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David Daniel King

PO# 515072
United States
United States
August 10, 2018
Brighton, United States

Have you ever seen heaven?
I can say I have.
Not the white clouds with singing angels,
But I've seen it in the radiance of her smile.
Heaven is meant to be happiness,
But what if you find it on earth?
When I see her, my heart beats faster than
The winds of a tornado
Her smile is as bright as the sun
And one look at her and the worst of days
Can become one of the best.
I've caught a glimpse of heaven within her
And I do not want to let go.
The joy I feel after talking to her is something that I won't take for granted.
How was I lucky enough to find her?
Destiny works in mysterious ways.

August 10, 2018
Brighton, United States

Life was easy when I felt nothing.
Then she came along.
She reminded me of love, but also of pain.
My heart burned again.
It burned with flames of joy.
It burned with flames of sorrow.  
My mind awakened.
My soul shed it's hard shell.
I felt emotions again.
It felt amazing, but devastating.
I remembered why I wanted to abandon these feelings.
But now I don't want to give them up.
I hope for happiness.
But I still feel loneliness.
How long should I wait?
Is there still hope?
Well, life is long.
Now I'm back to normal.
Once again a human.
All I can do now
Is live!

February 21, 2018
Lochbuie, United States

I love you.
The way you smile,
The way you cry,
The way you look at me at night.
For when you're near,
My fears disappear,
My heart feels stronger,
When your voice i hear.
My love is real,
My love is true,
My love is loyal,
If you only knew.
You run away,
Leaving me behind,
Into his arms,
I watch till I'm blind.
Our future is gone,
We don't belong,
All that's left,
Is our friendship and our song.
But yet... I love you. Tonight i say Goodbye

July 28, 2015
Brighton, United States


             If the sweetest things can create the saddest memories, and the Brightest lights can create the darkest shadows. Why does one wish to go higher, when with one mistake one could fall into the bottomless pit of despair? Why does one increase expectations when doing so only lowers the chance of success?.... The reason is because they are humans. Humans are raised to believe in the future, they are raised to have hope that everything will go well. Humans are told to ignore the darkness that derives from the light and to look into their own path. Humans seek success, fame, wealth, and glory. They also seek to be entertained, live life in leisure, and believe in impossible dreams....

July 26, 2015
Brighton, United States

The Hope in the sky

Every Day,
And every night,
I looks towards the heavens,
Wow, what a sight,

I see the sun,
I see the stars,
I see my dreams,
Up in the sky,

Wishing for wings,
Praying to gods,
The Angel sings,
Covered in fogs,

This heaven t'is true,
The only time,
Seen not by humans,
Is with dark heart,

But real it is,
Waiting for one,
T'is heaven's true,
For god's true son,

Human I am,
So I can't reach,
The sky's true look,
And it's liberty,

One day I'll go,
Back to my true home,
Where clouds are low,
And truth is shown,

The light I seek,
Seen bright and unique,
To be found one day,
I'll hope and pray,

If I shall ascend,
To kingdom of peace,
Let my true heart,
Once again be comp...

July 24, 2015
Brighton, United States

Aaahhh!!! waking up one morning from a horrid nightmare, i scream. My mom hurries up to my room and asks me if im okay, suddenly a flashback of my nightmare appears, it shows darkness, a familiar darkness... yes, its name... despair. Despair appeared in my dream in the form of a woman, she was beautiful, bright, and you couldn't tell it was her at first sight. I remember walking up to my window and seeing her, many of her, walking beside every child, teen, and adult that passed by. She whispered in their ear every once in a while, and when she did they'd burst into tears. I was confused, so i decided to walk up to one of the kids. I asked, " What does the pretty lady whisper into your ear?" h...

July 9, 2015
Brighton, United States


Every morning I see
Your eyes glimmering green
Your beautiful silky blond hair
Talk to you I don't dare

The sweet voice that I hear
Always leading me near
Never thought that I'd say
Not seeing you is my fear

My love for you grows
Even with your highs and your lows
Meeting you is my dream
The thought of you makes me scream

Oh! No!

Why is everything red!
And where is your head!
Why do you feel so cold!
Why don't you lie in your bed?

Why do you bear that cross
With gallons of blood as your loss
The whipped skin torn apart
And the most broken thing is my heart

Your wrists just destroyed
Obliterated and void
While your head just hangs  high
And the rope chokes you tight