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United States
United States
I'm Richelle I'm taken by the best❤️ I love tattoos
October 24, 2016

I am invincible or so I thought..
Nothing I do can ever hurt me.
Nothing I do will take my life, therefore I am invincible am I not?
I stand corrected for I am not invincible but just an ordinary person who can be hurt who can be lost and who can lose there life.
I had lost my life in every aspect you can. But yet I stand corrected again, I am nothing of the ordinary. I'm am extraordinary. And I have found myself once again. I found myself and my purpose and for that I think I may not be invincible but anything is possible because even the word says "I'm possible".

June 23, 2016

I see this beautiful girl with a heart of gold
I look into her eyes I see something so much more bold
That he hurt her so bad but you cant see the scars
They are deeper within the surface
In her mind and in her heart.
He tore this gorgeous girl apart.
I wish she could see herself through my eyes
Because there is no doubt in my mind
That she is perfect in every single way
Her body heart and even her mind.
She writes such beautiful things.
That leave you speechless
And I can't even tell you how happy it makes me,
That when our eyes meet those almond brown eyes sparkle
And her nose does a little twitch
And my favorite part is when her lips come up and she has a smile from ear to ear.