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Raphna Main

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United States
United States
Reader. Daydreamer. Poetry lover. Tea lover. Peacemaker. Fascinated with languages. LOTR fan. Currently attempting to write poetry.
August 9, 2019

But I'm afraid, afraid I am
For who likes to plunge into the dark
And observe its crooked things
As a child I was afraid of the dark
Now I'm old, still I hold my childhood fears
I have not the adventurer's courage
To venture into dark and unknown places
From below I shall gaze onto the heights
But from the heights I shall not gaze down No, not to the hard lows below
It would give me such a scare
For, you see, I'm afraid of heights
I shall think upon my joy
But I will not voice my cutting sorrows
Things unsaid hurt much, much less
I will not look upon the heart
For it is a house of cruelty
Pain, oh cruel pain, it makes us grow
But ever since we were but babes
We knew to shrug away from pai...

August 8, 2019

The sun is a-shining
The bees are a-buzzing
The birds are a-trilling
And the calla lily smiling
The world is a-right
The world is a-bright
And the world is a-laughing
Skipping down the dirt road
Running down the dirt road
Whistling down the dirt road
My heart is a-gamboling
I wish a wish, I wish it so
I dream a dream, I dream it so
I sigh a sigh, I sigh it so
Upon a twisted dandelion
The breeze upon the mountain
Comes calling down my name
The sun above the clouds
Comes peeking down on me
The roses in the meadow
Are singing down my tune
All the world is light
All the world is gay
All the world is a-beaming
Hooray, hooray
For a mirthful summer day

June 17, 2019

Broken Angel

Once upon a lifetime
I had magnificent wings
I flew above the clouds
And I danced with the stars
In their journey of the night
But I was thrust down to earth
To the darkness of the earth
By soft lips and crooked words
Crinkling eyes and upturned noses
My wings were torn to shreds
Now all I have are still bleeding stumps
But now in this dark that is darker
Than the wing of the night’s raven
The predators are encircling me
They have forgotten my evolution
You see, eons ago I grew claws
As sharp as the hawk’s deadly talons
They think I’m weak, the stupid fools!
With a smirk I dare them forward
Oh approach, you deadly beings!
You creatures of the dying day
But beware, your ...

June 4, 2019

Who am I?

“Always be yourself,” they say
But what is myself?
Who am I?
What is me?
Am I glorious as the stars fair
Upon a clarion winter’s night?
Am I lonely as a kite, wind-tossed
On the wide plains of the sky?
Perhaps I am nameless as the wind
Whose beginning no one knows
And whose ending no one sees
Am I a brother’s sister dear?
And am I a sister’s confidant?
Mayhap I am a pitiful glob of mud
Deprived of shape and of desire
But who am I?
What is me?
How can I be when I know not how to be?
Am I ravening as the fuming sea?
And am I calm as the gentle rain?
Am I a mother’s treasured heart?
And am I a father’s laden soul?
Perhaps I am of dried cement
Formless, colorless, and unwieldy. ...

June 4, 2019

What Is Love?

There is an island they call Folly
‘Tis the country of the madman
‘Tis the court of the dunce
In this land of simpletons
In this carefully marshaled chaos
The streets are governed by the rejects
Ah, the fools!
They have abandoned each other
They have cast each other out
To catch the fever of the broken-hearted
In this beloved land of outcasts
One casted off by the other
In this great city of the brutes
One water droplet of love
Simply will not suffice
No, they must have it like an ocean
And it must be thick as congealed blood
But the detested madman, in his insanity,
Cried out, “what is love? What is Love?
People live and die for it.”

There is a high tower they call...

June 3, 2019


Be off with you, o wanderer!
Go trek the world,
Trot the globe
And bring me tales, if you can,
Tales of nations
Songs of souls,
Traipse the paths unknown, my love

Be off with you, o traveller!
Go walk the paths,
Tread the trails
And bring me back, if you can,
A wild flower,
A branch of gold,
Tramp the forest floors, my sweet

Be off with you, o wayfarer!
Go stroll the shores,
Follow the rivers
And bring me a glimpse, if you can,
Of smiling lips,
Of crying eyes,
Plod the secret roads, my dear

Come home to me, o little pilgrim!
The day is done
And night has come
At journey’s end, come if you can
For heavy hearts
And tired feet
Have need of rest and mother’s love