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PO# 603455
I would love to read my life written as a story from fiction
January 24, 2017

The day begins in someone else's house
Like sheep following herd, she walks zombie-eyed into the train
Earphones plugged in just the same as hundred other zombie-eyed souls
Little dots of life, ants walking towards food
Monday, Tuesday, wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday she goes home
Undo Undo Undo to the week-long accumulated frustration
New Week begins
The cycle repeats

One day, she spreads her arms
Wakes later than the alarm clock
Walks opposite to the route she takes everyday
She wants to live her life, not pass her days
Maybe, things won't be easy and she won't have branded phone
But maybe, all she needs is a home.

October 31, 2016
Nashik, India

Songs bring their own memories. Every time I play a song on my playlist, I'm time-traveling backwards.
Old crushes, journeys to New lands, a particular problem from Transport Phenomena that I spent the whole night trying to solve.
Music is my salve.
It's the medicine for my loneliness, anger, bliss and apathy.
I try to place people from the music they have on their i-pods!  
Tip- Listen to music with your loved ones!
Studies have shown that the bonds we form over discussing music are really strong bonds. Even stronger than ionic bonds. :)
Chemistry aside, here is my song for today!
Jim Croce- Time in a Bottle

October 28, 2016

Remember that dumb kid from seventh grade who used to live three houses down the lane?
Who had a red beanie on his head which he kept pulling down every time someone tried to pull shit on him
He wasn't the son of a whore, his mother worked in a department store across the globe
Just because she had abandoned him doesn't mean he had no balls or brains as you all teased him time and again
He might never have told you about his IQ that was 142
Pretty much more than that of all of you put together
He lived with his Gran as he did not have a dad but that never let him down as much as the society in which he had grown up
Or down?
His teachers knew him but they never really suspected him to be...

October 27, 2016

Dear Grandma,
I know it's been a year since you've gone. I still smell your lemony perfume. You know, I miss your wrinkled smile and soft touch. You always figured me out in a way Mum couldn't. I know you'll say that Mum loves me more than her life. I know that. You know that I know that.
I've heard that you can hear and see everything from above. You must then know how much I'm missing you. I wish I would've visited you last summer when you asked for me. That could have been my chance, to meet you for one last time.
Mum says I'm not sentimental. Sometimes, I feel like a robot. But all the other times, I just feel miserable. I am sorry if you felt alone. We could have talked over things. I c...

October 27, 2016

I am what I am
I see things that you don't
I fight my battles and win or lose
I feel no shame in accepting that I'm broken
I don't judge people and don't expect them to not judge me
I am the queen of my kingdom, my mind my throne, my hands my scepter
I rule my world
I am what I am