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Robert Samuels

PO# 514723
United States
United States
Howdy, I'm robby The Stranger• 20• write poems and things• Live in California• - - I hate the beach - - Love everyone I'm worried•_•
March 26, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

"Solace"- rTS

I have ..
So many nothing fuck filled sentences, shit filled with meaning
Speaking straight from heart
Struggling strings at a strain
Pulling from my soul...
Harboring an essence of escape
Fucking pieces of insane...
Medicines for the broke and broken
Tongues to bring peace and settle destructions dusts...
Where the fuck is you're mind homie?...

You've been wasting away
Speaking curses and hate
Spewing you're wickedness down the throats of innocence ...
The fuck is the meaning of the truth??
You hate grace and good news..
Your stuck in a cement mold
A hole you built in the dirt, a chamber of decay.. You're face is maimed
You are downcast at heart and you cast sin on your...

March 25, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

"Day to night"- rTS

Identify me as the man that can
Speaking wisdom of fools
With a wood tip at my teeth
Sucking on blacks,
Dirty grin
With filthy skin
Fresh as a mutha fuckn villain
Dripping with the drunken masters alcoholic precision,
Gripping my deck ready to skate
Down the broken Blvds of broken things

Ceramic tongue
Cotton mouth

Underneath glass teeth..
Fragile words to speak
Mental shit to spit...
This is why I keep my head fitted with spitfire
Keeping me prepped for any test that has pre requisites
I stay blessed between this shit
Busting laps around your bitch
No time wasted on lines
Cracks in the street lay down broken fuckn beat...
Ain't want to be a wanabe

March 3, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

Love lost.

Dawns on the seas shore,
I stand here forever idle on the tide lines, quoting scripture and poets from old times..
Thinking rapidly and with ransom in mind..
The haunting thoughts of
"Why did you take my baby from me?"
I saw her dragged away, as I was anchored at land..
Fear gripped me, as fate drew her into a distant memory..
She faded to thinner less bold lines..
Her face isn't even clear to me anymore, now I hate myself for forgetting the person who gave me the greatest time of my life.. Now I just honor her with fuzzy memories..
A few too many shots of whisky
And a lot of regretting ..
I know It's not my fault...
But these pictures don't remind me of who she ...

February 18, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

Don't look down.

On the corner
Corridors and openings appear..
At the angles of which there is a certain degree..
Examining the sky and the lines made within it..
There's parallels at the edge of you're eye
A squint to cast the rods line furthest,
A vase steady in a tree away from dangers .. If there's a quake or a shake, in that case its gonna break.. And momma said no matter what happens I'll be blamed for the damages..
Sitting still, I shake...
Listening for wind and studying the changes in the sky.. Just in case I have a penny's toss of luck, of not failing here...
There's a nickel in my pocket that has no relevance to this whole thing..
Except that it's bothering me..
All alone down...

February 9, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

Friends? - a failed love.

I just close out..
Cause I don't want to show you that I miss you..
I see you peaked my post lately..
I see you post daily..
I'm wondering if you miss me?
Like I'm into you..
I freaking hate this lately..
So I just close out...
Act like I don't miss you...
Everything's been good
Pretty much the same when you left me?
Not to sure what happened but  i know we agreed on somethings...
So ..
We can close now..
To close now time to ex out our faces
Leave no space for communications..
We're just all in.. And all out with our feelings that become mutations ..id rather not be near you now.. I think I need to leave this house..
Just makes it easier..
For us all when the bomb...

February 6, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

To the: hopeless. [Soul Poverty] -

Badaa badaa  bahhhhh..

I'm singing like there's no pain in these hands, there's only smiles in these lips, no more remorse to revisit but to be honest it's lively isn't it?

It's killing me, lovely pain I love the feeling of being lonely in you,
So homely you are..
Make me feel like I'm not homeless, trapped and broken..
But I am...

Oh you're a murderer
You love to kill what's inside and take what's not yours...
This life is not yours it's mine...
It's mine...
It takes a moment, a epiphany,
A deep look into you're soul through those eyes of troubled water...
Just breath
Keep gazing..
Don't look away till your familiar with the pain..
Know it's name, wh...

February 5, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

Thoughts of why -

Ten more days..
100 more songs..
I'm trying my damn best
To figure out what's wrong...
Maybe it's cause I can't remember the meaning of truth,
My mind is stuck on, hopefully I can get in the booth,
Release my pain there
Pause all the scenes of regret,
Pace you're self..
This is a lesson to remember
Like all the rest, to bad I'm horrible with taking notes and not doing bad things, I forget it all when I smoke...
Let these screens of anomalies pass by..
By stander looking through life's screens and I wonder why?..

I just wear this screen on my chest..
Heart beat is there ..
So I know I'm alive, but when do I start to feel like I can fly?
Believe in my dreams
Even in the ni...

February 3, 2016
Elk Grove, United States


It's what happens behind the scenes
Keeps me floating and sets me apart
On my knees... bruises from begging

It's what happens behind these doors
Locked or wide open
I'm thinking lustfully
I can't appreciate the struggle when I'm always falling
Continuing the bruises and nocturnal calling..
placed on me..

Help me, help me, I've been calling..
Shelter me from the silence and this cold..
Sickly sickened by this stalling..
I'm just admitting I've been idle
As I shouldn't
And as I ever was..

I don't think panic mouthed wisdom will save me now..

Don't you just love songs about us?
Well I apologize sincerely
This song is about me solely and selfishly.. -rTS

February 3, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

When life loves lemons.

Strange .. Feelings
Of being normal ..
Fast paced thinking of thoughts being
Oral.. No script to record the next time I fall
Down on my face as I seek again for greater meaning greater then any of our thinking..

Face to face with demons
Look me in my eyes! And stop whispering you're whimpers of lies.. You tell tales
Of length and love to disguise ..
So just leave me alone.. Because I know when it's you.. And I will never confuse you're weak words for my thinking..

I Am not.. Sinking.
Lovely fire still burning while drinking..
Drunk on lies and the whole facts face you..
You should not still be lit while covered in wet thinking.. So please  succumb to the numb an...

February 1, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

Hey people of lettrs, you know what would be a neat feature in the lettrs world, a pen pals time line! I think it would be sweet.. To see  you're pals put out new lettrs and you have them lined up on a time line..
:D what do you think?

February 1, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

To Uncover

The darkest room you can possibly think of.. Memories of grey outlined repetitious irony replay.. On these walls of charcoal repression
Hoping to slow me down with they're on point depression..
I'm not doing anything I'm just at peace here.. Laying in my bed..
Feeling so small in a smaller room..
If I don't move I feel secure.. Between the animosity and the sheets..
I don't care for anything I just feel alright..
Repeating hymns and poetry out loud
It becomes a cycle like praise..
I start to find serenity in every word of healing I speak..
Only for my ears ..
A secret wisdom taught to me
To repeat..
So I can be prepared for the world when it comes at me..
I fear nothing and yet I...

January 28, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

A look from distance. (Life)

We are eternal..
When we find rest
We will find peace

Many religions say my thoughts and beliefs
Won't categorize me in they're "heavens"
Well what makes you so sure
I want to be in such a place..
With such a people?
Wasting away..

The Point of eternity is to be at peace..
I can't spill my faith in you
And you can't spit you're righteousness in my soup..
You're words are words
You're thoughts are just the same..
When did we get so bent on imaginations?
We forgot we are all breathing the same guilt and walking the same lanes..

To be this divided will only create hatred..
And breeding death through it all..
Who then will find peace in rest?...

January 28, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

Sometimes when I'm laying down late at night
I can feel these shapes "happen"
They start on the tip of my tongue and
Change from thin to wide
Over and over again..
Sometimes it's a solid shape
Sometimes it feels like a single line on A paper..
As images start to become imagined
Just what this feeling might be flicker through my head..
Characters appear
Sometimes animals
Sometimes nothing distinguishable
But it's like a sketch book in my head
Forming thin and wide shapes,
Flickering back and forth
leaving me with this familiar
Unfamiliar, not complete? Or nonexistent singularity
On the tip of my minds tongue.

January 14, 2016
Elk Grove, United States

I'm divided and all the same
I'm many things in one place..
There's a sequence being played outside
Underneath the falling silence is clouds
Pouring infinite grace.- rTS

December 28, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

And yeah.. I do miss how my head fills when I'm with you..

I do miss how my heart fills
When you're always next to me..

It's too familiar for all the wrong reasons now,
Reasons I've been running from late at night
Reasons I've been keeping from all days bright..

Screens of my mind keep on repeat the moments of yours and mine
Time and time after that..
So my eyes won't shut without the promise of regret..

I just wanna forget now
I need to want to forget it now..

This isn't just about me..
This is how I miss not sleeping next to you..
Not because we couldn't but because we chose to entertain our skin together..
We fell standing still..
Just laying there, we used to be so empty but the kn...

December 26, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

Peanut butter lies..
Self taught defenses.
Hardly any permission..
No focus, no precision..
Where's the love with no morning bacon?..
Empty house, empty seats..
Empty cups fill in the sink..
Where it pours and it showered..
There is no toilet paper left for distressed ones.
Under decisions..
Making everyone living beneath the roof as burdened as the builder of the living room, bathrooms, bed rooms, and kitchen..
Roaches surround the pots and porcelain plates..
It's a surrender
Under oppression inside a recession
It's like building with sand in the tide shore line, progress is minimal and wisdom lacks it's ambition.
Forever knees deep in others mistakes..
Holding a builders stone above m...

December 26, 2015

"What they don't know"

Tried to smoke a cigarette in my room.. Wind was blowing directly through my window I guess..
smoke blew back into my room, I had a candle lit and put the cig out half way through then continued to storing the half burnt cig back into my pack carried it down stairs and my sister said it smelled like smoke.. I freaked out and told them it was just the candle I have lit up stairs.. Probably a nasty fuse .. Or old candle.. I think they realize somethings up..

I'm sure ever night when I come home I smell like faint cigarette smoke..

My mom and sister is all I care about in this world.. And she hates when I make stupid decisions .. But they are decisions I have made.. An...

July 29, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"We could be perfectly imperfect together" -rTS

Send me away to a hidden place..
Somewhere far beyond this plane.

Send me away with you ..
One day ..

To a paradise
Where we can roll all our worries away
Spend with me..
All your lovin..
In these days.

This where hope kicks in and my feet can't reach the ground on this swing set as I blast off from here to outer planes...
I can only imagine
Holding your face in my palms like light pouring overflowing through my fingers
As we kiss ..
our cares and fears away.

Bestow on me.. A wedding ring..
So I can brag humbly as a popper
With a queen.. Amongst the Kings.

Baby you give me too much joy to sing.

July 25, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

Song idea: needs progress. -rTS

Your stuck in a rock stars fantasy..
Saying that this is all a dr-eam!

You swear it's all

But your to stuckstuck stuckstuck
Star struck
In a rock stars fantasy..
Singing this is all a dr-eam!

Woke up did drugs.. Headed to my mrs moms house..
Parents said I was a mess..
Kicked me out cause they had enough..

And I still don't get get it
Still won't get get it...

That it's a wall I've been straight headed.. For..
Fo-r!! For!!!

Cause I'm stuckstuck inside..
A rock stars fantasy ..
Day tripping and living in my heads dreams...

July 24, 2015

"Diamonds in the rough" -rTS

Tomorrow is an illusion that today held your foots placement..
A place where you stand and find ground for such unremarkable strengths stored and stationed.
Inside of you is a whole system of functions and by these you make a body.
It works at the independence of your brain.. Sending signals to and fro
Believe me when I say..
Your capable of seeing:

Dreaming a dream
Finding Peace
Holding the keys..

That will jumpstart your forever after..

Most of the time I write delusions...

But I had to come down from my heads space and find a place to lay down some good news
And step away from the strung up nooses

It's time for..

Aged old ancient sc...

July 24, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"Fairy tale of dilutions" - rTS

Easy to forget
There is a way out where you entered

And to find your self stuck is reversing your solutions

Find the keys and stop thinking like you do
You know how to think yet you understand to leave is to stop the bleed-ing
Baby girl..
None of these words should sound mis-leading
It's your eyes that must be checked before you continue through this plane of same
Woods of change
Eternal conscious purgatory
We've bonded with
before hand
Such a slow chance
One last time
To dance to slow jams
Hold your waste and you lay your hands on my chest as we lose our selves to our ways
And sing life away
Swing through the lines and air breathing us for the first ti...

July 21, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

I don't know the fuck to do..
I don't know the fuck to do.
I don't fucking know to do...

I called out your name..
And I'm starting to feel really selfish at this moment..
So what do I fucking do?!

I already prayed...
Said Jesus, God and no one came?!!

I don't know .. The fuck to do.. Maybe you won't talk to me cause I keep saying fuck!
And I'm angry
Maybe I'm not worthy.. Or I feel so fucking worthless cause I can't...
Do a damned thing that's good for me..

What the fuck do I do..
What the fuck should I do!!!
What the fuck should I know!!!!
That would gain some fucking con-trol!!!

God fucking save me.. I found a gun..
Lord if you are with me.. Why can I be against myself!!!!!!!


July 20, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"Ballad of a slim solo man" -rTS

This is Roma...
She has hoops on her head and 20 frets on her neck, and I wish her cheap wood looked more furnished then used and more red then brown hues...
But this is Roma.. She looks like she's been drinking to much tequila and sounds like she's stuffed with the glass of Coronas
I got a necklace on her neck it's yellow and and her strings are rusty gold, they're pretty new but they're dusty aged old,
Stands about 3 feet tall and has 4 tattoos ta tooed to her body and and shoulders...
She's pretty...
just how I like my Roma
Smells great and wears leather strap for one shoulda, easier to put her over
my shoulder..
And ring out her strings and play soun...

July 19, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"A prayer"- rTS

I really couldn't do it today..
My pens inspiration was purely hate...

I can't stop telling myself my ink isn't blood...
When I know damn well where I got This ink from..
It's only blaming me.
Here, all alone after midnight, in the darkness in my room.. If I stare at the wall I see dancing shadows that will encourage me knot to fear...
But secretly I fear...
And I'll try to say His name..
Calling it out in the past has made my life better in an instant..

Then I realize after the shadows fade it was all my imagination
I look closer at the walls and find closure...
It was.
Head, like gun shots.. I jump sometimes when I'm sitting still..
Though I've never witne...

July 18, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"Humbly yours" -Travel Time

We passed bodies of wetness and music was played in a nearby city...
There was hippies, homeless, and drug addict teens.. A broken land it seems, but lively in between..
There is beaches on these coast from north to south...
One we visited was space kissed and rocks from the stars scattered the golden sand along the shores..

Back to the ganja that grows in people's front yards..
It's more then roots deep in this place where empty heads create deeper galaxies then outer space..
So misplaced ..

But hidden in a valley up a river is a tribe of Indians we shot a documentary for, one of they're country doctors was fantastic and was no...

July 17, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"Untitled" - September 24th 2013 -rTS

I swallowed the ocean and from my mouth they forever came..

Back and forth, back and forth..
The tides never felt the same..

I think I can sea land! The young boy who swallowed the seas tried to exclaim, his mouth was too full to understand..
Cause forever from his being
he became like a spring never to cease..

For ceasing would mean the end of Him.. he cannot retain this overflow from within.. So was it a cursing or a blessing?
This boy may never know

So for as long as his days were accounted for he spit the ocean up onto the floors..

Some say his life was a metaphor others.. Say it never was.

But me, I think he was lucky.. Lucky enough to hav...

July 16, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"When the pen has greater weight."

I can do better..
Your sweater with cute little designs and lines and very Cosby like ..
looks half as warm to me

As your smile..

On your face, you always pull one onto mine.. Baby girl I wish you were mine.. Cheesy lines no excuse..
You just have me right where the heart beats and rhythmic romance starts to set fire between our warm embrace,
uhgg.. Your hugs are serial to me..
They kill the worst in me
They find that peace with love so free..
Like freedom to a slave you are a deeper breath of fresh air
I haven't known..
cause of all my haunting memories..

Just keep gripping my hands as I hold tight to your waist...
We can dance slow in the ...

July 15, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

If honesty was best. -rTS

I've got nothing to say..

To streets of grey
Every mans face
I see each one of you
And today I understand

That deathly winds are a lot prettier to choke down
Before they mutate from mixed diseases..
air borne

Was it ever us?
Or were we standing United and solo at the same time..
Did we ever plant gardens of justice just to regret they're morning kisses
Mother gave me the seeds..
And father gave me the hands to prosper

I'm still unprepared to end the shadows whistling bird hymns
About glorious heavens ..

I'm not sure if silence is best for a palace full of prostitutes and malicious nightmares of how I became the bad news printed onto the memory of everybo...

July 8, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"Dark and blue" - rTS

My friend
My blues..
Dare to call you a lover and fall
Too close for comfort and misinterpret you..

I thought you were my blanket
And my defenses lowered..
Your security wasn't true
I found that out when you wrapped me up in deaths dreams of obscene things
I started thinking different the other day, like life isn't worth the colors and how much I long to fade away from glory's corner..
Cover my head in reverence and fear..

Bring a shovel to knock on my door..
I'll be 6 feet deeper then the usual dead man with a contemplating mind and a millstone connected to my neck, could be dead by dawn
Can't really gain a sense of time since the sun hasn't gone down since ...

July 7, 2015
Elk Grove, United States

"Regret met me at my bedside"- rTS

All my prayers I've written to you....
All my prayers I've thrown up...
Like an anorexic they're food..
I don't think I have the appetite to choke down another scripture verse or two
that will explain My sins to me
as I learn to brand them
So I start to mark them...
"number 1,000,000 and 3" the 3 are haunting, daunting, never have they been "taunting" but I know with surety they are watching me...
In my bed room,

I can name the 3 the father, son, and Holy Ghost,
3 was the trinity...
I can't be on my knees enough,
I can't spend enough time on my knees.. It's getting harder to pray and even harder to raise from the grave every third day..