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Shalini Vyas Kapoor

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April 26, 2018

I'm whole....
In love...
In belonging...
But sometimes lost...
Loosing is gaining.
In whole...
In love...
In belonging....
I'm loosing to win
What beholds,
What controls,
What makes my soul complete.
My gain...
My loss...
The universe decides while I wait in silence.
Let it flow while it flows.

April 25, 2018

"Linda never truly knew her mother. As she was always very secretive about a lot of aspects in her life. Her mother would leave early in the morning and come home late at night. If Linda asked about any of it, her mother would simply say she had a long day of work.

One day Linda decided to follow her mother to 'work'. That's when she found out... her mother worked in an orphanage!
Linda hid behind a tree when her mother stopped, turned around and scanned the crossroads anxiously. What was about her job that was giving her so much stress? Why had she never mentioned to Linda her job profile of a social worker or an orphanage caretaker which would have made Linda proud of her diligent soft he...

April 25, 2018
Meerut, India

"The music was exciting, the weather bright. They were dancing as the music swept them from side to side. All eyes were on them. The stars of this evening.
When the song ended they sat down. He wondered if this was the right time..."
The sky was lit with stars, breeze rustling through her soft golden locks.
He bent down on his knees only to see a pair of painful eyes swelled in tears and longing.  He closed his eyes knowing his calming words of mutual love will soothe away her pain.
Suddenly he heard her call a name...not his.  He opened his eyes and there she was running bare foot draped in ecstasy.  Till she melted in that strangers arms. "I thought you will  never come" she was laughing a...

April 24, 2018
Meerut, India

Mujhe pyaar karne waale,
Ye hunar kahan se seekha?
Mushkil badi thi raahein,
Asaan bhi ek dagar thi,
Soona tu bhi tha zyaada,
Rangeen hua pheeka.

February 21, 2018
Meerut, India

Shone in love as strangers

Under the starlit sky,
Promises are made.
To live happily ever after,
And through all trouble times wade.

The sky is never lonely it's lit up with stars,
Yet wait to see the Sun depart
The stars did shine in it's warmth and  light,
So did the lovers who fell apart.

Bathing  the moon till it's sparkling white,
In passion and desire it reaches the height.
The moon in it's dark spot lamenting,
Shining apart as day and night.


February 20, 2018

A smile that comes straight from within ,
Hands that have held children close to the bosom,
An unsculpted body,
Eyes brimming in unconditional love,
A forehead with thoughtful fine lines,
At times not groomed,
And to a few a beautiful creation.

I may not be young anymore reminiscing my youth.
I may be imperfect in my perfectionism.
I may go unheard while screaming within.
Yet I feel complete in my being.
In the wholeness of my existence.
From a girl a woman's born.
A woman  who will remain a girl at heart.


December 24, 2016

Hey Drew,

Better late than never.
Happy birthday.
It's great to be born.
It's greater to be born again.
We have proved it through this platform.
Love luck and lust to do it over and over again.

April 17, 2016

"People make mistakes so did I ".
People fall in love so did I.
Then people fell in love again.
So did I.
Sometimes when you follow the masses you don't realise the "M" was silent.
Neither did I.
I made a mistake because people did.
It's mathematics where this is equal to that.
Tada. Make mistakes it proves you are alive. To err is human.
Love you all.

March 26, 2016

Whimsical weekend

Slept early, woke up late, snoozed, siesta, showered, strolled and finally......................................................what were you expecting? 😀
Hell no!
Dinner is over.
The sluggish slob returns to her stack.
Wanderlust weekend with Lettrs begins.


March 26, 2016

A leader believes in submission,
A winner believes in redemption.

March 26, 2016

My lovers...

I'm in love when the leaves rustle.
I'm in love when the breeze brushes by.
I'm in love when the raindrops trickle down.
I'm in love when the sun reflects a blush on my face.
I'm in love when the clouds roar and pour.
I'm in love when the water falls whisper in my ear aloud.
I'm in love when the moon is serenely watching me from afar.
I'm in love when all my five senses unite to the call of nature.
For there lies the unknown and untold tales of love.
We talk, we feel, we touch and become one.
For they are my lovers,
And I love them all alike.

March 26, 2016


The road leading to your obsession is undulant.
It will shake you off your confidence and emotions turbulent.
Halt and introspect is it worth.
Before you become a figment of self mirth.
It's a journey a risk be careful where you tread.
So wherever we stop we pick up the thread.

March 26, 2016

Inseparable hurt.

We are living together as strangers.
Indulging, performing, igniting in dangers.
With a latent hatred.
This relationship is still sacred.
You strip me naked when you feel.
I hold a baggage never to reveal.
For the world you're free flowing water.  
For the world I'm a fiery plotter.
The truth is actually in reverse.
I love our family and their needs I nurse.
You can share a lie to prove your point.
I refrain from truth for a fear to disappoint.
We are two different people living together.
In love and duties you've clipped my feathers.
I don't want to soar I don't want to fly.
I'll live with you forever never to shy.
One thing I'll n...

March 2, 2016

I stood nonplussed before the lush stairway,
This could be heaven or this could be hell.
Inviting me mysteriously while ringing a bell.

Enticing in an unprecedented manner to explore,
No turning back i was trapped in a whimsical palindrome,
I was going to loose myself in my questly syndrome.

March 2, 2016


I'm burning like a candle,
Slowly....flickering in pain .
Why did you show me the flame,
When i stood tall and cold.

When I stood tall and cold,
You touched me like a flame from your amber eyes.
Your gaze trickling like lava from my head to toes.
Melting me down wherever it stopped.

The intense piercing eyes undressing me slowly where they lingered,
Burning and cooling intermittently.
Brewing in desire....
Where you and i stood alone in the crowd.

As I stood in the dark corner,
Bathing you in my light,
Your eyes didn't see me anymore,
Blinded in my light.

I was burning for you slowly, painfully,
Trickling down melting,
Not tall anymore.
My scattered fragments spluttered ...

February 28, 2016

The difference is.....
I can belong but never be possessed.
Because....you're the lover and you're the tormentor.

The difference is.....
That we will never meet again ,
For you to read my eyes and for me to hear your heartbeat.

The difference is.....
That you have promises to keep and bask in the halo of the laurels you have wreathed, while I watch from afar with misty eyed gratification.

The difference is.....
You have the power and I have the pen.


February 28, 2016

You pushed me away........

My heart is brimming with love,
I want to show you if I may.
It wants to hear, it wants to feel in more than many ways.
Words unspoken thoughts unshared,
There's so much it wants to say.
Our eyes have met so many times,
Only to linger and never astray.

Please oh! Please just say the truth,
Why are you pushing me away?

I vested all my trust in you , and prayed for you night and day.
Without you I feel lost in despair,
Like a needle lost in hay.
I gaze at the sky at the stars for a sign like there my answers lay.
Just let me know that you feel the same and never will betray.

From there we will split like we never met no questions asked as to rest i lay.

February 26, 2016

Souls unite woefully, conspiring to intensify a purpose unforeseen and ambiguous.
Harvesting sanctity.

A glimpse beyond the uncertainties of the dark clouds envisioned a silver lining.
Harvesting sanctity.

Flew together in spirit to places unknown and finally dusk met dawn.
Harvesting sanctity.

Impressions indelible and mesmerising thoughts contemplating looking back or not.
Harvesting sanctity.

As the water holds metal and stone holds fire, forever be holding a desire.  
Harvesting sanctity.

Beyond the field of righteousness besides the river of wrong, they reunite under the tree of hope singing a mystical song.
Harvesting sanctity.

December 31, 2015

As the days, weeks and months stormed by
Some achieving some deceiving.
Let's mark the end
Let's mark the beginning
With unconditionally giving and receiving.

A very happy, blessed and blissed New Year 2016 to you and your family.

Sanjeev, Shalini and Kanishka Kapoor.

December 14, 2015

For my soul sister....

She's a rampant a killer a masquerade a drama....
she's everything she's not suppose to be.

A show stopper a wannabe a looker a weapon ....
And everything you just don't wanna see.

She screams she demands she's loud and obscene....
But that's only before me.

She's timid she's sensitive she loves and wants love....
That goes for the one who holds her hearts key.

Imagining life without her makes me miserable....
For together we are "WE".

April 6, 2015

She wants to do much more
She has dreams galore.
She has the energy she has the vibes.
But her family and kids she adores.
She's a friend a getaway,
But always with reasons to explore.
You know what you're doing
with justice to all.
That's my girl achieving that's my girl deceiving,
The doors to heaven will bore.
Seek my blessings
Seek my trust.
The future will reveal and secure.

May 17, 2015

The Ray of hope ....

We met as strangers in need.
you to provide and me to conceive.
A solution.
I questioned you answered.
I answered your unspoken.
In my willingness to help.
A help you never asked for.
I became so involved in your questions,  my answers I forgot.
For the fear that if I told you all, how would I find the reason to meet you again.
So naive I became, so unaware.
In my need to see you all over with no gain.
Ready to loose making it difficult,
for you to answer my problem.
For you to help my pain.
you're making me insane.
that's why I look for reasons for the emotions to rain.
in vain in vain in vain.
Though I know in my heart you're just trying to feign.
someday y...

March 30, 2015

I believe where trust fails faith begins.
it's people we trust in God we believe.
Who fails us are unfair to themselves.
Failing is a defeat.
When you fail to meet trust,
when you fail to meet expectations,
when you fail to honour words,
when you fail because your gains defy relationship.
You simply fail deeper and continue so.
My eyes were closed while I opened the path to my heart.
You walked in stole away the fragments of an initial hurt.
What did you receive?
A fortune of bitterness and fragments of my past defeat.
I'm left with nothing but the power to regain, rebuild, reaffirm, restore and trust again. For I will never fail. For I will always try. For I may faulter but never ever s...

February 7, 2015
Meerut, India

A fair hate.

My thoughts devoid of feelings wander here and there.

Battling my sense of emotions it creates a latent scare.

My eyes defy my vengeance
but still manage to pair.

Expressions and thoughts mismatch but I no longer care.

Failed association, felony and hatred leave me in despair.

Revengeful is all I'm left with emotionally impaired.

I have to do this for love,trust and honour, no good souls deserve a nightmare.

Divinity I'm impatient will fight for justice from  my share.

*to accept wrong  is as good as doing it.

January 20, 2015
Meerut, India

I close my eyes
my lids are heavy.
They keep drooping down with the weight of what's yet to be.
Why is what's yet to be weighing me down?
Because somewhere deep down I'm anxious, I have expectations, I want to influence the unknown.
Must I?
Yes I must............
but how?

praying in honesty
I will.
hope in earnest
I can.
believe in me
I should.
Keep up the faith


December 29, 2014
Meerut, India

One of those days when you've pre planned a holiday trip and the flights are disrupted due to fog.

Preplanned but location changed multiple times due to unforeseen but important work issues.

Packing unpacking followed by repacking based on climate difference.

Something similar to handle with care as fragile and then you end up smashing it to pieces.
Feeling scattered and wondering if planning in advance really works.

Think it sucks!

December 7, 2014
Meerut, India

True spirit of a win as how I perceived yesterday from a bunny bunch of 5 year olds in my son's school.
Well it was Sports day celebration and everyone seemed to be in the true spirit of the occasion.

There were cheers there were groans there was hooting and moans.
Time was flying and so was the day
activities unfolding and bright children making hay as the sun shined sending wisps of breeze.
The lil bunnies were lined up on the starting point and with the toy gun shot began the bunny race. Close to the finishing line one bunny decided to trip intentionally and fell refusing to budge.
The turning point came when the winning bunnies took it literally and forgot the race turned around to g...

December 5, 2014
Meerut, India

It's freezing cold but I feel the warmth of the glow within pour .
The glow of love the glow of desire is brewing in my core.

it's not a bond it's not a promise it's not suppose to be.

I found this safe haven with loads of struggle when my soul met "me".