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A believer in the power of any one of us to change the world as it is today. President, A Caspian Production, Founder of Firebrands & SUREFIRE Girls
May 11, 2014

Dear Mama Mason,
I don’t think I’ve written a letter to you since summer camp when I was a teenager.  And then I probably told you fascinating tales about bugs in my cabin, and complaining that I was working far too much everyday to justify my $200 salary for the summer (well that part was worth complaining about).  

My how things change.  I now write you on a digital platform as an entrepreneur.  

But what has not changed is that I still tell you how I’m doing, what I’m doing, and you still listen.  You still care about the mundane and the dramatic. (Apologies for more dramatic than most).

And your mundane and dramatic are just as interesting to me.  

I cannot express how prou...