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Premtosh Kar (AlphA)

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June 15, 2019

I wonder,
How they move?
In this crowd,
Filled with cowardice.

To dream or
Not to dream?
The ephemeral yet,
Eternal question.

Cowards cause,
They don't dream.
Even when they to,
They lose the will to see.

Money or family,
Scars of past,
Scared of the future,
I understand.

But till what end,
Shall they be restrained,
Till what end,
Will they now their head?

Break the rules,
Destroy the restrains,
Be a sharp sword,
Cut obstacles to pieces.

The world was there for the taking,
So learn it, inturn learn yourself,
Take all you can, given nothing back,
Live the life you have, with all that you can.

November 1, 2018

The Angel's Desire.

With timid steps, her back against the wall,
lecherous hounds, surround her ready to scavenge her all.
With sticks in her hands,playing with fire,
A little equality, the little angels desire.

She worships Durga, protector of all,
Yet why in the seas of Mahishasur, her outcries are being squashed.
With sticks in her hands,playing with fire,
A little equality, the little angels desire.

Fancying her glittering dress, she dances to the pujo tunes,
She sees the rapist's eyes, where the world sees her glittering saree.
With sticks in her hands,playing with fire,
A little equality, the little angels desire.

Fancying her glittering dress, she dances to the pujo tunes,
She see...

August 13, 2018
Gurugram, India

In retrospect, everything is fine. Just fine.
Humor me, amigos, as this strong urge to oversee thy human lives prodding onwards a lifetime of phases makes one commit the sin to stop and turn, and pen how our society has turned out to be.
Distance: We have reached the moon, we aspire to traverse the universe and even change the nomenclature of celestial bodies as we know it(daily), but we would often fail to reach out to a stranger and speak. It’s ridiculously amazing that we are racing with technology to be connected faster with people from farther lands but somehow falter with the people closest to us. We fail to observe that we keep getting further from our near-dear ones, cursing the ver...

July 10, 2018

Your love,
Like wine,
Tasteful with age,
Evergreen and sweet.

Your beauty,
Like Lilly,
Pleasant and fragrant,
Even in a swamp.

Your eyes,
Like the night,
Dark and pure,
Shiny and radiant.

Your soul,
Perfect and cosmic,
Fragile yet strong,
Mine yet not.

July 6, 2018

Endless wilderness,
Absolute silence.

Multiple points,
Unlimited variables.

Finding the,
One combination.

Which fits,
My equation.


4th of july
March 24, 2018

Skylark Challenge 131

Words to be used.

Cutting, Safe, Disturbing, Knife


Safe I wasn't,
Caused I was shackled by memories.

Demon of my heart,
Was disturbing and powerful.

Cause the knife you held,
Was of life and hope.

Cutting those away was my boon,
Unshackled and unfettered I will fly forever.

March 22, 2018

Skylark Challenge 131
#1 Entry

Words to be used.
Knife, Disturbing, Safe, Cutting

Disturbing thoughts,
Cutting in mind.

Like hot knife,
Going through butter.

Not feeling pain,
As it swiftly goes.

Thoughts take form,
Of the death woman.

Holding the knife,
Safely cutting me million times.

After cutting me,
She heals me back.

With the nostalgia,
Of the past untouchable.

Again she cuts me,
Keeping the cycle ongoing eternally.

March 22, 2018

I spoke of crossroads
As if I understood them.

Little did I understand
I simply just knew them.

Let go of many I did
For they were heavy for me bear.

I still see the things which went
Hopefully they remain the same.

The slap gotten to make realize
The know and understand is different.

Like the difference of heaven and earth
Leaving only the vacant sky.

Up all night I still stay
To understand what I know.

But the tick tok behind me keeps on
Telling me to choose a fork of the crossroad.

January 31, 2018

Skylark challenge 124
Second entry.(fingers crossed)

Dear me soul,
I remember you all,
Those late night walks,
Down the musty road.
Dear me soul,
Don't think those words are faded,
That we spoke all day,
As it was our secret infinity.
Dear me soul,
I remember how you were torn apart,
When I left without a word,
With silence and oblivion.
Dear me soul,
I still have the box,
With your wishes and blessings,
For my future life and living.
Dear me soul,
I haven't forgotten you all,
In my memories you all are immortal,
A promise to meet within a seconds call.


January 30, 2018

Skylarkchallenge 124

In the attic I have my box of heart.
Which holds my secret till it part.

For it has picture, make me remember you.
I can't help it being torn inside too.

Faded in the background I used to be.
Unknown and invisible I used to be.

For you I was not invisible or unknown.
In your world you gave me a place to exist.

We spoke and spoke day and night.
Each second you took away my fright.

Hard to be forgotten are those pictures.
Where I captured your candid smile.

I must have been the happiest man.
When you said yes, when asked for your hand.

I was the saddest man .
When you gave away you last breath with a smile on your face.

The faded piture with a musty scent.

January 20, 2018

The Tune of the Night.

It's night time
In a drunken line,
Listening to the tune
Choosing to cry or to swoon

For it makes me remember
Those faint haunting eyes,
The smell and the touch
Wishing for you to be mine

For it makes me remember
How you held my hand, saying ,
"Bro you can do this".
Watching you leave and hands waving bye.

For it makes me remember
The time I saw her cry,
In her room all alone
Yet making me dinner with a smile.

The scream of silence
Many unspoken words,
Those hidden smiles
The deaden laughter.

With wine in my right
A blunt in my left,
All this came to me
As the night's  tune became me.


January 15, 2018

Sitting within my blanket,
Holding a glass of milk.
Looking outside the window,
To see only the fog.

I feel cold from the outside,
I feel warm from within.
As I look forward to the day,
Within me a silent burning flame.


December 25, 2017

The Eye Of The Storm.

Have you ever felt confused or stopped by something invisible, while you exactly in the middle of a crossroad, and you trying to pick up a direction? It asks you why are you doing this ? This point that's present and its puzzling, I consider this point as "the eye of the storm". I call it so because in the 'Eye' you fell calm and safe, but the sense that there is something in front and something behind you, and that feeling is never wracking.

This feeling I get, I am fairly used to it. Because I always feel like the middle guy or the neutral point of intersection. I guess, its because of my way of thinking, "To see all perspective". I believe that facts are the most a...

March 6, 2017

My Inner Hollow

As I closed my eyes,
I saw my hollow inside.
Who looked like and acted like me,
But he was no where near me.

With a evil laugh he said,
How long it took you partner.
To reach me,
To meet me.

Astonished I asked ," long enough "
But why do you exist,
For I sense only
bloodlust and hate from you.

His reply was with cold malevolence,
Is it my fault,
That your instinct for survival,
Has dulled so much.

Puzzled I asked
Instinct , survival
What are you taking about,
For I never thought of those ..

With a swift move he reached for my throat
Sharpen dagger up my neck  he said,
I guess this should make you remember
What your instincts yell about.

In a flash it came down on me,

March 4, 2017

The Creator's Will.

A fountain pen,
A diary full of blank pages
A mind full of imagination
And infinite amount of time.

Believe it you will make wonders,
Filled with inspiration and emotion.
That will give rise to a tidal wave in your heart,
Which will fill you up with something.

Something so pure and untouched,
Something so bloodied and agonising.
No matter what you write it won't be enough,
No matter what you draw it won't be perfect.

No language will be able to decipher it,
No painter can capture it.
For its more than happiness or sadness,
Or lfe or death , love or hate.

It's simply the creativity,
The power of imagination.
The strength to give transform your ...

October 7, 2016

All Alone...

I lay down the grass . With the nothingness shrouded as always. I reach out to the sky so as to grab the sun but I know it's just too far away. But the feeling still remains . To be with people but yet not to be. To walk past others as if my presence was nothing.  The amazing part is I used love it. To be shrouded with all of it for I thought it keeps me sane and let's me be objective about life , so that I don't need to dwell on the nightmares I usually have. .
But they say no matter how much you run they catch up to you. I let the vortex of emotion be locked and guarded by the gates of abyss that I created in my heart. I knew at some point of time when I open those gates th...

July 22, 2016

A little humdrum to all

A little hum drum here...
A little hum drum there...
A little humdrum somewhere..
With a hum drum walk.
You reach a hum drum place.
To all the little hum drum
That comes along the way.
Pick up pace and
Go south of the humdrum way....

June 14, 2016
Kolkata, India

The Land Where the Crimson Flows.

The barren land is chosen,
Warriors preparing themselves.
With swords being sheathed,
With rested bows and quiver filled arrows,
They all march to the gates of hell.

The memory of heaven remains,
The family of the warriors,
The smile of the child,
The touch of his wife,
The firmness of  her husband,
The cradled love of the mother,
The pat of hardened hand of the father.

All left back,
Back at the place called home.
For their other life calls them,
With brothers & sisters,
All in arms they go in,
For the day they have been trained.

To the awaited land,
Where the Valkyries await them,
Soaring above the high skies,
To be the witne...

April 18, 2016

The Young Paper Boat...

A paper let lying ,
Made into to a small boat.
The boat put on a stream,
The stream takes it forward.

Flowing it is forward,
To a new part of world.
Leaving the world it knew,
To the new world Unknown.

Witnesses it is those beautiful swans,
Soaring through the sky desending.
Then swimming with the boat,
Giving it company.

Those little school of fishes,
Looking at awe towards the boat.
Still learning to swim,
And playing all around.

Current becomes stronger,
Boats picks up speed.
As it flows faster,
The scenery changes too.

Then the realization  sets in,
The sky turning saffron.
As the sun takes his leave,
Setting in the west.

Paving way to darkness,
So the s...

March 14, 2016

Row your boat till you reach where you want.

Row your boat till where what you want.

Row your boat till yout hearts content.

Row your boat all the way.

March 12, 2016

The Ephemeral  Weather....

I resent the summer,
It hides the sweat of my hard work.

I miss the winter ,
It hides my shivering due to fear,

I revel in autumn ,
It gives me wind as my companion,

I love the rain ,
It hides me tears from everyone.

March 12, 2016

The Mask She Wore

She was someone,
She had dreams and ambition,
She wanted it all,
She needed it all,

But there's always a "But"

But in this journey,
She was asked to be someone else,
By her peers and superior,
Collegue and the work.

She reveled in her success,
The success which hers,
Because of the mask she wore,
The mask lie became her truth.

She pretended to be someone,
She was content ,
As she got what she wanted,
More and more she wore the mask.

But one day she met,
With a friend from the past,
She was happy to meet her,
But the friend was sad ,

On asking her the reason ,
For the sudden sadness,
The Friends just asked ,
"You are not the person ...

February 1, 2016

There was a child seeing the world and wanted it as he imagined.
But the ferry man always took him after a few hours of his sightseeing.
So the boy did not feel like leaving the dreamland today and was adamant about it.
The ferry man came and told the child,
The dream is over and you need to wake up ,
The boy not wanting to leave said he shall here live here forever,
The ferryman tried endlessly to no avail and could not make the boy understand...
So he took the boy to place where humans were blabbering, and then he took him place where people where happy and living peacefully.,
Seeing the boy puzzled the ferryman said" the first set of people only wanted to stay here forever while the othe...

January 29, 2016

Shall She be Mine ?

There was a boy who lived,
whose inside were never know

Smiled and cried , happy and sad ,
pride , arrogance, fun and fear all he had,

But never could he feel inside,
what his heart felt and yearned for long,

Dulled , he gave up his will,
And threw his hope trash in the can,

So he built many walls,
And warded his life to everyone,

Locked his heart and threw the key,
So no one could open those doors.

But then came along this maiden,
Queen of meadows, paradise and hearts,

Her presence shuddered him,
And his veil was seen through,

But so was the queen , hurt,
Wounded in her heart and scarred,

She wanted something to hold on,
to anchor h...

August 10, 2015

Ever had that feeling. You are sitting down on the stairs. There is this breeze flowing.The breeze turning into a strong wind and brushes against you face.
And that hit itself send you to a limbo of retrospection.
But suddenly it start to rains heavily. And at that moment we look up to the heavens and all the feeling of gratitude, peace,satisfaction churns insides you.
We don't want to move from that place but underneath that's moment peace we know it will end.And It does as the rays of sun penetrate through the dispersing sky.
And the moment itself is so perfect that you seal it in your heart , run your hand through your hair , get up ,look up for the last time and walk away.

August 6, 2015

I see a street light in the middle of a crossroad. The light is the most at the crossroad , spreading everywhere. I have chosen my path which I gotta follow. I may not know where it may lead but I know this much that it won't be easy following it but seems I gotta keep walking down that path , no matter how bad it may be ,no matter my legs bleed , no matter how grey many grey area it may lead me.
I know that's my path that I gotta follow. For it will lead me to my haven

August 4, 2015

We are made
of the same flesh and blood

and return back
to the same warm earth

When we come in this world
we are full of curiosity and doubts

for whats this world
and for what it is

But as we grow up
and mind our own

We are too confused
and don't have single clue

For some are great ,
prodigy and genius

But some are little,
simpleton and imbecile

But here are many liars
and walk the paths of hypocrisy

But still alive is the honesty among us
who walk the path of righteousness

Cause this world is an blazing inferno
burning everything and anything

and its upon us to
for which path shall we take

To walk the path of easy lies
do nothing be as naught

Or Shall we walk that hard rugg...

August 4, 2015

I am walking down
This lonely road

for the reasons I do it
Are my own

All I see is
the light ahead of me

calling and shouting
My name out

So I do
What I do

I run towards it
Without a single thought

My hair blowing wild
And blood coursing in my veins

The power gushing
Through my body

And the feeling
Of me being alive

As the light
Is within grasp

I lunge towards
Dive in it deep

For I knew
I was complete

The light there
it was me

Calling me towards itself
Freeing me from the shackles

Of both the extremities
That life binds us with

Balancing my positive and my negative
My dark and my light

And when I realise this
I wake up in my room

It was only just a dream....