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Shakshi Sharma :)

PO# 473576
☆Nature Lover ☆Loves Photography ☆No Writer, but Would Love To Give it A Try :)
September 29, 2015

Kolkata, India

So now I have really started losing my human touch,
I better close all the doors that I opened for people,
Coz people hurt, they hurt more than anything,
And I just slap myself saying, "You loved that person sooo much?"

Maybe I was created in such a way,
That I never deserved a person in my life,
That I am sooo very abnormal human,
People in my life don't last for more than a day.

And my life has become completely static,
My stronghold - "STUDIES" , even they seem to be lost,
Every time I envision my dream, I feel soo hollow,
I have stopped being a human and more importantly - pragmatic.

I have cried, I have moaned, I have suffered,
I have tortured myself, I have been thro...

September 7, 2015

Kolkata, India.

A Dedication To -
Rashi PO# 413781

A Friend, A Sister,
A Soulmate, A Guide;
A Person Like You,
Is Impossible To Find.

Sitting back and Looking At Your Flaws,
I Hardly Manage To Find Any;
But Again When It Comes To Your Talents,
Darling, You're Blessed With Many.

You've Never Failed To Inspire Me Angel,
Always Showered Love And Care;
Always Held Me Through Tough Times,
You're A Person Who Has Always Been There.                      
That Feeling Of Emptiness And Sadness,
When I Can't See You For Long;
But I know you'll always stay beside me,
Whenever things go wrong.

You're Beautiful In All Your Ways,
You've The Prettiest Smile;
You're Are Soo Obsessed And Naughty,

June 24, 2015

Kolkata, India.

So Lost And Lonely She Had Become,
From A Cheerful Talkative Girl,
To A Dejected, Quiet One.

She Had Built Walls Around Her;
And Stopped Talking To Many,
Searched For Reasons To Be Happy;
But Could Not Find Any.

Things Were Not So Great For Her;
But She Was Good At Faking A Smile,
She Cried Herself To Sleep At Night;
But Was Fooling Others All The While.

She Got Distanced From People;
Misunderstandings Paved The Way,
She Sat Alone All Day Long;
Couldn't Find Anyone Who Will Stay.

She Couldn't Tell Her Closest Friends;
Couldn't Explain What's Wrong,
She Was No More A Fighter;
No More Fearless and Strong.

She Stopped Believing In Herself;
And If Things Will Be Fine,

June 1, 2015

Ranchi, India.

An Unknown Person;
A Selfless Lover,
A Beautiful Soul,
Like No Other.

He Was A Great Writer;
Beautiful Poems He Used To Write,
His Thoughts were so Lovely;
They Could Lead Someone, From Darkness to Light.

He wanted to Change The World;
Brought Happiness Instead of Sorrow,
His Writings said it All;
That He wanted to see a Better Tomorrow.

He had to go through Such Indescribable pain;
But Still had a Smile On his face,
Never failed to bring People Happiness;
Even through such a Difficult Phase.

I dont know Him Personally;
But he is a Person to Talk About,
He is the Best Person I've ever Known;
And A Beautiful Soul - No Doubt.

Oh God,
Shower your Blessings on Him;
And K...

May 22, 2015

Ranchi, India.

A Dedication To -
Rashi  PO# 413781

I Got to know A Girl,
So Fearless and Bold;

And A Personality like no other,
Her Heart made of Gold.

A Happy Go Lucky Person,
Temper Right on the tip of her Nose;

And A Crazy Movie Freak,
Ready to Dance even on her Toes.
A Girl Who Loved Travelling,
A True Admirer of Nature;

And A Girl Full Of Confidence,
Always Ready for An Adventure.

She said she has no Talents,
But Were Blessed with Multiple,

You Will Fall In Love With Her,
Her Nature So Different And Subtle.

A Beautiful Girl,
With The Prettiest Smile;

And Real Deep Eyes,
Which Narrated the Untold Stories behind.

A Girl Liked By All,
And Insanely Loved By Many;

Rashi Re...

May 18, 2015

Ranchi, India.

So lost she was,
In the world of her Own,
The Reasons Behind Her Sadness; Totally Unknown.

So lost she was,
When she saw dark clouds, where she once saw the sun,
Not knowing where would she stand in the long run.

So lost she was,
Unable to find the answers to the million questions, In Her Mind Which Arose,
Just Needed A Shoulder to Cry, But did not find anyone close.

So lost she was,
When She Drifted away from People and started spending time alone,
To Bring People Happiness, She left no unturned stone.

So lost she was,
Confused, Puzzled and Excited About What the Future has in store,
When she sat alone in the lawn, And Tears down her cheeks rolled.

So lost she was,...

May 13, 2015

Ranchi, India.

' School Days :) '

Seeing those pretty bright faces in the Morning, Almost Became A Habit,
Singing Songs In the School Bus, Sitting in the Cabin.

That One Friend who always came running and gave a tight hug,
And That Friend Who always helped out in the assignments, whererever i got Stuck.

Fighting like animals for a small bar of chocolate,
And Sharing that dish from the canteen, four in one plate.

Those Laughters That used to echo in the corridors,
And leaving the class in a group, one by one from the back doors.

The Fun And Giggles At the time of recess,
Trying to relieve Each Other From That exam time stress.

Those Endless Homeworks And  Pending Works That...

May 11, 2015

Ranchi, India.

"Simple things that make life beautiful"

When I Have Friend A With Whom I Can Have Conversations; Long And Deep,
Having A Companion, My Promises Who Will Keep.

When I am able to Make A Sad Person Smile,
Seeing A Child Play, Innocent Without Guile.

When I Can Feel The Wind; Blowing Through My Hair,
The Smell Of The Beautiful Flowers; Which lingers in The Air.

When Someone Makes Me Strong Coffee; One Tasty Mug,
Having Someone Close When All I Need Is A Tight Hug.

When I Have A Friend With Me Who Will Walk Just A Mile,
And A Friend Who Can See the Sadness Behind My Smile.

When I See The Birds Flying In The Clear Open Sky,
When A Happy Moment Leaves Someone With ...

May 5, 2015

Ranchi, India.

A Person Will I Meet?
Who Will Love Me Even At My Worst,

A Person Will I Meet?
On Me He Will Have Blind Trust,

A Person Will I Meet?
Who Will Kiss Away All The Pain,

A Person I Will Meet?
Who Will Love Me Even With All My Stains,

A Person Will I Meet?
With Whom I Will Sing And Dance,

A Person Will I Meet?
To Make Me Smile, He will Leave No Chance,

A Person Will I Meet?
For Whom I Will Mean The World,

A Person Will I Meet?
Who Will Play With My Hair,
Straight or Curled,

A Person Will I Meet?
Who Will call Me Beautiful Even if I Am Not,

A Person Will I Meet?
Who Will Take Care Of Me When I Cannot,

A Person Will I Meet?  
Who Will Be There Through All Ups And d...

May 1, 2015

Howrah, India.

This is totally a new world for me. A platform where there are such awesome writers and i dont find myself even near to these great lettrists here. Today I am here because of my friend who has almost fallen in love with Lettrs.

This is my first letter ever and i just dont know am i going to write. Because To Pen Down the running thoughts in my mind is not an easy task for me.  

But here I Am,
Trying to give it a start,
Trying to write something,
Because I am a simple person who is curious to know what does the Future has in Store for me. Struggling to know where my interests lie. Trying to face this whole new competitive world. Trying to Get to the place where i wish to. ...