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February 2, 2019

Teach me how to go carefree once again,
Teach me how to be the same happy go lucky person again,
Teach me how to revisit the visited streets and still not revisit the memory lane,
Teach me how to close my eyes and not see u,
Teach me how to pass by kissing couples and not think about our stolen moments,
Teach me how to be upset and not expect u by me,
Teach me how to be broken and deal with u being botherless about it,
Teach me how to be happy thinking u are not mine anymore,
And please teach me how to unlove you..


January 31, 2019

Kaash aadat hote tum..
Aur mohabbat na hote..

to asaan hota tumse door jana..
Par ab door hoke bhi tum door kaha..
Ankhein band karu to tum muskarte ho..
fr apni yaad dila jate ho..
Gaane sunu to wo bhhi kaise..
Usme bhi to tumhari hi yaad aati hai..
Pata hai ki hum milenge..
Par soch k darr lgta h, kya hoga agar na mile..
Tumhe ab mann ki baatein batana wazib nai samajhti..
Kahin tum mera dil toot na jaae, ye soch kr door na chale jao .
sochti hu rooth jaungi nahi karuungi baat tumse, par kaise?
Baat na karu, to wo bhi kaise... zehan me bas chuke ho tum..

Kaash aadat hote tum..
aur ibaadat na hone..

January 31, 2019

Love ... never fails to astonish you..
Right when u feel... U are done with it...It happens..
When you feel you are tired enough to find the one u always longed for... tadaa!! there he is... not on a white horse... nor with glass sandel that belong to you.. nor does he lives in castle..
He is no extraordinary being...
as simple as one could be...
Caring and innocent...

Being with him is all you want...
His smile is all it takes to make your day!
When he is bside you, It feel u have it all.. and merely the thought of him going away... can shatter your world into tatters!

You feel strong with him by your side...
he is not cheesy...
He is the mirror who shows you your mistakes..
The companio...

February 19, 2016

One fine afternoon..
i come across a very familiar face..
He who was family once..
his hazel eyes gleamed on meeting mine..
his lips couldn't hide the happiness either..

but now ..

here he stands ..
right in front of me..
with a broken soul...
with a shattered trust..

and then I realise...This is what I have done.!