was and what my hopes and dreams were. I remember the cage inside my throat, it kept my feelings at bay from fear and shame. I remember wondering if you were putting me on a spell, kept me chained to the stars and then moon, just like the time when I was aslee...

December 23, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

Maybe it's the winter air that kisses my cheeks, maybe it's the songs from Christmas past that make my heart pause in the midst of the crowd. Maybe I am getting older and maybe I'm just being honest.
So I bought a small tree with a pair of doves in silver, a crystal reindeer, a pair of clear bulbs, and a tree topper glass with green sequin confetti inside. Each ornament was chosen with an intention for wishes I cast onto the next year. May abundance rains upon us, may our future be bright and may love stays in our sight, heart and mind.
May someone hears my wishes and delivers the Christmas miracle to me tomorrow.
Just maybe

December 10, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

I tried to keep my cool by posing in front of the mirror while the lyric sliced my heart in pieces. I made promises to myself yet I barely kept my word for either one as there were always something more important to do. I will promise that I would do my best to fix what is within my reach, to be kind at myself and never stop believing that one day I will feel beautiful again, one day I will feel peace, one day I will have a house with a Christmas tree in the living room, I can see the world at my leisure and someone who says his home is wherever I will be. One day everything will come in full circle until then I'll do my best to keep my promises, and never stop reaching for the stars


November 4, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

I wonder what autumn says when it knocks on my window.
Will it blow a kiss to my lips as my eyes grow soft to the sight of leaves on the ground
Will I yearn for the scent of autumn rain when days are unforgiving and rainbow is a face on a cameo.
What if my heart turns cold as a frozen pond.
My soul is lost in seasons when time moves too fast yet too slow for being reborn  
Maybe my heart will always wonder if this yearning will ever ceased
maybe one day I will find the key to a secret door to my eden.

Yours truly

November 3, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

From a far I thought he had beautiful hands. I remember thinking how many times a week did he run in his red shoes and if he brushed his hair the same way everyday, if I would've liked his aftershave or if he liked avocado toast
Separated by the intersection and the Mandarin restaurant between us, I conjured a plea behind the wheel, forgetting the protest I heard in my stomach. As if the gods had heard my prayer he looked up from his phone and crossed the street. I thanked yet cursed myself for being right. He reminded me of a face I saw in a dream many moons ago. He was my kind of perfection, not too perfect but perfect enough to spend Thanksgiving with, the one whom I lust for in the midst...

November 3, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

I found a new lover in Paseo Miramar, a secret getaway between the pier and surf city.
My new lover speaks in words I carry in my breath, whose feet rooted deep in the earth, arms that shade me from the sun and a majestic heart that beats amorously night and day .
This lover lifts the aches in my bones, sweep the clouds under my eyes and blow the dust away from my skin.
I can hear your whisper in the leaves as it glides into the stream and lands onto a rock under a teasing sun.
When the sky bids goodnight, you tuck all the creatures under your wings, cast a spell to the hills where lullabies ring from the trees to the wind, unburden a heavy heart,
spread a message from the waterfalls where...

November 3, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

Her eyes are the bridge
to the world
of words written in clouds
and skin.
minutes perished
into raindrops
bringing paradise
into her eyes
as if she was bathed
in dew
She can be a flower
that bows to the stars,
a tree that glitters
in the desert ,
and an ocean
who dreams of a heartbeat  
she bears names and places, memories of beginnings and endings that never die

Yours truly,
#writing #imagination

November 3, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

The moon casts a spell
into my skin
she vows to gift me
the world at the
palm of my hand
she summons the wind
to echo my name
as I walk past the trees
breathing in her magic
sweeping all
my doubts away
one two three
I am as light as a breeze
shaped as a rose
after a morning rain
my skin glistens
like a waterfall
of pearls
yet I am still a beast
with limbs turn
to steel
and blood thirsty
for malice and
everything unjust.
When the moon
song calls
I leap into the dark
a guardian of the faded,
withered and voiceless

Yours truly
#halloween #magic #supernatural #writing # poetry