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Writish parth

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Just looking at the world with my Words 📖📝✉ Instagram: @writishparth
September 11, 2018


I stood there under a tree
Cold winds wrapping around me.
With nothing on my mind
I gaze into the distance
To see a fire burning,
A small line of smoke I see,
Warm, dark and fading away.
It rose up towards the sky
To become a part of the vast above.
I felt a drop of water,
It was raining again.
The fire dwindled away
And up came a black cloud of smoke.
Darker and darker than earlier
It went higher in the sky.
As the clouds drew in
And sky went grey, I hoped,
I hoped for a little sunshine.
Hope, I guess, is a test for us.
A test for our patience
A test for our minds.
Hope is what we want and what we get.
Hope is what we crave and what we tempt.
Hope, I guess, is that Ray of sunshine...

May 26, 2018

Stay, please?

Come here, sit next to me.
I miss you more than my teary eyes can see.
Stuck in an infinite loop of time
I want you today, tomorrow and forever.
I wish I could be there but
Distances are unmeasured between.
My heart beats and feels like a feather,
Yet there's the density of a stone in it.
I want you. No, I need you in my life.
I need you forever to sit next to me.
That's all I dream and that's all I see.
You, sitting next to me.
Stay with me, please?

- Parth Varangaonkar

April 4, 2018


Under the roof, sitting in my home
I try to keep myself occupied.
Trying to write a way to you
I measure the distances between.
Faraway we are, with nothing I can do.
Stuck in this loop of my mind
I forgot about the warmth of your love,
I forgot about the stillness of my heart.
No ideas, no thoughts to work upon
I push everything away from me.
A gaze outside the window and I knew,
I had something to share with you.
This fragile sky that we have above us.
These stars giving away your smile.
Fragility of the sky that how it is shared between you and me.
Stars that curve into a smile like yours.
How plausible these stars are?
Millions of miles away from the world,
Maybe dead yet ...

February 18, 2018

A good night's sleep...

Rushing in comes the wind
Brings a warm fragrance to me.
I recognise it from the sweetness
That it was no one else's but you.
The window stutters softly
As it makes my heart jump.
The moon, the stars, don't shine
As bright as your memories do.
It's an overwhelming feeling
When the breeze caresses me
I know it's you from far away.
Come to me, I think,
When the world sleeps, come to me.
But the silence, the cold darkness
It covers me like a blanket.
A tiny light shines afar,
Catches my eye, pulls me closer.
It is warm and bright
Just like your arms feel.
A feeling of home, a satisfaction,
This is what it feels like, your love.
A warm blanket in the cold, ...

December 7, 2017

An empty road...

The shattering cold wind wraps me
As I turn into the blind corner.
A light slowly flickers, dying every time.
It's cold and I shiver like the leaves,
A dreaded wind that sweeps me away
Taking me to a world of thoughts
Thoughts that I own, yet scampering,
Running around without a moment's peace.
The dark shimmering lights fade away
The night falls darker in the sky.
The only light is of the stars
And the lonely, little firefly.
All these thoughts are vicious, I think.
Another thought to add to the train, I thought.
A chain of thoughts is what occupies,
Inside of us we all are the same,
The repercussions of these thoughts. I thought,
Is what we what we all are after all.
A ...

November 17, 2017

Calmness of the sea...

A man sitting on the shore, alone,
He asks a question to the sea
"how can you be so calm?"
Waves rushed to his feet.
Cold, the water was, washed away
The sand off his feet, taking it away.
A moment's silence was shared
The man, the sea, with glistening eyes.
A silent hush came to the man
With the answer he wanted this time.
"I hold a storm inside me that keeps me calm,
I sit here and support your beasts,
Your boats, your life and heart.
But don't mistake it for my calmness,
For my calmness is for eternity
And when this eternity dies
A hurricane shall rise from inside me
A storm that will toss your boats,
Kill your beasts and end your life.
So let me be calm oh man,

October 18, 2017

I would...

Siting under the shade of a tree
She asked me a question.
"What would you do for me?"
Baffled, I didn't know what to say.
I was looking at her curious eyes
That looked at me with hope in them.
Little Hope for an answer, a lot for love.
Look at this shade, I say.
This is what I will do for you.
I would be the shadow to calm your soul,
I would be your spine for support.
Her eyes gleamed a little and tucked me close.
I continued to her surprise, but maybe,
Maybe I won't give you a large house
But a little home of ours and the love we have.
Maybe I won't be able to buy you things,
But I would wake you up to a breakfast in bed.
Maybe I won't take the airplanes to fly,
But ...

September 2, 2017

Lost forlorn...

When I looked up at the sky
It shine so dark, hide the paths.
Pathetic, it feels to be lost.
Empathy, is still what I conjure.
Inside a hollow room of dark light
With a shallow silence.
Another obscurity hides the sky
As the roof gave away to grief.
It's the darkness of my eyes,
The haze in my vision,
That when I look up, I see a fallen sky.
A chaos, an empty chaos up above
Shines brighter far away.
It inspires me to clear this haze,
To look beyond this screen.
And when I did, I fell back.
The floor thumped, hurting my mind
Dust rose and fell, like fog on a winter day.
I try, I get up and glance again
Slowly, this time in no hurry.
Tumultuous lights dwindle ba...

August 11, 2017

The darkness upon us...

When you lie beneath the sky,
When the silence embraces you
The mind drifts in the dark
To ask a million questions.
My words, do they feel like me?
My thoughts, do they flow like wind?
Engulfing you, this darkness dawns,
Absconding you into its world.
Dark, isn't it? A voice asks.
Crawling into your heart, a cold.
Do you know the answer,
The answer to your own heart?
It is you, within you, where you are
The voice answers, a shudder runs
Down your spine, to know it is you.
A last breath of this darkness
And you escape from it to return.
It's day outside now when your eyes open.
Another obscurity fades your view,
Why not find our hearts and not people...

May 27, 2017


Under a night sky, I read a story of love
A love that transcended worlds.
Their hands kissed with the touch
And the hearts could feel her beats.
A promise to fly away from the world
To make a happy life ahead.
Yes they did so, with strings attached
And held it on their own.
Could I be not inspired?
Should I not get a fire too?
A star looked upon me from up above,
Twinkling and shimmering of all.
It smiled a little more to brighten up
And the sky glowed to lighten up
The world a little more.
The lights that shined in my eyes,
A feeling that I abhor.
"why do you smile" I asked the star
To which he told me about the flaw,
The flaw in that love, the flaw in my eyes.

May 6, 2017

Together forever...
Looking back in days I see you,
Our future that we never saw.
Today, when it has unraveled
I see the beauty of it in your eyes.
Through the little bicker
And our flawless smiles
We came together, with together.
I have my both arms around you
As we both move to the music
A lavender smell of your hair
Gets me to rise up in the air.
Two hearts beating in sync,
Eyes locked in each other's.
Your head finds its calm on me
And then just like that I see a future,
A future in you, a life with you.
A future where we are together forever...
-@writishparth (Parth Varangaonkar)

April 6, 2017

The art of love...

The sun shines like a silver ball
Up in the sky, lighting up your eyes.
Blades of grass dance with the winds
Moving and seducing the ground.
On a date we are, sifting through
The shadows, the sunlight, the winds.
As the air cuddles with your hair,
It's looks like a web on your face.
I push them away to uncover
A beautiful smile behind the web.
Silent, we both walk away into
The shadows, into the tree's grace.
Birds sing for us, a silent mellow.
Barefoot on the grass, blades tickle us
When we lie in each other's arms.
"look", she points at the sky
A heart floats in the clouds.
"mime" she says and listens to it.
As the cloud grows larger
And the sun hides itse...

April 2, 2017

And I missed you...

The skylights grew dark and grey
The clouds looked like cotton on clay.
Into the sunset the purple darkened
To a black that takes me in your eyes.
Winds that sing your name, tease me
Under the thousand stars in eyes.
Silencing days that went past us
I wonder your eyes stuck on the stars.
I look upon the stars, smiling at you.
Then the sky moves further apart
And the blinding lights blanket the sky.
I squint to see, nothing but lights
They hide the angel that walks to me.
A blur, an outline of is what I see
But I want see, oh lord yes I do
For I know that angel was you.
Riding down the clouds, you take a look
At me, in my eyes, lost in you I was.
A tiny smil...

March 28, 2017

The night I read to the moon...

In the silent night I lay on my bed
Reading the legends and the myths.
The wind lashes through the trees
The air holds me like a child.
I turned around to look at the moon
The crescent had its own eyes fixed.
And as the quiet of the night broke
The crickets chirp with their songs,
The moon laid down on the clouds.
Tell me a story, he said.
I pulled the bag of stories
And jerked it hard to make them fall.
A little sparkle from her eyes,
A little love from her heart.
It all fell from my bag to make the moon smile.
He had his story told, he wanted mine.
The clouds sifted through, moonlight spread.
A brighter smile, a face lit up in the sky.

March 27, 2017
Indore, India

An imprudent love...

Waves of dreams sweep,
Wash my feet on the shore.
I wish I could tell you,
The story of the earth that shivers
With every wind that kisses her.
The salt that lingers in the air,
The winds that push her thoughts,
Silence of the inevitable floats,
And all this time clouds were her horizon.
The waves that hit the rocks
Spray into a million drops of rush.
An obscure image of shattered ocean
Forms on the stones, darker than itself.
The winds that sweep through the trees
Bend and twirl the leaves.
And still they hold on to the tree.
One of a kind, this world is, we know of. But all it wants is a bond to share
With the ocean, the ground, the winds.
Selfish are...

January 24, 2017

Trying to free my mind in uthe lights
Sun shines in the front of me
And there comes a shadow
Following me everywhere.
A blur, sometimes sharp
It never leaves me alone
It travels and unravels the darkness
The darkness in me, the darker side.
But still it never leaves me
Climbing on the walls,
Running over the stones,
Going deep through the waters,
Mimicking my actions and myself,
It proves to be an ally of the dark.
Yet, just yet I see it fade and fall.
It leaves me alone in the dark
It hides away, befriends the dark.
Lost and all that comes to me,
A point of light shines in distance.
My shadow crawls back into my feet.
This time I know this shadow.
It will climb, it...

January 7, 2017

A world of his own...

A little kid sat looking at the clouds
Soaring far up above the land.
He had the eyes of a different way
Only he could see the dark sun
He would see the morning moons.
The trees could bend and walk
The walls could also talk.
The birds flew upside down
The way he wanted it, was his town.
It was his world, as he wanted it to be.
Every door had a different world
Every eye had a different galaxy
Every moment had its own universe.
For him it was what he wanted to see
It was all about the beautiful world
That he loved to live in.
Rend between the two realms,
He would barely come out.
And the obliquity of the kid
Was a gift of God, not a curse of Satan
As the...

December 30, 2016

A lullaby...

The night grows younger
As it sleeps in my arms.
I sing a lullaby for the sparkling stars.
The moons that shines, that glows
With the craters it still seems enigmatic.
My voice reaches up to the stars
And it slowly fades away.
The winds now takes it far above
Makes it fall on your ears,
I sing a lullaby far from here.
Easing into the dreams you smile
And that is what I want.
Eyes closed and a smile on your face
Your deep sleep listens to a lullaby.
Now I sit here, folded hands upon knees
Waiting for the night to embrace me too.
Moon smiles like a child
And the stars blanket the sky.
Faintly I hear a sound soothing my soul.
With the silent winds comes your voice ...

December 15, 2016

In my own thoughts...

A blazing sunset in front of me
A rising moon at the back,
The beauty that the nature holds
But the beast that my thoughts had.
Terrifying it is, how one's thoughts
How one's simple thoughts could
Pull a havoc upon the person.
Thoughts about the people,
Thoughts about the expectations,
Thoughts about these thoughts.
Like a million little dust speckles
These slowly settle down in me
To make my vision bleak
And make it harder for what I seek.
But how do clean this dirt
Without rending myself apart.
How do I clean this dust of my thoughts
Without getting my hands soiled.
This time I know what it takes
To clean these layers of thoughts,
A new layer of th...

November 24, 2016

The boat left alone..
Under the silver moonlight
Over the vast darkness of the ocean
A boat sailed through, like a bird in the air.
Taking the hits, losing some color,
It wished for the colors to come back,
To not vanish into the ocean's deep.
Colors were its pride which it wore
And with every scratch made,
Or felt inferior to the ocean.
Jealous of the deep, of the humongous,
And of all the colors the ocean had.
Little did it know the truth of the ocean
That ocean envied the boat too.
The boat had the company of people,
It wasn't lonely within itself.
The ocean hit another time to remind the boat
"Look at me, so huge and yet alone.
You have the power to travel across me
Be than...

November 20, 2016

Lights around us...
I Left a light  shining through frames
Of the closed doors and let it spread.
As it was seeking it's way out
I saw the floating dust hanging in there.
But slow and slower it came down
To settle onto the ground and vanish.
Vanishing where it rose from
And settling again where it started with.
Harder than I thought it was,
But my dreams of mine were like the lights. Lighting up a million stars of dust,
Some of them were of stardust
And some were of the low lying dust.
And still it seemed like a magic
The dust and light mingling on.
Making there a little space of my own
Floating in mid air, staying put
Yet so moving it felt.
I don't know what was true
But the...

November 18, 2016

The smile of the universe

Both of us sat near the window
Taking in the heat of the shadow.
As the birds chirped outside
And sang a sweet lullaby
Her eyes were filled with love
And a joyful sleep she couldn't hide.
Trees ruffled with the air
Making a slow hush of silence.
Beside me was she with her arms
Holding mine, locking her fingers.
Calmly, she slept in my arms.
All I could hear in this silence,
In this quietness of the world
Were her shallow, little breaths
Against my shoulder, on which her
Hair spread a web of fragrance.
I was taking it all in
As she cuddled and embraced me.
Her head rested, her eyes closed
And a smile that crept on her face,
All so beautiful that ma...

November 9, 2016

Sit next to me...
"sit next to me" I blinked my eyes
She knew what it meant.
Slowly she sat down under the fall
And wrapped my arms with all
Her strength she had, with the love she had.
She leaned on me, her head on my shoulder
And just all we had was the silence.
The silence of the falling dry leaves,
The hush of the wind on our ears
And the squeaking of the bench
Every time we inched closer.
The magnificent masterpiece, she was,
As I sat there looking at her
And wondering at the miracle of God.
So did I slowly rest my head on hers
And felt the cold wave of goosebumps
Rise outside my body and settled slowly.
But the butterflies, inside and out didn't.
They kept fluttering th...

October 17, 2016

When it rains...

The Rain comes pouring down
On the earth like a waterfall.
The gushing sounds of the drops
In a hurry to meet the ground.
They forget how the story ends
With them being broken down.
But as my gaze is fixed on the
Window, the drops tapping on it
Asking me to let them in my soul.
But I just sit there enjoying the sound.
My eyes follow the drops down
Till they reach the earth and the puddles.
Dripping dropping in the water
The drops scatter around.
A mist near the ground floats
Not showing the destruction of drops.
But these drops, they know their end
Breaking down for the earth's joy.
A life, a span that starts from up above
And ends up being broken down

October 10, 2016

The missing days and memories...

As the days get longer
And the nights grow loner.
Oh here I sit by my window
Looking out for you or your signs.
Or maybe the sky will be dark
And let the stars come out and shine.
As the leaves cripple with winds
And the silver lining spreads across
I just wait and watch, the winds
Shatter against my window.
How do I reach you in this melancholy
Of all the distances between us,
Of all the words that my heart has unspoken
Of all the moments I wanted to share,
And all the cheers I want to glare.
So I find a shelter in your memories.
It feels like you and I, a cozy feeling
That I had been missing, missing you.
As the moonlight hides behind the c...

October 8, 2016

The dark, beautiful dream...

I believe in a dream that I saw.
I saw a dream full of darkness
With nothing visible, just some voices.
I could hear it all within the dream
Defying every bit of reality it was
A dream that made me fall in love.
I could feel the moist beneath me
As I kept on walking forward
With no direction of the path or light
To be seen anywhere. Just darkness.
It wrapped up everything in the black
A dark, dark dreamland of obstacles
That I stumbled upon in my way
Towards a nothingness, towards a void.
Then it all fell silent, all the noises
They all went shush like the universe
And made it harder for me to breath
In this deafening silence of the dark.
But my ...

October 2, 2016
Indore, India

So did we not...

So did we not start off like strangers
Who looked across each other
Looking beyond into the crowd.
And someday we just bumped
Into each other's like the clouds.
Always there but hardly we looked up
To see how beautiful we are together.
The infinity we have, a little world
Where we are always laughing
Where there's you and me and happiness.
Slowly did we build this bond
And look how we are so fond
Of each other and our presence.
With foreheads touched we smiled
And our eyes closed knowing our love.
Words never found a way to get to us
But all it needed is the look in your eyes,
Your fiddling fingers, your curling toes.
And oh I knew your insides like my own

September 27, 2016

The sleepy eyes...

As I close my eyes to calm,
All I can do is not sleep.
My eyes closed or open
They look for you to smile back.
Tripping over myself, I stare at you
In this dream world in my reality.
Words that come back to me
"learn the reality and face it" she said,
But my dreams were all about you
You and me together in a space
That no one can see, I wait there now.
The realm of my dreams has you
But these sleepy eyes now set you free
And you are in front of me every time.
Day dreaming I maybe, but it's still my dream.
Just a few flashes of you in my eyes
And I can see you in my eyes full of love.
These eyes dream about you like
The poetry chimes of the world.
Silent, ...

September 17, 2016
Indore, India

Is it you?

Is it you, I thought looking
At the silent angel in front of me.
Is it you? Was all that crosses
My mind in this silence.
Saddening it was, to see your eyes blank
With tears that clouded your eyes.
And the downward curve of your lips
Just made the tears in me flow.
Blank face that wrapped up
A million expressions,
A flood of tears and some words.
I Sat there next to you
With my eyes settled on you.
As you slumped into the pillow
To hide your tears from me.
My heart ached to see you so quiet.
I knew your answers, seeking them still.
Slight nods were all you did
Which were my answers I wanted.
Tears clogged up your throat
And words were looking for a voice
That could...