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February 14, 2018

I am going to try to speak the words
That my heart wants you to know
I lay down on my bed and keep thinking about the miles and miles between us
I might not get to see you as often as I like
But i can feel your warmth at my side
I await the time when we can meet
To feel you for real and right next to me
You're smile makes me smile
The spark of your eyes have so much to say
Turning me speechless and....... than I start gazing at you
Like you're the brightest star in the sky
I want to tell you that...
I love you for who you are
I love you for what you would be
I want to be your firefly which will lighten up your sky
I want to know you in and out
I promise to help yo...

June 2, 2017

She loves you for who u are
She loves you for what you would be
She is a firefly which lightens your sky
She knows you in and out
She makes you feel more connected
She will help you climb the ladder
She will be your strong critic
She is gaiety when you succeed
She is mournful when you fail
She will be your strength
She is your motivator
She is your innervoice
She… is your storyteller
She... is your guide
She is the hero as her life has been a struggle
She holds you close making you feel secured
She wants to be yours forever!