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|I am Thoughtfully Brilliant|Visually Transcended|While Bathed in Wisdoms| Authorβ€’Entrepreneurβ€’Realist ~Welcome to my World~
November 10, 2015

"Lost Bottled Message"

"Next to the biggest decision that could be made would be the beginning of a new day for all whom wish to make an infinite change. One day we will have to take a look back at all the things we did and didn't do. Remember there is always a choice. If for any reason you think that it would be better leaving your past with you in disguise you may continue with making the choice of accepting responsibility.

Never forget life can be just as swift as justice. Being honorable is not for yourself, but for mankind. Let's take a look back into what life use to be. Than we can began with where life is now. Hopefully by the time you get this message life will be what you wis...

September 21, 2015
Roanoke, United States


It latched on to the way i moved,  the way i talked, the way i cruised.  I knew nothing more would come of it,  but I had to try and style with pride just to get up on that ride.  

Even though I may have been bit,  I will forever remember the joy that the snake meant.  Trust the doubt and repair the cracks. This game will always be a tit for tat.  It shut me in and threw away the key.  I stayed hidden just to hope it would share it's venom.  Not to kill, but to give me a better ending then Netflix and Chill.  

See i dont think you get it.  The snake was so real I could have overdosed on many pills.  It drove me crazy, made me a little lazy.  Had me self hating then looking at the ...

September 7, 2015
Roanoke, United States

"Too Many Emotions... "
Never underestimate the laugh,  the silence,  the cry or the care.  Too many emotions is what he told me.  
Never underestimate the time,  the grind,  the chimes or the expressions followed with anger or another episode.  Too many emotions is what he told me.  

I blamed,  I even forgave.  The sins of my lies and all my underlying disguise ate away at me.  I played violins in my head just thinking about where those love pages went and why they left me astray..? Then I remember and let it linger the forever scent of my relationship being dismembered.  I didn't expect, but at the same time I didn't just let.  Let the good be good and the bad be bad.  I had to find more ...

October 10, 2015
Roanoke, United States

"Worth More than A Word"

Preparing for the inevitably of this long...

Road i will be taking possibly by myself with pain, hurt and...

Insecurities. Stepping into something I may never understand, but must try to...

Conquer the fear of never knowing my true value. The feelings are unbelievable, unbearable and uncomfortable I can't help but to feel the...

End is near.  Reaching inside to grab ahold of my heart. I just wish to know why I feel so...

Less than? Low and unloved? Where can one find some wisdom and strength to get through this struggle? This feeling of...

Everlasting bitterness and being lost? I must start here.  With my self worth first.  If i believe it I am half way ...

October 7, 2015
Roanoke, United States

I hope all will be intrigued and end when reading this with a known conscience that they have been introduced to Ree’.


      Initially there must have been several things that indulged and intrigued her.  Sometimes she would find all types of joy in writing, reading and entertaining. Other times she would love just as much to help, make others laugh and just getting to know people. When the sun screamed day and the moon embraced the night she would find calmness in her dreams which she laid to paper.  Loving to share the dreams with others she chose to write poems, short stories, music and more.

Traveling to many known places she has seen the world a far and closely. Places like New Orl...

September 27, 2015
Roanoke, United States

Without there is no problem.  
Could that be the problem and also the solution?
Leave it undone and find it unfinished.
Forget whose in charge and leave without winning.
Get to ahead of yourself you will need a new reason.

Let this be known I cannot convince you to stay where you are unwanted.  Nor can I convince you to go where you will not stay.  I have always thought of you as something different. NOT difficult,  but different.  You were proud,  goofy and loving. You grew with every lesson learned.  You took initiative and showed perseverance.  I cant be mad at you.  You are winner regardless how many times you went sinning downtown you still made time to give GOD the glory eve...

September 27, 2015

"Rotten to the Core"
I will try to make a choice for my sake... for our sake.  The words I am coming to lay to paper are hard, tough and emotional. It was a yesterday and in a moment I saw how much I was deemed low and less than.  I have always known that my Core was not worth a nickel to some,  but i always saved the hope that my value to those saw something more.  My feet are bruised, heart broken, head aching and spirit shakened.

When I saw that look, that piercing look deeply embedded in her eyes it reminded me of what i always knew.  She sees me as Rotten to the Core.  How can one look so loving and at the same be as Sharp as a blade when striking.  The heat from her heart is of a blu...

September 6, 2015
Roanoke, United States

"Me,  Myself and I"  
   Sometimes I find Myself yearning to be self evolved from my surroundings.  I wish to be more physically profound,  spiritually bonded and mentally catered.  I continue to learn I have only I and that does not give bliss or help my self evolution... Not when you are yearning for that hand given,  heart warmth and comfort.  

   What I don't know hurts more than what I do know.  You ever find yourself abusing your soul for problems you think will occur,  but have not,  but you know they will just because of past experiences in your life?... Well it's like that,  but I am the only one loudly and privately beating the hell out of me.  

   Its always a lesson learned when...

August 29, 2015
Roanoke, United States


First time i saw you i new this would be different.

Second time i saw you i knew i would be such an inspiration to you and you to me.

Third time i saw you i held your love, warmth and new life.

Fourth time i saw you i kissed your beauty, cradled your laughs and grew with every breath you took.

Fifth time i saw you i knew that i would be the best i could be for you, because i knew there would be no way i could be any thing other than the best to you.

Sixth time i saw you i screamed inside and cried tears of joy, because i was your auntie. You will grow to know me and learn from actions i display in front and around you. You will come to me for advice good or bad i s...

August 18, 2015
Roanoke, United States

"Love It"
No wonder people laugh,  smile and find It interesting to know.  They always seem to find ways of being around It. Never judging always embracing.  Embracing the difference, the new and the real.  Never felt more alone than when I saw those that Love It,  get love from It.  I've always seemed to be surrounded by a genuine feeling,  socially deprived,  but physically occupied.  

The day came and went. When i saw how being It gave one joy and an abundance of courage I knew I had to try and obtain It.  I heard rumors that when you land in that place you will fill your cup with an enormous amount of  time to last a lifetime.  I've always found myself pondering what that would be like ...

August 16, 2015
Roanoke, United States

        Fallen to such demise she climbs the walls of her own heart to find something worth loving.  Screaming to the sky all the pain within her that is deep with no solution to it's problems.  Her hair flows softly by the grace of the wind.  Her walk stands firm nothing to bend. Her form forever brave and bold. Her mind shattered to the broken of heart beats.  Her spirit shaded from the sun.  Her soul lost and untold of safe travel.  
         She cries eternally with no visual tears just the thought of ending her nightmare with her razor shears.  She slaps herself to check if this is real the pain forever her destiny if she can't deal. She craves affection, love and freedom. Sh...

August 15, 2015
Roanoke, United States

For once the imaginary world could be real for just one moment. In such a tilted and unbalanced realm how can we be safe,  genuine and loving? The dream of more is always shadowed by Peace.  To feel it is wonderful. To be it is Indescribable.  To know it is nothing short of beautiful.
Don't look for it in the brightest of places. Run to it in the light,  but search for it where there is none.  Try as hard as possible to know your thoughts good and bad deliver your worry to that land of peace.  When you seek know that you have to be willing to sacrifice what was known before with what you will learn on this journey.  The peace you knew was and is Temporarily filled.
Filled with a b...

August 12, 2015
AlcorcΓ³n, Spain

Dear Ree,

I just want to say you are a writer that rocks!

So very glad you are here.

Welcome again to lettrs.

Our new app will awaken what's next.

August 9, 2015
Roanoke, United States

"Soul of Love"
Start at the end and lead me back to when the times were sunshine and the days didn't end with rain.  Tell me about your love,  amazing Grace and blessings.  Lead me to a solid foundation unlike nothing ever built.  I hear the whisper it's Loud and yet sometimes in the distance it sounds faint.  I hear the words I used before the pain became me.
I heard my story with no end just a continue of beginnings.  I wonder where that life went. I ask what happened? I scream why did it happen?  Then I remember It happened.  My heart was pure in another life. My bruises were markers,  not permanent. My headaches were just from brain freeze,  nothing a little less of ice cream couldn't ...

August 8, 2015
Roanoke, United States

It was temporary... the feelings.
It was outstanding... the feelings.
It was everything and more... The feelings.
I never knew I could be better or worse than before. The Feelings.

It was young,  soulful and strong.  The Feelings.
It kept getting Sexier,  romantic and demanding.  The feelings.
It gave notice,  took charge and had no boss.  The Feelings.  
I gave my soul to it's cause... You know. The feelings.

It didn't take up arms at first... The feelings.
It didn't get bad than worse... The feelings.
It did give short than long pauses... The feelings.
It stood up,  but didn't let me sit down... The feelings.
It raised my blood pressure,  gave me chills and saw me dwell.  The fe...

August 2, 2015
Roanoke, United States

"It hurts to the core of my being.  The pain I feel lingers without an inch of remorse.  I gave into a lie I wanted to believe was a dream.  I led myself astray instead of being what I mean.  The laughter,  the joy and the happiness must have been just a figment. Must have been high or was i just feeling so high my bliss was a dream so beautiful I touched the serene horizon of the blue sky.  I don't know.  I just don't know how to imagine a world where I am without that feeling.  Without that emotion.  That  care,  love and friendship.  I wish i could say that this would be an easy ride.  I wish i could say my laughter will consume the darkness that dwells within my eyes.  I wish the time did...

April 30, 2015
Roanoke, United States

Start the journey I will forever be changed.
Tell me of the days we knew it would come to this.
Staring deep I see all of how in seconds how bad it went.  
Nothing short of anger,  pain and hatred took us by storm.
The world watching what we have to endure.  
The sleepless nights of heat in the night.  Fire burning,  places shaken,  faiths lost all by a mi-step-taken.
I have no answers,  no deliverance for thee.
If i told you exactly how i feel.  You may end up hating thee.  
Don't let me confuse you i stand, I pray,  I feel the flame.
I may be absent of the loss of how they feel,  but i know of the loss that ended with a kill.  
Death,  change,  beginning... refrain from the ...

April 30, 2015
Roanoke, United States

I loved you.  From within,  from all sides,  from my heart so bad it took over my whole spine.  I loved you. Truly,  unconditionally,  realistically never a moment I forgot,  never a time where my clocked stop.  My heart flowed with you,  glowed with you,  it got warm with you.  I loved you to the end of the earth and back.  I loved your voice,  your words,  your flaws,  your laughter,  your logic to life,  your Ambition,  your rude,  your love,  your care,  your desire for me.  I loved you cold,  warm or hot I loved you.  We had ups we definitely had our downs, but your love showed,  my love showed.  No matter how many times I said I love you it always felt just as strong,  just as beautiful...

January 22, 2015
Roanoke, United States

First I thought maybe I was imaging the ways I feel.  It's sad to say i don't trust you and it's your own fault.  I've tried to look at the points where I am telling myself HE would never be like them.  The  I find myself sitting in a dark space asking myself so what are all these signs you see before you?  I think I just wanted something other than the fact of knowing the realest things to the universe is... we Breathe,  our hearts beat, we live,  we die.  So when I think of love and all these so beautiful,  warm feelings I have to remember love is longer than the Mississippi and wider than the world.  It has no owner,  now responsibility no right or wrong.  Love is what you make it.  Just b...

December 9, 2014
Roanoke, United States

I feel really blank, but filled in some weird i am content, but not truly happy sort of way. Not sure how to explain something like that. Guess my feelings have made me unsure of myself once again. Leaving me utterly and seriously confused on how this is possible. A new year is soon to come and i am not sure if i am ready to face the changes i have not yet made, that i wished i had. The fail of a lifetime is knowing you could have changed a course, but did not put enough effort to make that change permanent.  #thoughts of a girl who exists, but isn't truly living. πŸ˜‘

November 5, 2014
Roanoke, United States

What is feelings in a jar to emotions on the wall? Baring it, is not always black and white. How do we do it...

November 5, 2014
Roanoke, United States

I'm letting it go...

September 26, 2014
Roanoke, United States

How will this conversation go?...Will i leave him? Him leave me? We progress? We argue? I cry? He cry? Us Becomes I?... That is the puzzling, mind shattering, heart tightening thought at this moment.

September 11, 2014
Roanoke, United States

I may Feel Different...

The moment i realize i may be hurting myself mentally i will forever be a different woman within myself mentally. I try so hard not to cry i stun myself when i don't, but yet feel like i've failed. I may feel like the world is spinning out of control, but in all its my own life. I am confused i am lost i am finding myself. But if i can make a change maybe i will feel different. Maybe...

September 10, 2014
Roanoke, United States

From the life of my ancestors gave me heritage and existence . Filled me with history and purpose. Made me see the meaning of this i call African Love. #KnowYourHistory #WeAllWereInAnotherLifeSomwhere

September 8, 2014
Roanoke, United States

Rain (tears)
Man Made
#Whats Are The Words That Come Across Your Mind When Thinking Of Life Or Your Life Today?

September 7, 2014
Roanoke, United States

I don't know what I Believe anymore....

September 7, 2014
Roanoke, United States

I feel sinful, fearful, damaged intwined with defeat and being confused.  I hate thinking that i have done what i was suppose to, but feeling like a sucker and a moron, cheated afterwards. I say this if the love or effort or any of it was real i should not feel like it wasn't or isn't. Hate the pressure, the less than feel, the your good, but not enough feel. The we understand, but still feel. The you will never rise, but you can get a little height feel. Just let it all go if you do not support, just stop talking if you don't want to be heard or talk to, just leave me be if you wish you'd never met me. I hurt, i battle, i struggle, i love and i cry. What makes your feelings trials, obstacles...

September 6, 2014
Roanoke, United States

Run as fast as you can, things will get worse. Hide as deep as you can because you will only get stuck. Lie to yourself if you need the clarity, but the peace will not become clear if even it will appear. Try! It will only bring pain to the fact your efforts were not as effective as you thought. Position yourself for a higher elevation with a gun, will only have you shot off the throne. Face it you will not get the best that this world has to offer. You will reap you will suffer. Not because of your ideals, not because of your beliefs, not because of your color. But because you were never listening, never paying attention, understanding, caring but everything cloned. #MustLeaDResponsibly#Ever...