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Henry W

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November 1, 2016

I've broken a hundred hearts
It hurts down to the core
When you fall in love with me
You don't know what you're in for
My words stick to your soul
They'll dig until it hurts
When I walk out the door
The pain, it just gets worse

I've broken a thousand hearts
I've shattered a thousand souls
I never meant to kill
This was not my goal
I push whenever you pull
I run when you need me
I don't know why I do it
Alone is what I'll be

I've broken a million hearts
A smile is all I've shown
The most painful of all
Is when I break my own

"My Own" by Henry W

October 22, 2016

One kiss from her makes grown men weak
She'll take your breath so you can't speak
Her body's deadly, sleek and long
You'll fall under her Siren's song
She bites your neck and draws some blood
Hers is a killer kind of love
You can't resist her sexy stare
It's too late once you're in her lair...

Her long legs wrap around your chest
I hope you're strong, you'll have no rest
She'll be the best you've ever had
She's so good when she's being bad
And when she's done the fun begins
Like poison underneath your skin
She has no plans to be your wife
You're lucky to leave with your life...

She kicks you out while it's still dark
Leaving behind a lasting mark
She's done this before ...

October 16, 2016


Why on Earth would she love me?
I'm short and fat and so ugly
I'm old and slow and pretty dumb
I hate going out and having fun
I rarely try and often fail
I always forget to check the mail
I can't cook or dance or sing
I don't buy her shiny things
I leave clothes all over the floor
After dessert I ask for more
I complain whether its cold or muggy
Why the hell would anyone love me?

Why on Earth would he love me?
I break everything I'm so clumsy
He doesn't have time for his friends
I don't keep up with fashion trends
He tries so hard and I'm just here
The same routine year after year
He buys me cards on holidays
And always showers me with praise
I wasn't ...

June 27, 2016

Sweating with growing desire
Lip biting anticipation
Beneath flesh a growing fire
Searching for a new sensation
Kinky thoughts and dirty daydreams
Sexy selfie with a caption
Withholding orgasmic screams
Legs crossed, holding back reaction

Looking down at the send button
Breathing hard as you decide
Waiting patiently for something
Finally it has arrived
I crave each picture of you, lover
You salivate over my writing
We play this game and tease each other
Each time more & more exciting

Never ending playful flirting
Started out as just a friend
Closer to that deep, dark yearning
Don't think about it, just hit send.


by H.W.

June 26, 2016


You told me your darkest fantasies
Now my thoughts of you are a disease
How dare you fall in love with me
Then leave me when I stopped to breathe
Memories like falling, dying leaves...

"Black Sun"

June 23, 2016

February 17, 2015

  Her scent stains me.

   My soul in tatters.

   Her love drains me.

   She's all that matters.

   Her touch taints me.

   My blood left spattered.

   Her memory claims me.

   My heart is shattered.

by Henry W.

This is my favorite poem that I've written so far.  I decided to republish it for any new readers that haven't seen it.  I wrote it on my birthday a couple years ago and it came from the heart.  Please enjoy.

June 18, 2016

"ANXIETY" by Henry W

My heart pounding violently
                             Rejecting society
The demons inside of me
                             THIS IS MY ANXIETY
They say it's all in my head
                             I tell them that's not the case
But you can't understand
                             Unless you were in my place
The endless panic attacks
                             Stop me from living life
The pills they have me taking
                             Cannot make me feel right
My chemical imbalance
                             Can't be fixed with any meds
I'm back here in the psyche ward
                             Staring at a row of beds
If I don'...

June 12, 2016

Today will be different, I'm feeling brave
Just got a haircut & a fresh, clean shave
There's a girl nearby whose heart I crave
If I could just manage to give her a wave
I walk to the new hipster coffee shop
I see that you're there & feel my heart stop
You're sitting down writing on a laptop
Weak in my knees I think I'm going to drop
I gather my courage and order a drink
'Please let me say hi' is all that I think
I look at your dress so pretty in pink
You catch me staring and give me a wink
Moment of truth and I just want to die
My heart is racing and my lips are...

April 30, 2016


We just sat down but I know you so well
Two bodies starving for attention
Drinks at the bar and a quick dance
Flirtation quickly leads to ascension

The taxi ride to the hotel is brief
The driver ignores the moans of passion
Whoever said romance is dead?
Our souls erupt in brilliant fashion

You tell me to hurry as we check in
The door nearly flies off the hinges
Tonight we explore our deepest taboos
No fantasy too far in the fringes

Our bodies in sync like it's rehearsed
A dance we have often envisioned
But never with each other in mind
Two lonely hearts forever imprisoned

You scratch & I bleed, I bite & you moan
Our lustful collision ends in silence

April 30, 2016

a message from Henry W

To every woman in the world
There is something I must say:
I'm sorry if I've ever stared
It's just the way that your hips sway!

It's just the way you flip your hair
That brings out the "man" in me
I mean no disrespect, I swear
If you could just see what I see!

4 billion women in the world
Each one perfect in her own way
Strong and smart, funny and fierce
Single, married, straight or gay

We can't help but look in awe
A vivid, living piece of art
It's enough to drive a sane man mad
Every delicious, curvaceous part!

Please excuse my reaction
It's just the way that I'm designed
Your legs, your lips, did I mention your legs?...

April 30, 2016

"the lies we tell"

His hand lingers with outstretched fingers
She flinches as it inches nearer
Her brush brushes those perfect locks
As she deceives before her mirror
His image makes her skin crawl
So many tearful fearful nights
His rough touch brings disgusts
She lies and sighs and shuts the lights
She lies down and hugs her pillow
His lying lips caress her own
She says that she loves him too
And dreams of joy she's never known

April 27, 2016

"a sheep at the wheel"

On the road to perfection
Aesthetic symmetry
Distracted by neon signs
Holographic imagery
The sound of sweet music
Digital delivery
The smell of ambrosia
Gluttonous misery

The end is coming soon
Droughts and mass shootings
Illness and global warming
More disconnected than ever
Social media fallacy
Populations soaring
Living callously

Why can't we see the forest
Behind all of these damned trees
Artificial intelligence
Instilled in you and me
Focus on the superficial
Ignore immediate threats
Wait, Apple's got a new ad out...
Let's click and see what's next!

April 25, 2016

I would pack up and leave my city
Trade in the lights and fancy cars
To gaze upon your face so pretty
And lay beneath the sea of stars

I would give up all my cash and toys
Trade in my business and all I earn
To have your love and all its joys
To live, to love, to create and learn

I'd exchange the luxury and the ease
Of this fast life; its turns and twists
To live amongst the rivers and trees
In a simple cabin where love exists

Take back the cement and give me fresh soil
Take back the people and give me the wind
I'm sick of the smell of metal and oil
I just want a space for our life to begin~

"Simpler Love"

by Henry W

April 25, 2016


A year ago I had a dream
I could make my true soul mate
So I made you from my heart
And we went on our first date

A week ago I had a dream
I could destroy whatever I wished
So I gathered the evil of this world
And turned it into nothingness

Two nights ago I had a dream
I could paint the sky any shade
So I picked up my brush
And made it golden marmalade

Last night I had a dream
Then I woke up and you weren't there
You left behind the ring I gave
And just walked out without a care

I thought you'd be the perfect match
But you don't see what I see
I guess soul mates just don't exist
Now all I have is a memory~

April 16, 2016


The needle pierces her thin skin
Euphoric fluid fills her vein
I watch as my golden angel
Flirts with her demons again

My broken doll lays still as death
As her mind is filled with visions
I put away her precious poison
And sit alone in my dark prison

When we met I was so in love
This perfect beauty tall and thin
Ripped jeans over designer heels
Long sleeves hide her hidden sin

She had a way of seeing things
The worst in every part of life
I only see behind her flaws
My outspoken, broken wife

I pray for peace in her hurt soul
I know one day we'll make it right
I cover her up with a blanket
And kiss my sweet angel goodnight ~

by Henry W

June 14, 2015


You told me to close my eyes & jump, so I jumped right in
I wish I would have known all the trouble I was in
You were a doppelganger I met your devilish twin
This is my punishment for trusting in such sin

You were a troublemaker and I knew it from the start
You took piece after piece until I had no heart
You took my precious world and tore it apart
Now I finally see you were born from the dark

The voices in my head tell me it's all right
I gave in to your demands without a fight
Now it seems we argue almost every night
I wish I could've seen that you would take my life

The voices in my head...
The choices I have made...
Are the reason why...
I dug my own grave...

I dug my ow...

June 9, 2015

Is this life real or just a dream?
Imagine waking to this scene:
A war torn world of evil men
No one cares they all just sin

Money is worshipped not God
Being nice makes you very odd
Art is ignored, fame is key
Idiots become celebrity

Children lacking empathy
Parents showing apathy
Police hold all authority
Establishing race priority

A few greedy control all wealth
Money coming before health
False wars started for profit
Even the truth can't stop it

Racism, sexism, rape and death
There's no sanctuary left
This is not nightmarish strife
You realize this is your real life

"eyes shut"

June 6, 2015

Hand upon hand, spinning Draining life away
In fun times, fly away
There tomorrow, gone today
More precious than gold
Dear memories we hold
Slipping away when old
Something that cannot be held but can be kept
Those who use it wisely earn respect
Those who don't will soon regret
Many believe it exists
Some call it a gift
More like a poison..
I think it's a curse
Long, slow..  drawn out
Making things worse
How long did it take to read this verse?

Tick tock. Tick tock.


by Henry W

June 2, 2015

I can't carry a tune but for you I'll sing
I have two left feet but for you I'll dance
I don't have the best teeth but I'll smile for you
I'm normally safe but I'll take this chance

I can't really swim but let's go to the beach
I can't climb but for you I'll scale a mountain
I get lost but let's go on an adventure
Make our secret wish in an old water fountain

I'm not perfect but for you I'll do my best
I'll try to make every day the brightest
I'm not the best person that ever existed
But I won't let you down, not in the slightest

I'm not the best brother, I'm not the best son
I'm not the best lover, I'm not the best friend
But one thing I know, I solemnly promise
To be the best husband fo...

May 31, 2015

I thought it was raining this morning...
All I could hear was the soft sound of dripping
My parents were fighting so loud in the kitchen
I tried calling my friends but they were all missing

I thought it was raining this morning...
I try drying off but it keeps coming down
I walk the streets back and forth, all over town
If it doesn't let up we just might all drown

I thought it was raining this morning...
The skies were grey but I didn't see a cloud
I head to the mall to get lost in the crowd
No one would hear even if I screamed out loud

I thought it was raining this morning...
All the fighting and screams echo in my ears
I thought it was raining this morning...
Turns out it wasn't rain,...

May 29, 2015


Two demons harass me all the time
I tell myself that I will be fine
One is a Giant that beats me down
It's like the feeling before you drown

The other is Thin and very slick
He hides most of the time then strikes quick
I feel like fire's inside my chest
Then I get dizzy and need my rest

The Giant stays with me sometimes for weeks
The Thin One's sticking around for keeps
They tell me the pain is in my head
It hurts so bad I just stay in bed

I take pills to try and forget
These demons that have always crept
If they're not real than Im not either
I face them but they fade to ether

My future is always in question
Because the Giant named depression
The Thin One's name is anxie...

May 28, 2015

          "red wine"  

Her husband back home was abusive & cheated
She hated the way she was constantly treated
He ogled the neighbor's wife & harassed
Then she caught them kissing his hands on her ass!
She went to the market for comforting snacks
Some red wine then back to the room to relax
She reached for a bottle to add to her cart
Then she felt a shock that went right to her heart
An olive skinned man smiled at her and winked
He walked down the aisle & she couldn't think
"Bella, Bella! You are so beautiful!"
He had on a tight shirt and a hat made of wool
His tight blue jeans clung to his muscular legs
She began having naughty thoughts in her head
"Thank you, really, but I have to get ...

May 26, 2015


The unseen pain that hides within
Beneath the surface of my skin

A genius mind that's wrapped in guilt
A hanging noose that's made of silk

The darkness creeps closer to me
And I embrace it gratefully

I seek the answer to the question
And take their word no second guessing

Empathize with those like me
Who shun from any sympathy

Don't feel bad for weakened shells
Who live within their made up Hells

Just laugh & cheer and stare at stars
While I disguise my prideful scars

This last deep cut wont heal as fast
But they say that the pain won't last

A last resort to escape the screams
Just let me sleep and dream my dreams...

May 20, 2015

I live inside a mushroom home
The doors are made of honeycomb
The curtains are a spider's web
I use a bird's nest for a bed

I wake up each morning and sigh
What a nice day it is outside
I wave hello to my neighbors
We're nice and often do favors

We each have jobs, no one is poor
We never fight, we never war
I collect food and sometimes sing
The builders build & cleaners clean

Grandpa tells a scary story
About those who came before me
He speaks of giants in this land
That went by the name "HUMAN"

The Humans hunted animals
Much like ogres, orcs & trolls
They built stone temples to live in
And made millions of children

They killed trees, grass and river
Got drunk off wine & honey liquor

May 17, 2015

Laughter echoes
in the chambers of my past
Thankfully sadness isn't meant to last
I've grown up now and developed thicker skin
Torment all around me taught me secret sin...

The losses began just when life had started
They fought to succeed before their souls departed
I'm left with so many unanswered questions
Why does life choose to teach us such harsh lessons? ...

My thoughts begin to swirl becoming ever twisted
I partook way before they ever insisted
Of all the pains & pleasures my body had felt
Nothing was more euphoric than feeling my brain melt

Imaginary control hindered by cruelest Fate
Fragile shells encasing souls waiting to navigate
Promises broken when trying to recreate

April 30, 2015

I speak to her every chance that I get
She's a good listener; never interrupts
We were in love once but now it's one sided
I loved all the mood swings: her downs and her ups

Her black hair was often colored blue and green
A nose ring, tattoo and plenty of drugs
We listened to Rock and shared our wild dreams
She had her moments but I never judged

It was her decision to leave me one day
We never fought or got to say goodbye
I went to pick her up that cold Autumn morning
I saw the flashing lights and started to cry

Her mom said she went to wake her daughter up
Her mom yelled and shook her daughter's lifeless arm
On top of the dresser: two sealed envelopes
One said "To Henry" & the other "To ...

April 21, 2015

"This is Me."

It's time I let you in on me
My whole life I've been afraid
Never stood up to a bully
For my fear a price I've paid
Never knowing how it feels
To truly call myself a man
Too scared to speak the truth
I bury my head in the sand

I've done many different drugs
Weed & pills, steroids, cocaine
Started smoking at the age of 12
Burning myself, in love with pain
The doctors call it masochism
I just call it feeling alive
Cutting myself to see blood drip
The sensation is its own high

All the drugs taking their toll
Guilt driving me nearly mad
Far from rich & far from poor
Ungrateful for the life I had
I tire of others' company
Quick to judge & quick to hate
I feel like I should be sp...

April 20, 2015

A lonely walk amidst the thick fog
Reveals the truth within my soul
For all it's worth I've never known
Another one whose made me whole

No one can understand my mind
I'm not sure anyone ever could
If they did they'd just end up hurt
I'm like that puppet made out of wood

One day I'll cut the strings & be free
I wish I knew what it's like to feel
I'm sick of doing what they all want
Maybe one day I'll finally be real


April 16, 2015


Ink stains the paper, another love note
Her memory stabs like a knife in the gut
My fingers tremble like a dry leaf in Fall
I will not stop trying no matter what

I creep to her door like a thief in the night
I reach the mail slot and drop in the letter
I let out a giant sigh of relief
When she reads this one, things will get better

The other notes didn't work but this one will
I turn to leave but then I hear a laugh
I look through the window
and see her with him
Watching TV and my heart breaks in half...💔...

Where did it go wrong? Was it something I said?
It's too late to start asking questions like that
I break in the back door and take out my knife
Walking slowly ...

April 14, 2015


I get high off your aroma
Your feeling intrigues me
I see stars when we touch
Your effect seems to free me
Our time is euphoric
You make life so easy

I crash when you're missing
Why aren't you around?
Love's my favorite drug
Brings me up leaves me down
At least have the decency
To walk away once I drown