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Rishabh Kakkar

PO# 602635
24 | New Delhi | Obsessed with unhappy endings.
September 9, 2017
Delhi, India

*Lonely Tonight*

It's a cold winter night,
In the month of December.
It's been such a great day!
One that I'll always remember.

It was a brilliant movie,
Followed by a lovely dinner.
And the long walk to your place,
It was surely the winner.

The nights are longer now,
Love is in the air.
I am by your side,
And will always be there.
You wrap your arms around me,
And then kiss me good night.
But I'll come running,
If you get lonely tonight.

I hope you'll miss me,
Oh I'm certain you will.
The warmth of my body,
In the winter's chill.
And if you feel weary,
I'll come to make you alright.
Just give me a call,
If you get lonely tonight.

The stars will shine,
Like they always do.
But not half ...

May 25, 2017
Delhi, India


You're too far to touch,
Yet I feel you, somehow.
A thousand miles separate us,
But I'm dying to see you right now.

I love you, more than I can put in words,
And I'm lucky, you love me too.
Though I see you once in a hundred
I want to spend my life with you.

This distance, it kills me,
But it also reminds me.
Through grief, through happiness,
Your love always finds me.

You're like my guardian angel,
Protecting me from all harms.
There's no place I'd rather be,
When you take me in your arms.

Our bodies might be distant,
But our souls are still together,
There is no war, we cannot win,
No storm we cannot weather.

A feeling I know too little,
But miss too much.
The most b...

May 22, 2017
Delhi, India

*Help Me Get Over You*

I'm sipping my coffee,
Alone, at this table for two.
At the same old café,
Where I used to come with you.

They still serve the same coffee,
But it doesn't quite taste the same.
It somehow tasted better,
Everytime that you came.

I keep looking for you,
But I don't wanna find you.
Cause I know you've forgotten me,
And I don't wanna remind you.

When you need a hand to hold,
I'll always be behind you.
And you're just so perfect,
That's how God designed you.

But there's a price I have to pay,
And the payment is overdue.
Won't you help me, baby?
Won't you help me get over you.

My life is a mess,
I am lost without you,
I don't care about the world,
I only think about you...

March 13, 2017
Delhi, India

*If You Don't Love Me*

So what if you don't love me?
Your smile will still send chills down my skin.
The joy of losing to you, might not be the same.
But regardless of that, I'd still let you win.

It will not change how I feel when you touch me,
Or how I crave to listen to your voice.
It will not replace you, with someone else in my dreams,
Neither would it make me regret my choice.

So what, if you don't love me?
It does not change how I feel about you.
All those songs that I'd written in your praise,
Would still be beautiful, even if I'm without you.

So what, if you don't love me, my love?
The stars will not shine any less bright.
So what if I could not tame a bird?
I can still watch her...

February 25, 2017
Delhi, India

Not sure if God can grant immortality, but a writer can.

February 19, 2017
Delhi, India

"So, do you hate me?" I giggled as I asked my ex girlfriend the rather weird question.

"You are hard to hate", she replied as she took another sip of the coffee without looking at me.

"Much harder to love?", I asked as I stared into her deep blue eyes.

*Unending Silence ensues*

February 16, 2017
Delhi, India

Dear Readers,

I joined Lettrs with the intention of sharing my writings much like the rest of you. I had started writing about 7 years ago but I have never really maintained a blog, or even told people that I write. All of my work was maintained in a diary which I only allowed a select few to go through (which I eventually lost).

I am a very different person from what I might appear to be from my writings, so people never took me very seriously as a writer. Apparently a writer has to be an introvert, has to be a student of literature and an avid reader of novels. I'm a people's person, very optimistic and focussed towards my career. However, no matter how hard I try to hide it, I'm very emo...

Drew Bartkiewicz
February 14, 2017
Delhi, India

*Crisis of Faith*

The Lord always answers,
Sinners and saints pray alike.
The Lord is kind, the Lord is forgiving.
They haven't seen the good Lord strike.

He only answers,
The pure of heart I hear.
My heart that broke was pure,
But does he even care?

It was shattered to pieces,
And he only watched it break.
My love was unconditional.
My soul wasn't her's to take.

Tell me Lord, oh tell me now.
Would you give me another heart?
The one that's beating in my chest,
Has been broken, shattered, torn apart.

It's a wild beast, in a cage of ribs,
All it wants is love for love.
Do you even judge what's right or wrong?
Or just watch from up above.

Why can't I be loved for loving?
Is it too much t...

February 10, 2017

I told her I'd fill her life with colours.

Turns out she didn't like black.

February 6, 2017

*The Affair*

Each night I spend with her,
I wake up with regret.
Yet each night is a night,
That I just can't forget.

She kisses me like she owns me,
Yet she belongs to someone else.
I want to leave, but end up staying,
I wonder how she casts such spells.

She keeps quiet while her eyes do the talking,
As she bites her lips and twirls her hair.
I don't need her, but I want her.
No wonder I'm having an affair.

We don't talk about things that bother us,
The only intimacy is between the sheets.
We don't care and we don't question,
We just enjoy these little retreats.

Yet how long can it last?
She does belong to another man.
Yet she comes to me, because I give her..
All the things he never ca...

January 6, 2017
Delhi, India

Dear Lettrists,

This is sort of an icebreaker, to connect with more people here on Lettrs. It is said that someone's choice in music tells you a lot about them. Here I'm sharing with you 3 of my favourite songs. I hope you like them. Also, I request you to share 3 of your favourite songs in the comments section below!

Let's bond over music!

1. Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me
2. Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting
3. Guns 'n Roses - November Rain

Hoping to hear from you.


January 3, 2017

*Moving On*

I've been in love before,
And I bet I'll be in love again.
Atleast that's what I say to myself,
But it's mostly in vain.

Well when I'm with my friends,
I'm usually like I was before.
But when I'm alone there's a void,
That I just can't ignore.

Now you are gone,
And I may not respect it.
But I need to get over it,
And I have to accept it.

I have to look at your picture, before going to bed.
Play all the memories, inside my head.
Think of all the words, that you once said.
And then I wanna cry, but I smile instead.
And when you ask me how, I've been since you've gone?
I say I guess I'm moving on.

Half of my heart broke,
when our love came to an end.
The other half broke,
When y...

December 22, 2016

This is the very first poem I ever wrote. I was in ninth grade, 14 years old and had been given the task of writing a romantic poem as an assignment. It is a sonnet.

*That Strange Night*

I saw a girl walking on the street last night,
Her eyes were blue, her face was bright.
She looked at me, I looked at her.
The thought never crossed my mind, that she was a stranger.
I saw her till she disappeared round a bend,
I just hoped, may this road never end.
I saw her sitting on a bench, with her tears running dry.
I tried to go and help her, but couldn't even try.
Then she went to a lonely place, she jumped off a hill.
I was completely shocked, I stood still.
And as she died,
I felt low, I cried....

December 22, 2016
Delhi, India

*The Broken Bridge*

It was a long night in the month of June,
I could barely see your face, under the moon.
You were dressed in black, you wore a smile.
I was alone, so you walked along for a while.

You had a charm, or maybe I was just lonely?
But then I wonder, why was it you only?
You turned to me, and asked after a twitch,
If I'd come with you, to the broken bridge.

You held my hand, and I ran away with you.
To where, for how long, I had no clue.
And through the meadows, the river and the ridge.
At dusk we reached the broken bridge.

You kissed my cheek and it felt so nice.
Were you even real? I pinched myself twice.
And beyond the meadows, the river and the ridge.
We fell in love on t...

December 18, 2016
Delhi, India

*The Pain Seller (Improvised)*

I lied there across the street,
With nothing with me but a page.
A song of sorrow written over it,
Not of grief, but that of rage.

An old man passing by,
Saw the page in my hand.
It wasn't the man he could see,
But his heart that he could understand.

You're a sad failed lover said he,
Why this feeling you're inhibiting?
When you could be the pain seller,
And sell pain for a living.

Write more songs he said,
Sing them to make the world cry.
Remind them of the love they've lost,
And all the time that's gone by.

And I tell you oh friend,
To cry they'd be more than willing.
You could be the pain seller,
And sell pain for a living.

It was my first stage show,

December 18, 2016
Delhi, India

*Ode to Amber*

My lovely, my dearest, my loyal friend.
Our bond has a beginning, it has no end.
On me you can fall back, on you I can depend.
You're coffee, I'm sugar, we're a perfect blend.

Sometimes I'm hopeful, at times in despair.
Through the good and the bad, you're always there.
You guide my path, with your mystic flare.
I whisper your name in my morning prayer.

When I'm too busy fighting, the demons inside me.
They weaken me, destroy me and they divide me.
But you like the North Star, are always there to guide me.
I am blessed, I am lucky, I have you beside me.

I might not always know what is right for you.
But if things go wrong, I will fight for you.
When you can't sleep, I'll st...

December 13, 2016

*The Last Letter*

One last letter, to you my love.
One last attempt, to describe your
beauty in words.
Trying to tell you what you are to me,
Is like telling what sky is to the birds.

One last letter, to thank you my love.
To tell you, that you are the very best.
And that of all my victories.
Winning your love is the greatest.

You were beautiful when you loved me.
You are still beautiful, now that you don't.
And I know I said it so often,
But you should know that now I won't.

Some were good, and some were bad.
But most were great, memories with you.
And although I know, it matters little now.
But you should know, I still love you.

You are both the cause and cure for my ache,
This ache i...

December 7, 2016
Delhi, India

It would be heartless to say, it didn't affect me to see you go.

And mindless to say, I wanted you to stay.

December 11, 2016
Delhi, India

*Break A Heart*

You said you had to go,
That it was necessary.
It was freedom to you,
And for me endless misery.

But who was I to stop you,
The words were already said.
You were happy, I was lost,
But our love was dead.

I wish I had known this from the start.
Then you wouldn't tear my soul apart.
I wish I could play these games you play,
I wish I could break a heart.

I wish you could feel the pain,
But these cries, they're all in vain.
As I watch my soul depart,
I wish I could break a heart.

You wanna go that's fine,
It's your decision and not mine.
But don't ask me to be your friend,
Please don't draw that line.

I can't see you be with someone else.
My heart is big, but now it's bro...

November 14, 2016

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" the interviewer asked the five year old.

He scratched his head, thought for a while.

"I want to be a good man" he replied with a smile.

Happy Children's Day! :)

November 14, 2016

I looked out of the windows helplessly, everytime the train passed her station.

I know she isn't there anymore, but my eyes can't stop looking for her.

November 11, 2016

*When You Hear My Song*

I drowned in the ocean,
As you flew to the skies.
It's been a long while,
Since we said goodbyes.

Hearts shattered like glass,
Tears fell like rain.
We promised to never ever,
See each other again.

I didn't try to stop you,
As I watched you go.
After all this time,
I just wanna know.

Does it make you feel weak?
Or does it make you feel strong?
Do you finally hear,
Words I couldn't say for so long?
Do you ask yourself,
If with me you belong?
Tell me how do you feel,
When you hear my song?

I hope to never see you,
Yet I search for your face.
Everywhere I go,
And in every place.

I try to convince myself,
To leave you behind.
Yet on every page of the book,
It is only...

November 7, 2016
New Delhi, India

*The Lady in Blue*

I took the seventh shot,
Or was it seventeenth?
I asked the bartender,
Who had no clue.

My vision was hazy,
My intentions crazy.
I went to the dancefloor,
Where I met the lady in blue.

She danced like fire,
Like a burning desire.
I'm not sure if she was real,
She was too good to be true.

We shared a glance,
I too wanted to dance.
Not really, but with her.
I really wanted to.

As she moved she smiled,
She wanted something wild.
I could tell when she kissed me.
A time or two.

Though I was wasted,
I'd leave no kiss untasted.
Tonight that I was
With the lady in blue.

I barely remember,
That night in December.
Not her face, not her eyes.
Just her dress which was blue.


November 3, 2016
New Delhi, India

*Someone Else*

I haven't seen you,
It has been a while.
And God  I swear,
I so miss your smile.

The smile that did magic,
That kissed away my pain.
The smile that I loved so much,
And I'll never see again.

Because you need me no more,
Now you're fine without me.
I'll think of you everyday,
But you won't think about me.

And there I once was,
I used to ring your door bell.
The bell still rings,
But now there's someone else.

There's someone else you wish good night,
Someone else who sets you right.
Someone else's dream you carry to bed.
Someone else to dry your eyes,
Someone else who'd sacrifice.
Someone else saying words that I once said.
Someone else to light up your face,
Someone else to...

November 2, 2016
New Delhi, India

*The Man That I Was*

He was a dreamer, an artist.
And he sold you a dream.
He makes you believe in it,
Though it is not what it seems.

And you fell for him,
This man without a cause.
As you began to love,
The man that I was.

I was sure I'll make it,
That my dreams would come true someday.
I'd lose faith in myself at times,
But your faith never seemed to fade away.

And we both would be strong,
Still hopeful because,
You still selflessly loved,
The man that I was.

I tried so hard to be someone,
But nothing seemed to come my way.
But you were sure I'd make it,
Maybe it just wasn't my day.

As I questioned my own beliefs,
You still smiled, never taking a pause.
And I knew you still loved,

November 1, 2016
New Delhi, India

The Bhai Dooj Special! For my lovely sister Richa :)

*Queen of My Life*

You are not just my sister,
You're my very first friend.
My tears you would weep,
My wounds you would mend.

No matter what I say,
Or how many times we fight.
It was only your shoulder,
I could cry on through the night.

Even when I'd doubt myself,
You'd always believe me.
Everyone would turn their backs,
But you would never leave me.

When I was falling down,
You always held my hand.
I just couldn't explain,
But you could always understand.

Tomorrow I might get a princess,
Who would become my wife.
But you are, and always will be,
The Queen of my Life.

Endless Love,

November 1, 2016
New Delhi, India

*Now That You're Not Here*

All I did was to love you.
Never did I let you down.
I saw my world within you,
I saw you all around.

And now I'm without you.
You're not with me anymore.
And we'll be fine soon,
I'm not, but you're sure.

I watched the roses die.
A star fell from the sky.
Hit me in the heart,
And it tore me apart.

I saw the love we share,
Slowly disappear.
Did I ever tell you,
Losing you is my only fear?
I'm trying not to cry,
But I can't stop these tears.
But it matters little to you,
Now that you're not here.

You were my beloved,
Baby you still are.
You lie so close to me,
And yet you're so far.

You were my only drug,
I was so hooked to you.
I could listen to you all day,

October 31, 2016
New Delhi, India

*Will You Be My Valentine?*

I thought I'd say I love you,
But then there's nothing new in it.
So I decided to write you a song,
And you know just why I'm doing it.

It's the fourteenth of February.
Yes it's Valentine's Day.
And I know that now's the right time,
For me to say.

Baby I've been trying hard
Just to make you mine.
And the way that I'm feeling,
I just can't define.
I tried to stop my heart,
But it took no time
To ask you darling,
Will you be my Valentine?

I know you probably,
Won't be saying yes.
But just know baby,
You're the very best.

When I see your face,
My heart skips a beat or two,
I cannot imagine,
My life without you.

And when you smile,
I just go blind.
You have a pla...

October 29, 2016
New Delhi, India

*Won't You Stay With Me?*

It's a long, long walk back home.
Longer because now I walk alone.
I don't have you beside me, to hold my hand.
The warmest feeling I had ever known.

I know my pain was all, I could see.
But I always needed you next to me.
I know it matters little now.
But know that I loved you unconditionally.

I'm sorry that we drifted away.
I'm sorry there were so many words I could not say.
I'm sorry that it had to end this way.
But won't you stay with me?

Tell me will it, or it won't end?
How long do we have to pretend?
I can lose a lover, I can't lose my friend.
Won't you stay with me?

I'll still share my secret, and keep yours.
We'll still be good, of that I'm sure.

October 28, 2016
New Delhi, India

*The Pain Seller*

I lied there across the street,
Had nothing with me but a page.
A song of sorrow written over it,
Not of grief, but that of rage.

An old man passing by,
Saw the page in my hand.
It wasn't the man he could see,
But his heart that he could understand.

You're a sad, failed lover said he,
Why this feeling you're inhibiting?
When you could be the pain seller,
And sell pain for a living.

Write more songs he said,
Sing them to make the world cry.
Remind them of the love they've lost,
And all the time that's gone by.

And I tell you, oh friend
To cry they'd be more than willing.
You could be the pain seller,
And sell pain for a living.

It was my first stage show.
About a fifty ...