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Christy Kizziar B...

PO# 626765
United States
United States
August 19, 2019
Mesquite, United States

Just expressing my thoughts...

I don’t believe that it is negative to express your feelings. You are not always going to have a life filled with positive and happy moments. It is unrealistic to think that every day is going to be good. That life will not be chaotic and that some days you will not be bewildered with things that happen or why things are the way they are now.
I was once happy go lucky and thought that smiling my way through or just having a positive attitude about something would get me through. I thought encouraging someone who was depressed to smile and be happy would make them feel better. Maybe it did help some, but attempting to cover up the feelings of sadness didn’t cur...

August 13, 2019
Mesquite, United States

I am currently at a point of “If you walk away, you walk away”.
I won’t chase anyone down or beg them to stay. I love many people and have lost more than a few. Some family, some friends, some acquaintances too.
I am sorry if I am not good enough for you.
I cried and cried and cried before but tears, my time and my love weren’t enough to keep you feeling loved. I have never been one to enjoy the chase. I don’t really want to run a race against time, against others that may hold a bigger place in your heart. I won’t lose my mind or myself trying to prove my place in people’s life anymore.

August 12, 2019
Mesquite, United States

Some days I am trying to figure out who I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing.
Feeling like I don’t have a purpose in this life and that somewhere along the way I lost who I was. The girl that loved to have fun. The girl that loved to laugh. The girl that tried to be there for others. The girl that loved to shine. The girl that flashed her smile. The girl that never knew a stranger. Now I know boundaries. Now I know true heartbreak. Now I no longer allow random conversations with people online that I don’t know.

March 19, 2019
Dallas, United States


Oh these games with hearts they play.
They lack the courage to be open they say.
So to understand their heart they leave breadcrumbs along the way.
Little messages just for you to survey.
Their social media content always has something to convey.
It might have loving words to say or tell you flat out to keep away.
Why are their hearts designed this way? Can they not just tell that one what they need to say?