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Despite pains and sadness is a smile in my face and no matter what life brings me to...I'd rather. say I'm strong and I'm fine...
March 31, 2019

   A million thanks to you kuya...
A brother we never met, but stood on us when our world was dark.
Our hearts beats so fast, a shadow that glitters like a spark.
We felt so close , loving him  dearly ,not a stranger to worry,
Deep in our hearts we knew, he  missed my sister feeling blue and  lonely.

Death came to take her , though sadness and pain , we have felt.
Our eyes were wet, deep in sorrow, cold as snow that melts.
Still you stood by us, your family with love ,our only wealth.

A father , big brother ,you're everything to us.
No love replaces ,a kiss and embrace , for us you're the best.
Thank you kuya ,my ate felt so glad , till the day she made her final rest.

With our love for...

September 18, 2018

Dalaguete, Cebu  
My imaginary man someday
Dearest babe,
        I've been writing blogs for a few  months now since I finished college and I never thought that  to make one letter for you would be this hard.  I just couldn't find the right words to say , and never had in mind that to send you one love letter , would be this difficult to make.  
     Babe,  I know for now how painful  it is to have someone we treat special but couldn't  see you,  nor touch you,  or hear your voice.  It's not easy although in my heart and in my mind, I want to show and prove to you that I am serious in finding true love that will always be my best friend and partner for the rest of my life.  I guess,  it hurt...

July 16, 2018
Cebu City, Philippines

                 Babe I Love You

I  never thought Love would come
    my way,
Feeling so sad, how I wanted
    someone to stay.

My life has changed when i
   found you.
Life seems better, dreams do finally
  come true.

You're here to make me laugh,
   making me happy
Times were rough, and feeling
   so lonely.

No matter how stormy , I will never
   give up,
To love you my way, nothing can
   make  me stop.

You're my life, my world, inspired
   me in everything,
Coz i own your heart,love can do

To keep us together, to feel
  your warm touch.
It's worth the waiting...babe
  I love you so much.

It's you I see, morning, day
   and night,
Be your wife, ...

June 4, 2018

Since i was a kid i wondered
   what my life would be
With nothing but my dreams
   and hopes i held up to see
Gazing at nights, i never gave up
  myself for the sake of my family
Stood strong , we gather our
  strengths  , with unity.

A mother we loved, couldn't  see
  nor can't hold her to touch
To support us our needs ,how
   we loved her so much.
A country thousand miles
   away from us
Teary eyes , we her children waiting and wanting time would
    go so fast.

Wherever mom goes, our
  thoughts goes with her
A country we lived, chaos we see
  problems on poverty
Have driven lots of families away
   for hard earned money.
Where would life lead us to
   I question myself,
To be togeth...

June 3, 2018

Peace on earth and to the country
  where i was born
The Philippines , my native land
   which i call home
So young I've seen Filipino people
   fighting here and there,
Our own flesh  and blood, as if
   no one ever care.

A child's plea , a peaceful place
   we wanted to  live and see,
Unfortunate citizens ,poor beggars begging
   on their knee
Nothing to spare , plus wars here
     and there
Listen to our cries ,  hoping  our government knows what is fair

Justice to all, rich or poor Filipino
   living in our  native lands,
Corrupt officials with wide
  open hands
Poverty is the main reason
   why people fight and die
A land for us Filipinos,
   we, children of tomorrow
     shouts o...

May 27, 2018

You were once a kid like me
   a daddy who loved you
     lucky as i can see,
But not me, my dad died so young
     at 13, life was rough,everything
     was tough.
We stumbled along, hold each
     other,stronger still not enough.

Dark nights been cold, just us
   no mom to hold
In a far away land,working hard,
  dreaming she'd bring fortune
   like gold.
Away from us, to be strong like her
   we were being told
A family everyone thought would
   shatter , no future & stories untold.

I stood shelter, a mom & a dad
4 younger siblings ,showing
   goodness, not bad.
No tears would fall, i promised
   them all
proving ourselves,would conquer
   will never give up,
To show them our confide...

May 23, 2018

    Long Distance Love
How it lingers in my memory
  the words you've said,
I've ached night and day as i
   lay down in bed.
Our love so real although not
  being able to hold nor feel,
Forever we will treasure
  our love we will seal.

The pain of not having each other
  gave us the strength,
The waiting, our writing & chatting,
   till our eyes withers & melts.
So hard to say good byes and
  A hundred i love you
Parting from you makes my day
    so sad and so blue.

Be patient my love, soon
   everything will come true
Our promises and keepsakes
   words we exchange I do...
Pains will vanish , tears
  will come to an end,ààdqlaguwte
No goodbyes for us but
  kisses and good nights  ,

November 2, 2017

   Amidst my dark and lonesome  
         childhood days,
    So difficult, trying to find some
        simple surviving ways,
   Dark were the nights so cold as ice
   Stomachs empty, staring at each other
     with a sigh.

With only our dreams and prayers
   to keep us together as one,
My family I do  love , nothing but joy ,
   remain happy and have fun.
Nightmares at night, nobody
    to cling to,
Prayers i make , dreams and goals
   promises i must do.

My memories are my precious possession
To aim and do the best I can,
   reach out for my ambitions .
Think positive that we all can do everything,
No walls to hold , dream big and make the
   best on anything.

Life is made on whate...

July 21, 2017

Dearest death,
     This is the reason why I write, to flee away my sorrows that kept lingering on my mind.
         Everyone of us fears for you, even I myself never knows when my time is due.  
         I felt so bad,  when you took away my loving dad. I knew that it wasn't right, me and my family felt so sad.
         I'm trying to be brave, with Gods help I'm asking him for me not to be afraid,
         You're our fear since we've experienced sorrows and pain,
          Us his children and mom, felt lost and insane.
       If only we would knew , when you would be here,  giving us a signal when time would be near.
       I have learned life's ups and down  because of you ,l...

July 20, 2017

   For you  Drew Bartkiewicz...

Through this , I made my simple
      way of thanking
For opening up the best in me
     and for believing.
You are my inspiration , I have come to know
Now I've changed , through  words
       and feelings , I would show.

Your letter have  made a big change in me
Like an eagle, flapping my wings for the whole world to see
Letter writing I have loved , a
  writer or a blogger I'd wanted
   to be.
Being shy and timid , can't bring me up to something
Its now that i realized Lettrs, I can do everything ,
Wanting to know advices, quotes ,
   small things or just anything .
Its my pleasure Drew ,I'm flattered
    being one of your friend,
Gods own...

July 19, 2017

          Why I Loved You So...
How I remember vividly  the love that
     you bring ,
My sunshine that glitters ,  
    gave life to me,
The voice I hear ,  I listen to
     when you sing .

Dad's death made me lost and felt
      so down,
Was like magic to me , your love
     that I found,
Seeing your happy face , lifts up my
   spirit , joy like a clown
Lonely and sad whenever you're
   not around.

I want no one but you , if
   I'd rather be asked ,
Gave me strength, anything
  done , forever shall last .
Slowly but surely ,a perfect
  relationship for us.

You've done everything , showed
   love from your heart ,
Everything just right, living
   life  from the start.

My weakness ...

July 17, 2017

                Lessons of Love
I thank you for the love we shared
     and time we spent,
You were once my life , you've given
      me strength,
Endless laughs and giggles that
      I hear,
Your voice still echoes ,like  you
     were still near.
Those tears I shed , you broke my
    heart , doubted on me,
Wishing those trials were'nt meant
     to be .
A foundation we built throughout
     the years ,
No regrets , you've taken away all
      my fears.

We taught and  learned from each
     other what love is,
Chances of loving you , we both
   were like  2 white doves.

It was indeed a long journey as long
      as I could remember ,
Dark was the night , so cold t'was

July 16, 2017

Beneath the distance , our love
    has gone this far ,
Loving you knows nothing ,
  our country isn't at peace but war
Forever love remains just for
   you and me ,
Let's treasure every moments ,
  memories that we both can see.

I have come to love you just with
    our promises for each other
Our words we shall keep  ,trust and faith  for one another
That's how true our love shall grow,
Patience, with honesty  , your love
  and my love forever glow.

This is how we test if your love
  and my love is true.
Thousand miles apart , i love no one
   else but only you .
I have nothing to show but
  my love that would last forever
When the day will come , when
   you and me shall be toge...

July 11, 2017

To you Mom that I Love

A mother's love , your hugs and kiss
From me your daughter who truly miss.

She's  my friend, secrets she
              never tell,
I've known her much , when
      sick she makes me well.

I love her so , love everything so much ,
She whispers to me , with her
    magical touch .

Now all I do is lie down and  stare,
Her memories , remembering how
        she cares.

The time we've been a family
      together ,
My brothers and sisters , loving you
  mom , always and forever .

A mommy , a friend , for us you're
      everything ,
To treasure and cherish with ups
   and down even with nothing .

Laughter and joy, through pain
      and sadness
Loving joy , in ou...

February 12, 2017

Cebu City ,Philippines

       ** It's You I Love **
I've search my whole life
   through and through
So lucky finally, I found U
Day will come when U are
Even if waiting means
   a certain time.
Hugging my pillow,nothing
   I could do,
I saw a shadow thinking
   it was you.
My mind says everything
    is true.
Only our heart speaks and
   knows that its love,
In love with you. like 2
   white doves.

Imagining your hands so
   tender when u touch
I hear your heartbeat ,
   missing u much.
Just your thoughts makes
   me sad for awhile ,
The love u showed, my face
   gives u a smile
You're the special someone
   that i know ,
Treated me a princess and
   helped me grow.
Now i list...

February 2, 2017
Cebu City, Philippines

Dearest babe,
        I guess you might wonder why I made this letter for you although I would rather
say that its just my own way of appreciating a real friend and hopefully my bestfriend
in real life. I guess its too early for me to say that youre the one, but im somewhat on
tqhe positive vibes on certain things especially when it comes to my feelings since its some
what new to me and I do want to open up what my heart and mind have felt and said.
      Honestly, ive never experienced this kind of feelings eversince and its something super
special on my part although I know that I am just a simple woman who in one way or
another isnt anything worth on your part since I know that youre so...

January 31, 2017

Dearest babe,
        Through out the night i tried closing my eyes hoping that i would fall asleep, although i never did. It was your face that i  see and without any reason ,  i suddenly see myself smiling  and now
i realized that love can make us crazy sometimes.
     I would never forget this special day in which my life had changed and never in my wildest dream had i ever thought that love could travel this far. For me, love was just a word until you showed it to me. Thanks for accepting the real me and for giving me the real meaning of it.  You have inspired me to believe in myself and for giving me hope to  dream more and live life in a simple and happy way.  Yes, we would hold on f...

January 30, 2017
Cebu City, Philippines

              Thank you...
Its just my own simple way
         of thanking,
Your love and care,  and whatever
     you've done  in sharing.
If not for you, I could have
     done nothing,
But with you I've done the best ,
    and knows what i am doing.

You never gave up on me,  no
  matter how rough life can be,
For we both believe that its
       destiny that's for you and me.

I never stopped believing,  i just
     kept on dreaming  ,
Good things for us and for our
     family is what I'm doing.

I love you more than words
       can say,
Wishing and hoping that
     we would meet one day.
Then i would no longer say
    goodbye to you
But only goodnight and all
    our dr...

October 31, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines

                            TILL  DEATH DO US PART...

                      My Love for you has been kept inside
                             all through out the years,
                      Its so hard to show you ,
                            cant get off  all my fears,
                      Im afraid to say it , and show it,
                            ashamed that you will know
                      But deep inside my heart,
                            Im sure that it will  grow.

                      All through the cold nights
                            as I lay down to sleep ,
                       My heart ...

October 29, 2016

               I want to give not because
                           I have much ...
               But because I know , what it is ,
                           to have nothing.

                The best feeling I have is when all I got in life is just enough , but still
I  have shared something so small but how much they appreciated what I offered
to them . Its the act of giving something to someone and  never expecting  something
in return.
                 I was born not with a golden spoon but with a golden heart. I grew up ,
with nothing ,but  growing up with people who values the word sharing. It may be just
enough for us but still ,  I see a smiling face whenever I gi...

October 20, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines

Its YOU,
     I never realized that love could travel from afar. Never knew that
we both  would fall in love so quickly like a falling star. All I ever thought
of was love that meant so simple with my innocent face and a smile showing
my  dimples. Loving someone like you that showed me the way  to happiness,
making me feel loved that way, and a world of brightness .
      Wow... that wasnt what I was expecting on the first day we came to
say hi and our hello. Right from the start, I know that you are mine
and I am  yours. You are every reason that made a big change in me
and  gave me true colors to my life. Something that made a simple me,
to a precious little diamond in your eyes that...

October 18, 2016

                                  JUST   THE  TWO  OF  US

         Even though we are thousand miles  away,
         Our love goes stronger day by day.
         We both had promises , love will  stay,
         Forever just the two of us , come what may.

         Through text  and messages , we know love is real,
         You and me  being attached , our  hearts  could feel.
         O Lord  I  pray, grant my wishes, I bend ďown
                                                        and kneel,
        Behind my laughter , life is turning  just like a wheel.     

        We've gathered our strength  through ups and down,
        We enjoyed ourselves laughing and acting just like

October 17, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines

                        I can say that my life is just like the sport that I used to play in school way back my elementary years  till I reached  high school.   Not knowung what life was , all I ever  wanted was to be away for a few hours just to stay away from notebooks and teachers who I was bored looking at from 7 to 5.  A youthful mind I was before , just  a quick glance reading what the bulletin board was written , then did something came up about try outs in which I never realized that it was a start of everything.
                         Yes I did make it to the soccer baseball team , and my ability to make a kick that just stay on the ground , led me to being a star as a pitcher .It...

October 5, 2016

        As I write this letter today, I had the vision of what I did to others that made them open their mouth and made them smile. Those were little things that I did to them but occupied the biggest portion of their heart.                     This is me, I believed in myself , I believed that I could do it , so I did make it...All I did was do the best I can and made those things with happiness,  that comes from my heart .Yes , those were what my heart whispered to my ear, listening to what my heart says to me while carrying my brain along .Wow...I would never forget to bring it with me whenever my heart says something .Life is so beautiful...
   Now I'm trying to sit down , try it with me....

September 25, 2016

     I could picture myself with those golden smiles, my world of fun amd laughter behind my pain. A world of joy , a world of giggles and tickles from a dad  ive only thought of was my memories from my past. How ive longed   to  hold you so tight , and whisper I love you daddy but then I was wrong , for I dont have you now that ive grown. Those memories I used  to  remember ,holding you and you would  smile and say oh my...youve got my cheeks and  height  , and your mommys nose and those bright eyes. It  lingers in my thought,    a small kid wanting to be his daddys girl and you proved it right . Just then I would realize , that I dont have you at my side but just the tears  falllng    from...

September 25, 2016

    From a sinner like me,  ive been searching everywhere , wanting to be heard by you , wanting to speak up and expressing myself my own views, my problems and grievances about my life .I wanted to speak up , open up although I sometimes begin to doubt on people around me cos I am better  of if  I keep it within myself and be silent than opening up my hurts , my pains , my trials and  hardships for I know that they can  clearly hear me but finds it so hard to understand what miseries ive gone through on my journey of life .
      You never gave up on me Lord and I thank you for guiding me along the way and my continuous struggles , paved way and  for giving me the light that shines o...

September 2, 2016

     How I vividly recall the passion I had during my younger years when I was just a kid of 9 or ten . Full of excitement , full of joy doing what  other kids does , participating in school play and dreaming of becoming an actress, a model, a painter , an artist , a fashion  designer for clothes , a famous interior decorator  for famous celebrities. Wow....my dreams , my ambitions in life that I could picture myself in my wildest dreams and creations all over the world .
     A kid who had lots of visions for my family , my  aims ,  my  goals that I want to reach out  and my desire to make all my dreams turn to reality.
    Now as I look at the way an artist sketches , the stroke of his han...

September 1, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines

Dearest ME....
        My strength , my patience, my confidence, my guts, my determinations,  my weaknesses, , my obstacles.  Those were my life that ive walked along  my memorable childhood memories and some lonely nights that I struggled and fought unhappy days with none others but just my old self. All those days and nights , its just me and me and ME. Nobody I could call but just my own sekf , nobody to witness my pain and my hardships although I thanked my own self for if I havent been strong enough then I would never be myself now and no future waiting for tomorrow.  
        An ordinary simple girl who had nothing but just her dreams and her goals in life that pursuaded her to dream an...

June 27, 2016

Dearest YOU...
   Amidst the extra distance we both have for each other , still we found our own unique ways that made our love travel this far. I never thought things would turn out this way for I believed when friends told me that it won't work out and makes many things unachievable. Those were there thoughts, not ours .We sailed through stormy weather and on sunny days when we first met .
      Babe , we were like kids playing and having make believes that we were on each other's arm living and creating our home together. How we both imagined those things and never did we realize that days and months have gone by so quickly but made us both emotionally connected . Our love grew so strong  ...

June 25, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines

Dearest dad,
     You were so young when you left me,
I cried through out days and years not knowing what my life could be .
I was 13, so young , not knowing where my life would go ,
My darkest moment , kept on believing , continued dreaming , wherever I go , I myself would never know.
I stumbled and continued my way ,
Never looking back but still ...
Continued walking till I stopped and have to stay,
A right path for me oh Lord I pray ,
Teach me and lead me come what may.
Alone I walked, feeling tired and cold,
My feet was trembling , no arms , nobody to hold,
I won't give up , my life  I have here, nothing to fear ,
I fight alone  every battle far or near .
Rise up ,stand up , wipes my...