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April 1, 2019

One Day it will get better...

One Day, all the pain you suffered will give you reasons to smile

One Day, you'll hear your scars scream "Victory!!"

One Day, all your sorrow will sway to the beats of life's happy song

One Day, you'll muster enough strength to smile through your tears

One Day, 'Okay' will begin to mean O.K.A.Y.

One Day is on it's way....speeding through the jungles, bruised and battered...but inching closer to you...

Do not give up on hope...coz with a promise to make everything better...that One Day is coming...

February 6, 2019

You know... That feeling when you begin finding reasons to be happy from all around you....
From the little leaves growing in the crack of the walls....
From the soft wide bud sprouting in a sheet of lush green...stretching endlessly to meet the horizon
From the huge blue sky...ready to take you in itself....
From the ripples of that tiny stream running down a hill....
From the beautiful cascading waves of the ocean....
From those so surreal clouds... Painting the canvas with the most amazing blend of hues....
From the setting sun...spreading its warmth to calm the terrified, shivering hearts....
From the cool shower of the rains....washing out the worries of the world....
From the w...

February 4, 2019

Hi everyone out there!
well it was an impulsive decision to make an account on lettrs. i have heard of it from my friends, but never thought about making this account.
I enjoyed writing alot. Like writing was my Life. But I dont write anymore and it kills me.
I am not feeling really good. Everything seems to be falling down upon me, crushing me till I cant breathe.

I am guity for what I did to my family, and most of all to myself. Yes, life has not been very kind to me and last few years were'nt so smooth because of some problems and issues that me and my family had to face. But I am not complaining...Thats Karma. I still thank God for giving us strength and power to withstand all of it...