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Emotional Poet

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Luv 2 post my work & take interest in the work of others. I reply with Emoji's because nothing expresses this Emotional Poets feelings any better.
October 19, 2018

Really apreciate the nice words.I always like to see great comments like yours on my letters.I am also a fan of ur writings so keep up the great work coming.
Have a wonderful and creative day.

September 28, 2018

Dear Emotional Poet,

She was too damn beautiful
To owe anything to the world
Her attitude, made her nothing less than Wonder Woman
Her passion, made the ocean and the sky become a blur
Her strength, made even brave men sit down and curl
Her integrity, made the world stop and look
And her beauty, made the sun shine on through..

You are too damn beautiful
To owe anything to the world

October 18, 2018

Being Happy With You

They always have said become one with your self
Be your own happiness instead of needing someone else
Don't allow anyone to be your strength or your lifeline
Be content with yourself by having me time
When you think about it those statements are true and less stressful
Less drama and misunderstandings which are painful
No need to wonder "if I do for them would they do for me"
Being happy with you means enjoying your own company
You know yourself well and there's no need to doubt
No need to be an open book to figure another person out
You become close with another person but for what
To feel like a loser when the relationship is cut
To me it seems so much easier just to...

October 18, 2018

Loud Silence Is Beautiful

Normally silence is what makes most people miserable 
But if noise brings pain then silence is a miracle 
The best words are the ones that are left unsaid 
The battle is with yourself and the words inside your head
No one can hear you and nothing is written in permanent ink
Your thoughts exchange one to another faster than you blink
Can you imagine a world where silence dominates
It would be less fist fights, black eyes and heartaches
The world would be beautiful just as I said
More fathers around, no wars and less people dead
Silence is beautiful when it comes to arguments between one another
Causing the increase of mental abuse to not go any further 
After losing ...

October 18, 2018

Don't Repeat Your Mistakes

It always seems you've moved on until the pain hits again
How long does it take for a heavy heart to mend
If the pain is routine then by now you should be used to it
Not making the same choices that brought you to the pit
You're thinking this choice is much different, watch and see
If I just take a chance then it would be meant to be
Don't drain your emotions until they're numb and raw
To love self before others only seems like a selfish law
Repeating the same mistakes ending in the same result
You're the blame for your  pain it's all your fault
You seen it all before don't go through it for a second time
If you're repeating a mistake let this go through your min...

October 13, 2018

Starting From Scratch

When you lost everything you worked for
You feel the real affects of being poor
Life isn't normal you dont function the same
Things were stolen from you with no one to blame
Thats when any and everything seems to matter most
As you gain items back you have a reason to boast
Losing things quickly when u gain it slowly can be a pain
Feeling as though everything you worked for is in vain
Its not easy starting over when you know what you had
Each time you realize you need something it makes you sad
You feel that nothing is ever going to settle
Your patience wearing thin while gaining little by little
What was taken from you was yours and you want it back
It was here toda...

October 13, 2018

As You Get Older

You start to look through another pair of glasses
If you lacked any experience, life has offered you classes
You learn from your past failures and successes
You've  become wiser while your heart has grown restless
What entertained you before, now irritates you somehow
Things that made you laugh, you shake your head at now
You now see the pitiful state of each generation
You're no longer too busy to enjoy God's creation
The questions you asked in the past are now asked of you
Youngsters are now coming to you asking what would you do
Different ones are coming to you for loving advice
Helping them not  make the same mistakes twice
As you get older it seem to benefit you and ot...

October 13, 2018

The Distance Between Us

The distance between you all and I can be so painful
Sitting in traffic to be with you can be so meaningful
It's a bitter sweet feeling though to live so far away
Our hearts would grow fonder each and every day
Using social network to read what you have to say
You encourage me virtually when my skies are grey
While spending time with you I didn't feel insecure
You're the type of friends I need to help me to endure
We were hurting and we helped our hearts to mend
The time I spent with you is time I didn't want to end
To spend time with you again in the future is a must
I love you guys although there's distance between us

October 8, 2018

Time Goes On Without You

It's with something as heavy as death or light as silence
Time going on leaving us behind ignoring our presence
Unless you give your voice no one knows your alive
In a world where no one cares you'll be left deprived
People will miss you but how would know if don't connect
Not connecting is like resting in a coma after a car wreck
Time causes things to change starting with peoples attitudes
People gain ideas to create a life more convenient for you
When gone for a while and to return its like being a baby
To catch up and regain everything had is a big maybe

October 8, 2018


Out of all the colors of the rainbow I choose blue
True roses are red but I don't think violets are blue
It's a dominate color and one that's quite known
I tend to like blue in any shade, material or tone
You have to be honest blue makes things look nice
Have you saw diamonds that looked like blue ice
My color is the one chosen best for communication
It's the color used to relay any type of information
Everyone agrees it's good weather if the sky is blue
It has a way of making different things look new
Blue is the best because other colors are overrated
No other color but blue looks good when it's faded
The other color I like is black when I can't have blue
Unless it's blue it's ugly an...

October 8, 2018

Riding The Bus

Your mood changes depending on the time of day
In the morning most are restless with nothing to say
In the afternoon that when the annoyance starts
With loud school kids and drunks from liquor marts
You try your best not to give too much eye contact
It's loud cell phone conversations behind your back
The seats are constantly signed by a street gang
So-called men won't get up for the elderly in pain
There's always passengers who want to ride for free
And seem to bother others and won't let them be
Parents get on the bus with strollers big as beds
Also there's the deranged that didn't take their meds
Anger is always displayed by someone's bad speech
The stop requested cord is al...

October 6, 2018

The Metropolitan Area

The area where the coffee scent fills the air
Where the homeless see the well off and just stare
Everyone has their heads down into their phones
Beautiful buildings and waterfalls running off stones
The people are too educated to be nice and polite
Front desk security is called if something isn't right
Plenty of places to choose from to fill their hunger
People on the move are bumping into one another
Everyone seem to have the same serious expression
Leaving you with that strictly business impression
Businesses lunches, Brief cases, and due dates
Demanding bosses and paperwork that can't wait
It's a fast pace world and it must be hard to keep up
The metropolitan area i...

October 5, 2018

I'm Done Chasing

I give you space then I notice I'm back in your face
Things are not the same and I'm the one left to chase
I realize how silly I must look when I plead and beg
There is no way to take back the words that I said
I'm not getting no where so I'm done chasing
I'm the one made the mistake but you can't face me
This is a silly little game that is played by most
Someone wanting you back is a reason to boast
I bet I'm making you happy while inflicting self pain
By my chasing after you humiliation is what I gain
You know my emotions and have the upper hand
Expressing myself didn't get you back as planned
It boosted your confidence as you turned me down
You rejected me causing my hea...

October 5, 2018

      Jealously of My Pain

I say it this way because I'm just trying to be happy
I don't wear a sad face because my life is crappy
Haven't you heard it said to turn your pain into power
Think about every rough seed turned into a flower
When you look at me you think I have the best life
You would never see the tears that I cried last night
You look at me and wonder what keeps me smiling
Thinking about the negative would keep you frowning
I choose to make sweet lemonade out of my lemons
A person smiling isn't revealing their true feelings
I'm going through a whole lot it's just you can't tell
Who actually goes around broadcasting how they fail
It seems to irritate you that I'm always ful...

October 1, 2018

Things Have Changed

Things have changed and you don't feel the same
Just showing affection to each other feels strange
What have I done to make you become this way
Was it my pass mistakes and the things that I say
Maybe the interest is lost and you can't tell me
Even without your saying so it isn't hard to see
Is there anything I can do to ignite our flame
Without both of us trying no one can lay the blame
We seem to be drawing not closer but further away
Intimacy is always missing almost every single day  
Anger toward one another is going to affect the kids
We should talk things out before we blow our lids
We have so many reasons to try to work things out
It's not problem solving when we ...

September 30, 2018

I'm That House

I'm that house who has been on the block for years
Who have seen many parties and lots of tears
I'm hearing rumors that I might be put up for sell
Different types of notices coming in through the mail
If only I can make the decision or be given an option
I don't want people fighting over me at an auction
I'm getting too old and my paint is starting to peel
By looking at me you can only imagine how I feel
Broken cupboards, run down sinks and crooked tile
There's hardly anyone who looks at me with a smile
Who could possibly want me when I'm so run down
You can't open a door without a screeching sound
True I do have a big yard but the grass isn't green
I also have the biggest bed...

September 30, 2018

When You Catch Cold

Sickness can turn your house into a personal jail
When friends come to visit you use anything as a veil
The moments you lose track of the day and time
If you need medicine you would spend every dime
To pass the time you watch old episodes on Netflix
Eating soup for dinner and inhaling vapors of vicks
It feels like a vacation you weren't meant to enjoy
Your phone, tablet or a book becomes your new toy
Every task that you had planned never gets done
Your skin tone begins to change from having no sun
If you're married your mate becomes your waiter
Every sentence is "Honey can you do me a favor"
When you're sick it actually gives you time to unload
But this is your life in a ...

September 26, 2018

The Moon

The moon is the most beautiful thing in the sky
Like a big white diamond telling the day goodbye
Stars seem to fall but the moon keeps its position
It's like it has a relationship with the sun in transition
Staring at it you can't help but become mesmerized
You can catch a view anytime unlike the sunrise
It's the moon that stamps a moment romantic
Most people are still arguing if it's a star or planet
I often look at it wondering if it's hot or cold
I love the nights when it's very close big and bold
Out of all planets and stars the moon is my favorite
I have so much respect for the one who created it
Looking like a big white and beautiful balloon
My meditation is relaxing and looki...

September 26, 2018

A New Friendship

Here we go again but with someone new
Nothing against you it's just I've had a few
I wonder what's going to be different about you
Those may be your thoughts about me too
I have to give you the benefit of the doubt
Allow time to past to see what your about
I'm tired of starting over but I want to try again
I'm going to eventually find what I want in a friend
When it comes to cultivation I might seem a bit slow
I'll try not to over water so our friendship can grow
Different mistakes taught me so much in the past
Even with a new friendship don't move too fast
Instead of searching I waited and you found me
I hope this new friendship is everything I want it to be

September 25, 2018

When It Rains

When it rains it catches you completely off guard
No mercy when it thunders and comes down hard
Your mind and heart starts to go down memory lane
Thinking about accidents and love that went in vain
It's inconvenient and it slows normal activities down
But it provides clean air leaving a saturated ground
It's cold and could be deadly if not approached right
You need boots and heavy coats wrapped up tight
It's amazing how rain doesn't over flow the beach
But it can help bring the best sweetness to a peach
The rain is recycled water that accomplish so much
The rain gives the earth that squeaky clean touch
Although it's messy and cause many to complain
It brings so many benefits s...

September 21, 2018

I Thought I Was Pregnant

That moment arose when I wasn't feeling to good
Didn't get a monthly reminder as I normally would
I was unsure if I should tell you or wait for a sign
We're married so you can't say the baby isn't mine
The night I told you your reaction made me uneasy
Wasn't sure if you had  thoughts of leaving me
Hope you're not angry because we both did this
Anytime we decide to copulate we both take a risk
It's a false alarm because I thought I was pregnant
By your reaction our love would have been stagnant
Now I know where I stand if an accident happens
Where a baby starts is where our marriage ends
It's understandable if you were nervous or scared
My mom was as well when at sixt...

September 19, 2018

Be Straight With Me

I can handle the truth if you give me a chance
Your trying to control the situation in advance
You're telling me everything but what I want to hear
Being honest is the way you show you're sincere
Don't beat around the bush and be straight forward
I know seeing my reaction can be quite awkward
Knowing how you really feel can give me that release
Just communicate with me and give me my peace
They say the truth hurts but it also heals the pain
Telling multiple lies to ease a situation is insane
You can't control the way I deal with your news
To play mental games with me is one way to lose
Keeping it real with a person is the way I know to be
Spare me the deceit and just be ...

September 18, 2018

After The Vows

Now that time has past do you feel the same
Or are you arguing and pushing the blame
Are you as attentive as you were when dating
Hopefully your love was sincere and isn't fading
Wasn't it so easy to shout out the words "I Do"
After the vows your partner gets to see the real you
What is it really that holds a marriage together
Being willing to bear bad weather until it gets better
This isn't a class where you sign in and sign out
It's learning what "better or for worse" is really about
It's after the vows that your work really starts
It's practicing forgiveness from each others hearts
When you were dating everything was allowed
Everything always seem to change after the vo...

September 18, 2018

Childhood Affects Adulthood

Parents mold their children just like a pan to a cake
How ever you're instructed gives your life it's shape
What you're taught as a child you will never forget
Morals and principles that others show you never fit
From your failures to your major accomplishments
Learning responsibility on a job to paying your rent
Clueless that your parents were preparing you for life
Now you thank them for teaching you what is right
Times that you felt that they were being hard on you
They we're preparing you to always know what to do
Good thing as parents they didn't slack on the job
Raising you to turn into the most laziest slob
The decisions you make reflects off your childhood...

September 10, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

When You're In A Rush

When you're in a rush almost every light is red
Part of the problem is not wanting to get out of bed
Fooling around and doing everything at last minute
Rush hour isn't rushing when your out there in it
Some things feels as if it requires too much time
Stopping on a dime isn't happening at stop signs
The normal speed limit all of a sudden is too slow
Most times you're patient but this time you got to go
Each minute of the hour becomes so precious to you
When rushing you want everyone to share your view
You're wondering how did this start in the first place
A seemingly well paced morning that turned into a race

September 8, 2018

     Words You Can't Take Back

We have all had that moment of frustration
We search for words that hurt out of desperation
Having a hard time sorting out our feelings
That's the moment we become harsh in our dealings
There are times we fight to be understood
Wishing we can take back the words if we could
It doesn't pay to speak out when we're mad
We say things that leave scars which is bad
Relationships are lost and love isn't regained
Scars can heal but the words always remain
Your emotions are running high don't go no further
Whatever you say at present can ruin the future
When it comes to anger it's an honest true fact
Never say anything you know you can't take back

September 1, 2018
Los Angeles, United States

Through The Eyes of A Childless Woman

Every day that I see you I see you as a strong lady
Through many trials and joys taking care of your babies
Who can speak for you with no child of their own
Every child varies so there is no right or wrong
I love the patience you have and I find it so amazing  
The thought of me having a child sends my heart racing
I can't help but stare at you with much admiration
The way you guide your children and give them direction
For nine months you carried them so close to your hips
Then for eighteen years or more teaching and giving tips
To be a parent to a child must take a lot of energy
The day I become a mom it's like you I want to be
Being a mom requir...

September 1, 2018

          Blind Dating

They call it blind because you're unable to see
If their good looking,  broke or have all their teeth
Taking alot of time getting to know the inner person
Sharing common idiosyncrasies and other emotions
This person makes you so happy until it's unreal
From these long conversations good is how you feel
For the first date you're wondering what to wear
All your past blind dates were total nightmares
Blind dates have proven that beauty is skin deep
You can put a face to the voice when you finally meet
You're worried if you would meet their expectation
Constant thoughts of them has build up anticipation
You're hoping this person is what you're looking for
Someone you can ...

August 31, 2018


This is a place where we put our emotions out there
We write about our fantasies or our ugly nightmares
Releasing so much stress by using our virtual pen
So many backgrounds we don't know where to begin
Reading the lettrs of others we are highly impressed
We write to get our bottled up emotions off our chest
There isn't a better word to describe this application
For most of us it's our therapy and our medication
This is another way we can open up from the inside
We have so many penpals in whom we can confide
Thoughts and Feelings are expressed so much better
We must thank Drew Bartkiewics for creating lettrs

Drew Bartkiewicz
August 31, 2018
Inglewood, United States


Humility is to apologize although it's rejected
Showing respect although you're disrespected
Being humble isn't something most practice in daily life
Most people focus on who was wrong and who was right
Humility is the hardest quality of character to apply
Imagine being honest with a person who constantly lie
Humility can be shown if assisted by the quality of love
You can't have one without the other their hand and glove.
Forgiveness is another sign that displays the quality of humility
To forgive and forget isn't something that's beyond our ability
We're taught by human nature to be on top and be elevated
That if you allow yourself to be humiliated that you'll ...