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✒️Rita Torres📜

PO# 112960
Puerto Rico (US)
Puerto Rico (US)
mother of two boys... strong past with a bright future!
January 26, 2018
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Muddy is my body

Struggled too long in quicksand

And I knew

I know.

I've met my fate

Naked, standing,

There was no eyes,

A deep darkness.

Only I saw light...

He was beautiful

Full of compassion

Took a step forward

Quickly now sinking

Fate was there

Never leaving me alone

Grabbed me with both hands on my cheeks

And gave me peace

The peace I've always longed for...

April 12, 2017
San Juan, Puerto Rico


A little girl, fragile
Big eyes and long lashes
Lips full of expression
Long charcoal hair
Young Hope

A little girl,  sinking
Decaying hands touch her
Poison smoking at her ear
Her eyes show no life
But she screamed...

A little girl, fearful
Paraziled by memories
Through her eyes you can read her story Her stare showed no trust
Infancy, fading, only a blur

A little girl, alone
Mommy why does the old man touch me
Mommy replies that is her fault
She submerges in herself
Little girl trust no more

March 13, 2017

The Philosopher

I live in the forever now,
Re-living every moment for eternity.
Time traveling...
Tangled in a web of strings,
That tighten around my mind.
The brain emitting numbers
Reviewing scenes of history
And history that have yet not happened...
The book tells me that I was you once, as I am now.
That you are me, somewhere in time.
I have lived in every body
I'd connected every soul
One time and again meeting my soul mate at the same time my soul was forged in two.
I am the first matter that doesn't get destroyed.
I am the words you read and the ones that yet you havent.
I am the religion, the belief, the paper and the ink.
I have not yet happened
I am living in eternity...

March 13, 2017
San Juan, Puerto Rico


I'm half awake
I'm half asleep
Bloom to soon
Perpetual doom
Claim to dream
Plead to breathe
My soul is at stake
Love, please say my name...

March 13, 2017


                             Rock bottom
                    Became a solid foundation
                         On which I rebuilt
                                My life...

March 13, 2017


I pray every night for her
That may God keep her blessed
For much she went through
No knifes shall cut her again
No more blood
No more games
Safe shall she remain
No more abuse
No more bruise
She shall become whole
No girl shall suffer
Tho, only for her I worry
To her I say:
"No tears my lovely
I am here
No harm will reach you"
I know she questions
But how shall she not?
Horrible was her life
No more...
All shall be forgotten
Happiness awaits her
And little by little
I shall heal her
And make her arms
Open once again

March 13, 2017
Carolina, Puerto Rico

Let there be an Echo

A gateway to my drug
Flush away by blood
From vains of faces

The sweet touch of breath
Be a delicate touch for my chest

They hear the claims
To open up the gates
Yet, one time again
To reveal the first rays
Of new born days

Waves silence words
Far away there may be an echo
To sumerge and wet my face
And encounter brilliance under water
I ask the tide to behave

But when the rush comes
And comes, and comes, and comes...
The guard stands aside,
Leaves the gate
Gives way to feal it once again
Let there be an echo...

March 4, 2017

And you my Creator

Paint me,
Let me be your drawing
Leave meaning in my lines
As your tools give shape to my body.

Concentrate and dominate me
As in time you master me.

Be my easel
My pilar and spine
Steady me, serene me.

Breathe in me with colors
Give me shades of life
As I am your masterpiece
And you my creator.

And if a mistake is what you make
Please,  don't give up.
Know that options exist
Know that there are ways to erase them...

Let no muse leave
Have them all give their own personal gift
To put upon my portrait
And bloom my soul.

Have them be reflected in my eyes
So, for every time
You look at this painting
See in my eyes
All the reasons
Why you began.

August 17, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I love, I love
In love I fall in love
Despite all that is broken
I love whole
I love deep and i sink with it
I love enough to know that I know I will die feeling it
Never the less being able to give it
Haunted by the though of never receiving it
Mercy I beg to be upon the curse of fearing it
The love
Taunted to witness it
Knowing that I laid on its bed truly conceiving it
On knees praying to wake up with it
But never knowing that in the next suddenly they killed you,
left you naked on the floor,
no mercy,
no payer,
no dignity
Just engaged you to go running having strip you from ever felling it

August 2, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jane Doe

I sleep on the floor of the living room, no longer can I sleep on our bedroom.

Seems like a mistake, what you did, I'm always misplaced. You left to leave me on my death bed.

My head displaced and with emptiness, can't wrap my head around it. Fallen in the precipice slowly drowning. Thinking how everything suddenly changed.

You left, you left and took a grand part of me, now I look in the mirror and I no longer recognize what I see. Is like if I was in this crash and my face got all hurt that they had to perform surgery and like a God, put a new face on me and so now I can't recognize what I see.

You took advantage of me, little by little in time destroying me , all the w...

Recovery Through Words
July 23, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico


I live without living in me,
And so high life I wait for,
That I die because I don't die.

I live outside of me,
After I die of love;
Because I live in the darkness
That wanted me for him;
When my heart I gave
Put in him this sign:
"That I die because if don't due".

This divine prison
Of the love that I live with
Had made shadows my bars
And my heart free;
And the cause of such passion.
See my soul a prisoner,
That I die because I don't die.

July 23, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

After a while
You learn the subtle difference
Between holding a hand
And chaining a soul,

And you learn
That love doesn't mean leaning
And company doesn't mean security,

And you begin to learn
That kisses aren't contracts
And present aren't promises,
And you begin to accept your defects

With your head up
And your eyes open
With the grace of an adult
Not the grief of a child

And you learn
To build all your roads on today
Because tomorrows grounds
Are too uncertain for plants

After a while
You learn
That even sunshine hurts if you get too much

So plant your own garden
And decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone
Tu bring you flowers

And you learn
That you reall...

July 23, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico


My love for you
Shows like
The moon itself
Glows high
In the nights black sky

My animated eyes
Shaped as black hearts
Shows my true love for you
Because you are my hearts true desire
My tyre love

Seems so hard and painful
To love you
Scared that someday
You would leave me black sided
Then my heart will shatter
Into a million pieces

July 22, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico


Midnight mood
Looking at the sky
Is see moon, bold and white
I see the stars, a perspective demise
Shining above me
So beautiful and so bright

Right, If life was like that
So beautiful and so bright
Everything would be in a clearer mind
And I wouldn't be in this mood tonight

Sitting in a corner
Alone with wonders
Thinking about hells thunders

July 22, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking at the eyes
that illuminates your sky
Smelling the perfume
that brights up your mood
Tasting the flavor
that sweetens your soul
Hearing the melodies
that the beat of your heart makes

Don't cry
bringing rivers from your eyes
Don't breathe
the irony of your years
Don't waste
the flavors of the fest
Don't cover
your ears to the joy of laughter

Don't stay put
To the eyes that look at you
Don't stay put
While the wind blows
Don't stay put
When lips you want to touch
Don't stay put
When songs are made for you

July 20, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Your eyes are shade of ashes
Of what you used to be
Fear and insecureness
Shows through your being

You are so scared to act
Seeming so pitiful
And such a clean target

You look for the one person who is alone
And desperate to fill her with your venom of poisonous lies

Such a shame of what you could've been
And such a waste of a meaningful shell

You make your own defects

July 20, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I want to die when the night frizzles
In the mighty sea and facing heaven
Where joy will look like a dream
And the soul, a bird that remotes the flight.

Not hearing in the last instants
Already with God and alone with the sea
More voices the prayers hear
That the godlike sound of the waves

Die when the light goes,
And it's death of red waves,
And be like that moon that slowly expires.

Something so bright
That gets destroyed
And time would debate the gentle crown,
When just life says
"I'm yours".

Even knowing that
It would always betray us.

July 20, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

When I go
I don't want to be a statue
The a frame, nor a sadness

Only is the rug a curtain
The, the brightness surround you
As I shut my eyes and go to sleep

And when in rest
I would like to transform into a lantern,
And be useful when you don't see well.

That and only sleeping on your chest
And waking up loving you

I would like to be the rain in your life
Or you my rain
Or I your sea
And you my ship,
Or the other way around

To play, and be always a child
That in love I grow

I would like to be everything that I am
And even without hope.

July 9, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Una esencia de viajera
Que no se calma ni con cadenas
Esa libertad no tan ajena
Que baila la bomba descalza en la arena

Mi sonrisa sólo mía
No tiene nombre ni estampida
Es más llevadera no lleva espinas
Brillante y sin medida

Que mas quisiera
Esta no más prisionera
Que navegar a mar abierto
No sólo sentada en caderas

Oh, como me llevaba la marea
Nadando entre tantas tinieblas
Atravesando tantas barreras
Pero esta estrella tan inquieta
Ya tan libre sorprende a cualquiera

Mi nombre es Rita
Mujer que goza, extrovertida
Soy mujer libre mujer que lucha
Alfin puedo decir aquí con las Musas
"Rita no más prisionera, ya no nada más entre tinieblas"

July 8, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Existence existence
My existence is an insult for your peace sake?
Incredible is your logistic
Your minimum mind is a mistake

You take for granted my instinct
An insult for your own coexistence
Your love life is a shit place
Please tell me what's the new lie your fixing?

I'm Increasing
Your IQ is decreasing
Mean while I'm persevering
Does that fuck up your living existence?

Do you block me cause your fearing?
You seem terrified, your bullshitting
Inadequate misbehavior is your logistic
Is seeing my face malform your decision?

A day before leaving, saying how much you loved me
Days later you didn't want to receive me
A year just passed, your engaged
Quite fast, I bet you still can't ...

June 5, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico


Te veo, no te veo, te siento.
El deseo, esencia de tu cuerpo...
Va en aumento mientras pasa el tiempo.
Anhelo, dulce recuerdo.
Placentero tu aliento tan cerca de mi cuello.
Ven adentro, así como en los viejos tiempos.

Hasta el ciego queda perplejo,
Ante tan profunda mirada,
Reflejas el mismo cielo.

Siento miedo, recuerdos a lo lejos
Asiento mi deseo a mar abierto
Acostemos nuestros cuerpos en la arena
Dime tu sentir
Hazte sentir...

June 5, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mis senos quedan tiesos
Tu boca se asienta en su centro
Revolcando tus labios
Lamiendo el dulce caramelo.

Me coges por el pelo
Tomas tu dulce tiempo
Cercanía, algo para pelos
Dejame respirar tu aliento.

Ojos llenos de fuego
En camino al mismo infierno
Dejame consumir mi esencia
En la profundidad de tus universos.

Girar junto a tus galaxias
Probando lo prohibido
Siendo parte de un viaje
Lanzándonos como un meteorito a lo infinito.

May 17, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cultivo una Rosa Blanca

Cultivo una rosa blanca
En Junio como en Enero,
Para el amigo sincero,
Que me da su mano franca.

Y para el cruel que me arranca
El corazón con que vivo,
Cardo ni ortiga cultivo
cultivo una rosa blanca.

May 17, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

En la brecha
[Poema: Texto completo.]

José de Diego

¡Ah desgraciado si el dolor te abate,
si el cansancio tus miembros entumece!
Haz como el árbol seco: reverdece
y como el germen enterrado: late.

Resurge, alienta, grita, anda, combate,
vibra, ondula, retruena, resplandece...
Haz como el río con la lluvia: ¡Crece!
Y como el mar contra la roca: ¡Bate!

De la tormenta al iracundo empuje,
no has de balar, como el cordero triste,
sino rugir, como la fiera ruge.

¡Levántate!, ¡Revuélvete!, ¡Resiste!
Haz como el toro acorralado: ¡Muge!
O como el toro que no muge: ¡Embiste!

April 14, 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico


I wake up every morning numb, pushing myself to wake up and get up and my first though is you and how you died. How it all died... I died in the process too you know. It is so hard knowing everyday that you are not here anymore, maybe now you are better. Is a strange thing how one promises to love for ever and even when they are gone you keep loving them so strongly, knowing that you will never be loved in return again, or be kissed or hugged, complimented. I feel as I can't ever love someone else, not even give myself the opportunity, not even to glimpse at someone else. The day goes on, I get images of you. Sometimes I even hear the things you've said. Glimpses of how we were in th...

April 5, 2016


I wonder
I wonder who made you forget
I gather you fell in love so deeply
Deeply enough,
That when your heart got broken
You forgot that love ever existed
To leave without reasons

I wonder
I wonder how deeply in love you were
To forget how love truly felt
And when you had it gazing at you
You couldn't recognize it anymore

I wonder
I wonder who made you neglect
The pure and tangible love
Made you forget that it can be real
That now you commit emotional homicide

I wonder
I wonder how I can be capable of loving again
That when I have it in front of me
I won't b able to recognize it anymore
I wouldn't know how it truly feels
Or how many emotional  homicides I will be gu...