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an unquiet mind
July 20, 2016

I hv learnt to be patient,
I have learnt to let it go,
I have learnt to read the eyes,
The truth behind those pretty lies.

I have learnt to be on my own,
I have learnt to cry alone,
I have learnt to be happy alone,

I have learnt to appreciate myself,
I have learnt to be me..myself.

July 17, 2016

Three years of being in this city,
Valuable lessons about life,
Numerous experiences i can count,
Variable surprises about me otherwise unfound....

Insights into relationships, people,my whole being....

A great phase of life lived,
When i say... Yeah that's it!!

July 17, 2016

The smell of the rains,
The smell of coffee in the rains,

Ain't it just enough to make you smile,
Usher in nostalgia,
And just let your hairs down....;) :D

July 15, 2016
Mumbai, India

You may have gone,
You may have not.

But for me you have this one time.

I used to keep my hopes high, never letting them down,
Always a happy face, never showing my tears,my pain.

But lemme tell you,
I am not dejected neither am i crying,
I was just not meant to be yours.

I am brimming with love at times,
But at times i do need a dose of it,
And i guess this is the time.

No hopes,no expectations, no cribbing, no crying.

Just faith in the things to follow and sparkling eyes.

July 14, 2016
Mumbai, India

I once saw this visually challenged man at the busstop,
What was unusual abt him was,
He was smiling...seemed to be happy just standing there,
I looked around there wasnt anybody around him,
Nor was he on the phone.

He just stood there smiling.

Maybe he was thinking about the good things gone by or about the ones yet to come, what the beautiful future beholds.

Why cant we be like that,
Why do we need our phones, need to be logged in all the times, crying about the nitty-gritty's.

Why cant we smile patiently,thinking about and waiting
For the good things in our lives.

We surely can... Can't we??

July 12, 2016
Mumbai, India

Don't you feel just helpless at times,
Irritated,ready to cry,ready to blast..
Don't you feel there's a limit to the things happening to you,
Limit to what you can endure.

You do know this too shall pass,
You do know it's just a phase,
You do Try to talk to yourself, To calm that nasty temper down,
You do know that maybe,
Maybe you are at much better position than others around,
You do try showing everything is cool.

But don't you just feel helpless at times.

July 10, 2016
Navi Mumbai, India

The beauty of it all lies in the fact,
How you learn the art to let it go.
How you tell yourself every second,
Some things are just not meant to be.
How you make your heart understand,
Not all people will stay in your life.

The beauty of it all lies in the fact,
How when you are alone and give yourself a minute,
Beautiful thoughts just flow out of your mind,
How you have come a long way along,
Learning about yourself, loving yourself all the more.

The beauty of it all lies in the fact,
How you see beauty in everyday small things,
And that's when you feel beautiful from the inside,
Spreading out that beauty to the outside.

July 9, 2016
Temghar, India

I can feel the wind in my hairs,
Can feel the life in the wind...
Surrounded by the nimbus clouds,
I can feel life in every moment.

No matter how the destination is gonna be,
Am just loving the journey.

July 2, 2016
Mumbai, India

Am a Pandora's box full of paradoxes...

At times too shy,
Outgoing the other times.
At times too shallow,
Under the deep shadows at times.
Too bubbly and chirpy on the outside,
A lot more serious inside.
Way too strong,
And yet so fragile at times.

Am full of paradoxes at times...

July 1, 2016

Plethora of emotions...
A mix of feelings...

Are we really prisoners of our thoughts and the circumstances,
Or do we actually have the will to change the course our way.

What do i cry over,why do i bother,
When the people were never mine.

Accepting the way of life as it was put down for me,
Not exactly happy with it and not even doing anything to make it change.

Happy with what i have, yearning for what i have not.
Fretting about the future,
Careless about the present.

PS wish i was under a trillion stars and could just forget it all.

June 30, 2016
Mumbai, India

Am looking for true love,
Have you seen it somewhere,
Have you met it somehow,
Have you stumbled upon it anyhow.

I have seen its glimpse,
In the movies for sure..
In the books all round,
And let me tell you a lot in this lettrs world.

But why do i see it in the virtual world only,
Why not around me, alongwith me,
Within me.
Have you asked this question somehow?

Why do i see broken realtionships all around,
People getting into ones just for the sake of a tag,
Or celebrating every moment, posting every sweet little thing and suddenly when the honeymoon period is done, just drifting apart and just letting off...

Oh well i have seen people just too scared to take a stand,
Even letting t...

June 25, 2016
Mumbai, India

Am yearning To go out there,
Yearning to get drenched in the rains,
Yearning to slpash water on your face,
To see that curve form,

Yearning for a cup of coffee,
And emotions which flow sitting with you across,
Am yearning, yearning for the life i will live with this all.

June 25, 2016
Mumbai, India

The moon is the same everywhere you go,
Just look up and you will find,
The memories staring back at you,
Reminiscing in there glory,
Rekindling your spirits,
Thinking about the those times...bringing back those people back in your life,though for a short while.....

June 16, 2016

And just when i think i have got enough of you....
Known you inside out...
Lived you everyday,

I am thrown in for a surprise,

And i love to fall for you over and over again,
I do think of leaving you and i will for sure someday,
But i do know i will have enough reasons to come back to you over and over again...

PS... Yess i love you ;) and i can't help it.

June 6, 2016
Mumbai, India

The smile on your face,
That pain in your eyes...

That longing in your heart,
The control in your mind.

Being totally mine when with me,pouring your heart out...
And a stranger when away,
Wiping your own tears.

You had your share of  loss,learned to come out of it all alone, never lost hope...
But here i want to tell you,
Come what may i will be around,
Look into your eyes,say i love you and you wont be alone, no not this time,
Even the pain will be scared to press its pangs...coz it will know you are ready and not scared by its fangs..

You know where to find me,
You do know i will be there,
Just come and find me please,
I wish to be always there.

Failed by my head at times,
But nev...

June 4, 2016
Mumbai, India

I wish i could just travel all around,
Listening to old songs in the background,
Lost in the beauty of passing landscapes..
Finding myself yet over and over again.

June 2, 2016
Mumbai, India

Adverse and challenging aspects at times make you feel that the world is out to get you.
However, the best way to keep yourself going and your spirits high is to realise that beneath it all people really are on your side.

May 31, 2016

Aaj hai jo apne,
Kal woh begaane bhi hoge...
Aaj khile jo phool aashiane mai,
Kal door mehaka karenge.

Ye janta hai sab...
Kareeb phir bhi jata hai...
Aur kisi ke jane par phir aasu bhi bahata hai,

Kosta hai waqt ko,
Ki theher jaye...
Ya beeten palo ko phir le aye,

Janta hai sab,
Hai bahut sayaana,
Par phir bhi ise hai aasu bahana

Rota hai,
Chup hota hai,
Ek bheegi si muskaan se phir aage badh jata hai....

hai janta ye sab...
Hai bahut sayaana...
Par phir bhi ise hai aasu bahana....

May 30, 2016
Mumbai, India

The dreams are real until we wake up....

May 26, 2016
Mumbai, India

Its just a part of me that comes out at times...i have learned how to rein it, its just certain incidents occur and it just shakes out of me.
It can come out again..coz its there in me but like you said and i do know there's no use.

I am just like a flower... Happy and in full bloom spreading happiness all along the day but as the sun sets in something just flips inside me.. Am learning not to be like this at the end of the day..am able to also.. A few failures are there though.

And i dont cry coz am at home alone wen the world out there is with somebody...that world with there somebody comes into my house in front of my eyes daily and thats what bothers.

I have chosen to be this way coz...

May 25, 2016
Mumbai, India

Never fall for a broken heart,
The ones who have loved truely and lost...

They get it broken once but you find yours being broken each day every day...
Losing them yet again each day every day.

May 24, 2016

Lost in the horde of enriching our virtual worlds,
We lose hold on the ones physically around us...

Lost in garnering as many likes,
We tend to forget the ones who we like...

Lost in the art of taking selfies...
We give a blind eye to the art and nature around which is a sight to see...

Lost in the candy crush sagas...
we miss out on the chances of making our very own ragas...

May 22, 2016
Mumbai, India

Unpredictable fickleness of life....

One moment you are on cloud nine,

And the very next...

A deep down hole,
Broken into tears.

May 22, 2016
Mumbai, India

You touch someones life in such a way...
Mirroring a part of them you never knew,
And when they say they see their own self in you from a different time...
Ain't it a feeling beyond expression...
The best thing somebody could say to you!!!

May 21, 2016
Mumbai, India

What isn't worth getting,
ain't worth seeking as well...

May 20, 2016
Mumbai, India

Some habits make us...
Some define us...
Some change us...
We are forced to change some...
We let go some..
Compromise with yet others...
And the ones we can't mould,
Tend to redefine us certainly...

May 19, 2016

I feel off radar today...
Suddenly non existent,

The only voice I hear is mine...
The only noise around is mine..
The only heartbeats I hear are mine...

That's what I feel today,
Revered by none and left by all.

May 19, 2016
Mumbai, India

Its easy to fall in love....
Easy as well to say i love you...

But what after that..

To be in love and keep falling in love with the same person over and over again is what true love is....

which many of us these days can't even fathom, let alone feel...

May 18, 2016
Mumbai, India

suddenly it crossed my mind..
Many of you are leaving me,
that too in a rush...
Leaving me with nothing to do much...

Yeah..few of you will be back in a while,
Few were never meant to be mine..
And others had to go some or the other time,

Wish i could get just a lil more time,
Come to terms with these overwhelming emotions,
Things left unsaid
And deeds we could have done but put it off for some other time.