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September 13, 2017
Mumbai, India

They say you are gone...
U left years ago leaving me alone..
Leaving without saying a good bye was the toughest thing dat i ever had to xcpt..
Dey say, you are not worth forgiving for u left me broken..to deal with my own!
Little did dey know that u r d one i stil sleep peacefully cause your memories are my favrate lullaby...
Little did dey know that u r d one who made me belive in love for u loved me more den clouds love rain..
Little did dey know that u r d one who stil makes me smile cause evrytym i think about you, it makes me happy...
Little did dey know that u r d one for whom i m waiting for😔
Some sin are unforgivable, bt some ppl are beyond forgiveness...!
I wish to meet you soon..

September 9, 2017
Mumbai, India

I dont no what it takes to love someone or how to fall in love with someone...
I had lost one before...
If love gives you power to walk away widout giving ur loved one a reson, i dont know how to love someone then...
But with u..its different!
I like you..
I really dunno if i love you..cause i really dunno how to love someone...
I like being around you inspite of knowing we have nothing else to look forward to with each other...
I like listening to you for you look into my eyes when you talk to me...
I like it everytime you kiss me even when i know i cant have u forever....
Talking about you is my favrate love song for it makes me remind about you....❤️
The feeling of having you inspite o...

September 7, 2017
Mumbai, India

Letting it go....!

They say letting it go is the most wisest thing to do in d toughest tyms!
Letting it go is the choice dat makes you o breaks you, dats wat dey say!
But wat if the thing that u have to let go ws the only thing you ever wanted?
What if the thing that u have to let go ws the only thing that meant evrything to u until now?
The choice is tough...!
But wether it makes you o breaks you depends on wat u chose for yourself!
Pain is unavoidable...but suffering is optional😀

August 30, 2017
Mumbai, India

Dearest bestie,
Since the time u hav gone, evrything seems diffrent...
Weekemds doesnt seam the same..
When u were here, weekends were full of funn...
Dey were all about meeting u or having ur favrate melting sandwhch at say chese or drinking your favrate choclate chip milkshake...
When u were here, weekends were all about standing down my building late nyts and gossiping and discusing your love life😂😬😷
I miss you...
For u were an inseperable part of my lyf...
I miss you cause m never gona find another you...!
They say that good things take time,
Bt really great things happen in a blink of an eye...
So the chances to meet somebody lyk u are a million to one...
U r one in a million❤️

August 19, 2017
Mumbai, India

She wanted him..
She loved him..
She travelled the world with him..
The world, where only two ppl xisted...
She herself and d one whom she loved...
There were no problems around..
No people around...
She loved him jus lyk the flowers love their fragrance!
Jus lyk the sea love its water..
She loved him jus like the rains love the cloud...
She loved him just like the heart love their beats!
When she ws in his arms, she wanted the time to stop and never let him go...
When she looked into his eyes,
All she could she is love for her..
When she kissed him, she felt lyk he was made jus for her...
When she laid next to him,
She jus wanted to kiss him and see him and no1 else...
Everytime he touc...

August 18, 2017
Mumbai, India

She was a free soul..
Far away from wat dey always thought and taught her...
She ws a soul who believd in super powers!
Maa always said "gals are less fortunate to b born as a girl cause this world and god himself has set special rules and laws for girls in d society which are far diffrent from those set for boys"
Maa alwys said...being born as a boy is one super power!
Bt she was far diffrent!
She was a free soul..
A soul who knew hw to fly keeping feet on the ground..
She was born free..
She was brave!
She ws courageous!
She always knew dat she wasnt meant to follow dose rules made for girls in d society...
She knew to fly!
She knew to survive..
For she belived in super power!
Nd sh...

August 13, 2017
Mumbai, India

And she was trapped..
Trapped in the world of her own emotions..
Where no line existed btween the rights and the wrongs...
The world in whch she was trapped was far different than d world she xisted in...
She was the queen of both the worlds for she was strong...
So strong that nothing could kill her...
Cause the world in which she was trapped, made her so numb and strong dat der ws nothing elz dat could evn break her..!
She was a beautiful soul once..
A soul whch alwys wanted to fly and never b trapped o be the queen..
She always wanted to love and be loved..
Bt things change..
Living ws dificlt and so she jus strtd existing! 😔
Existing wd the battles she was fighting...
One IN the world th...

August 12, 2017
Mumbai, India

Dis nyt, again lyk all d nyts..
D world is asleep..
M awake thinkng abt hw my past could have been and how my future should be...
Who should have stayed amongst d one who left😔
And whom i should have never met!
I feel betrayed...
I feel cheated...
I feel taken for granted..
I feel hurt..
I feel empty and low😕
May b its all my fault..
For holding on tooo long..
For holding on to ppl who never valued me..who took me for granted and left wdout sayng a goodbye😕
Hw cn it b so easy to and walk away from sm1 who ws so imp to u initially?
Does it hurt dem o bothers dem?
D worst feeling is feel none when u have all😕

August 10, 2017
Mumbai, India

As soon as she got up, she smiled...
She smiled cs the most beautiful thing in d world was lying next to her...d person she loved..
As soon as she saw him, she smiled..
She smiled thinkng abt the love dey made last nyt...
She smiled thinkng about the words he told her...
"Baby i love u...
I wanna be urs and urs forever...
Baby i wanna grow old with you and die lying in ur arms...
U r my angel in d nyt and nothings gona chnge my love for u and 1 thing u cn b sure of il never ask for more den ur love!
She smiled thinkng abt hw he pronised to never leave her...
As she looked at him, she was contented...
Contented cs she got more den she ever deserved...
As soon as she looked at him, she reali...

August 10, 2017
Mumbai, India

Gone with you....

She believed in fairytales, happy endings and the idea of falling in love jus once in her lifetime...
And then you happened to her...
She lived with what she belived cause u made her believe in it..
And den one fine day, u left..
U wer gone!
D day u left, gone ws d part where she believe in fairytales..
Gone ws d part whch believd in love..
She lost all the battles she was fighting cause gone with you ws gone her strength....
She begged..she pleaded..she cried, bt u never looked back and u wer gone...
Gone forever!
She was failed, she was defeated...but she never gave up!
She got up..stronger den before..
To fight..to win all her lost battles...
Gone wd you, was gone her...