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Theodore Dalton🗡️🇺🇸

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hacked harassed and harnessed harmless
August 13, 2018
Euclid, United States


Projecting past the wicked, twister of dead fables,
Owning only weapons of divine celestial use,
Needing without question, angels of pains power,
To stop all divisive spinning on smeared truth,

Owning only weapons of divine celestial use,
Stop without compromise the liberty of abusers,
To stop all divisive spinning on smeared truth,
Lies to produce others to see others as deceived liars,

Will paralyzing fear soon meet it's forced match?
Projecting past the wicked, twister of dead fables,
Pulling out death without regard to fear or pain,
Needing without question, angels of pains power,

Stop without compromise the liberty of abusers,
Emotional strain is bigger ...

June 6, 2018
Euclid, United States

Opinions run rampant
     Mostly serving
          To validate a stance
               That needs grounded.

August 9, 2018

Funky Rock Poetry

Eminence Front, city's dump, tires pump, tiny runt
Superstition, politician, unification, instigation
Suspicious Minds, generally kind, rally behind, simple minds
Staying Alive, swimmer's dive, Sunday drive, honey hive
Billy Jean, beauty queen, really mean, pork n beans
Gimme Shelter, Helter skelter, former belter, water melter
Uptown Funk, quiet monk, hauling junk, fighting punk
Fame, game, shame, blame: blame, game, name game,
Barbara O'Riley, rally behind me, delivery shinny, previous smiley
Conga, bonga, donga, stronger, longer, bonga, sista, brotha,
Money for Nothing, card bluffing, possy flaunting, yell something,
Oya Como Va,  crowd cheers rah, morning show blah, lau...

August 8, 2018

#Dear Self

In an extreme calling, the suffering one must go through can be inhumane and devistating.  To watch the terror of children and not being able to do anything about it is unjust, cruel, evil and extremely malicious.  The debt mounting of seeking to protect the best for family members who are effected is near impossible to bear.   When an advocate seems to lay down from the persuasion of a wicked one, the fight remains unfair for the child who is so well meaning and willing to put forth his very best.  What would you do if a child was in danger, but his assailant remained shielded from legal intervention?  The pain is too great to carry.  Though the child is crying out for legitimate...

August 13, 2018


"The sky turned darker and darker as she walked towards the beach. This can't be a good sign, she thought to herself..."

Her thoughts drifted to her childhood in which she could not forgive her assailant.  Between ages 4-11 she had been abused, but her grandfather and parents were all deceased.  No one believed her and her trauma grew worse.  Decades later she acted out with a smile on her face, destroying lives and taking prisoners when she could.  Her power to pursuade with an intellect well trained, was betrayed by the child inside who never reached her age.  It was 3:44 when just a second ago her watch showed 2:44.  The spirits that guided her were allowing implosions within...

August 13, 2018
Euclid, United States

The word of this week is "Packing". Use this word in the title of any story or poem and tag your letter 'wow'.

Example: "He was packing his suitcase."

He was indeed packing his suitcase.  The enemy of his soul was hot on his tail.  The wickedness was crafty as the flies fell still.  Up from the depths the enemy was panicked.  The vile monster was loosing it's grip and baffled by denial.  Jealousy flailed seeking attention to distract, but the heavens were leading the boys fight homeward back.  A suitcase full of joy and a laughter uncommon, kept the boy and his father strong in face of danger.  The mystery was sided on the side of the angels.  The time clicked away on the clock for t...

August 6, 2018

Saved For Eternity
Considering all the values that comprise this life, what value of hope do we carry into the future?  If no one here gets out alive, what is one thing we desire to know will carry on?  Answers would come as we gather things not to get stolen or burned in a fire, but even many of those things do not sustain our qualitative value for living.  Family and love are the most important, but what item represents a loss not worth loosing?  
I look at this wooden rocker sitting in my room.  It is the only heirloom not being used or stored.  It was a gift from my grandmother from before I can remember.  A small rocking chair well crafted and strong.  Although it could sustain my weight...

August 3, 2018
Euclid, United States


Plans placed, Battle cry, Significant power, Another try, Doubled efforts, Including young, Fighting evil, Until done

His counsel to stand and fight was brought forth from plans placed in the night.  Dreams invaded the screens internal, shouting with the rage of a battle cry.  Credentials had noted no fear of reprisal; the significant power will render enemies dead on arrival.  Set backs have come, but there is a new day.  Another try to go around for punching oppression away.  We shall double efforts including endeavors, for including young.  Human rights or bust we will stun.  We have stepped up to fight evil; empowered by Victor leading.  We have no room for...

August 8, 2018
Euclid, United States


Wrap the Cherubim inside out
Flame love creature of celestial being
Man created in His image and likeness
Angelic in His ethereal realm cosmic

Jesus is the radiance of His glory
Exact representation of His nature,
Upholds all things by the word of His power.
Makes His angels winds; ministers a flame of fire.

June 15, 2018
Euclid, United States

Help, answers seem so far
Destroy the destructive hate
Pull me closer to holy fate
Raise the standard bar

Pain and fear are defeated
At the cross is what's needed
Time redeemed with your power
Remove the enemy in this hour

My tears they flood my pillow
Combatting an armored warrior
Healing, and victory financial
Courts moved on for my favor

Specific needs for my son
Let us know how you've won
Establish further in our home
We want not to feel alone

Provide basics and complexities
Give us strategic words please
Newness in your mercy
I'm a worm now hurry

August 7, 2018
Euclid, United States


Always keep short accounts especially with those we love.  Forgiveness from one person to another is much more for the one who forgives than for the one forgiven.  Being forgiven by God through the Lord Jesus Christ, causes sensitivity to know if we are offensive or careless.  When it comes to our attention it is the polite thing to do.  We don't incessantly apologise everyday for everything that we do.  We would forever be running an endless race, seeking to please people as we do and relearn their approval.

August 6, 2018
Euclid, United States

Thrones of battle seeking to know Christ
Time is out sooner than soon could be later.
Trusting the Lord of Hosts Creator Elohim
El elyon the God who is eternal everlasting

Standing in time I wait for you; open the gates
Seraphim, Arch Angel and Cherubim, angel
Cross through the heavens on behalf of Him.
Tomorrow is through, your favor is faithfulness.

1. Send fire
2. Help us enter
3. Stir our spirit
4. Set us free
5. Target the enemy
6. Man us up
7. Police all endeavors
8. Make circumstances bow the knee
9. Announce the completion
10. Wash out curses clean
11. Open up the doors
12. Secure our transitioning

August 6, 2018
Euclid, United States

Bible opinion

Follow your head or follow your heart.  The only real choice is both.  Allowing either to have a majority:  the result may not return fulfillment.
The soul is contained in the ownership of the body.  Our spirit is divided by an incurable and incomplete recovery.   When the Messiah of the Most High God is invited to have our life, He begins the repair of uniting them both.  When we know Him we'll be complete knowing He alone is God.  The God is One and there is none beside Him.  No matter how we feel; feelings will not be United to the mind and there will always be conflict between the two or at least something amiss.  A private life that does not show to others around ...

August 3, 2018


Both worlds collide, what are we to do?
Abundance has come for the wiser to loom
Threshold available to those whom He calls
Power as fire refects a bounce off the moon

A generational increase just by a third
Entrance of the angelic will separate the herd
The best that we get, coming from heaven
Seraphim flowing a highway they're planning

July 23, 2018
Euclid, United States

In oppositional defiance, your disorder became clear,

Poisoned too long from your brain, leaking into your ear,

Lies and pressure to earn love, not genuinely offered,

Exposing the anger, of a bitter little jealous, who done it....?

(Lord send an angel to touch her heart, so deliverance is made clear)

August 3, 2018

Thankful for the time we had
Thank you for your Mercy
Alive I cried from missing you
Thankful to be with you truly

I thank the host from most high
Gratitude for your kindness
Thank you for the weather change
Bless the inheritance thou I'm not worthy


June 17, 2018

              Holiness and complete purity

          Sees the goodness still in the world

      The cynical mind and feeling sins weight

             We exchange for Your glory gold

August 1, 2018


Angels are watching and active.  What are you doing and what's
going on?  I turn my trust to our Father.  The Only God and Lord
that's on High.  The victory born in a stable.  The penelty and
price paid at the cross.  If it's me why hold back depression?  If
God's goodness fails where is the delight?  Seraphim serve toward
the holy.  Cherubim deliver from dead hope.  We sit by the trees
that are willow.  Please send care and send us on home.  I don't
care for this burdensome journey.  My love has been torn from
my heart.  My tears have run dry on my pillow.  Angels have
visited at night.  Concern for my life and it's quality, eludes both
from heaven and Earth.  Trust h...

August 1, 2018


I lodge my complaint in the heavens,
Appeal to the Father of Lights,
My favor, has not reached the shoreline,
Hurting hearts, both beat up and blind,

Screaming in terror, I surrender,
Hordes of hell, have robbed til defeat,
I swear, it's not worth the battle,
No provision, has come near for me.

The enemy, gloats at the victory,
Oppression, has no end in sight,
To encourage, mentions the faithful,
Am I wrong, to say there's no room tonight?

Your ways, are perfect in heaven,
Control, eludes us on Earth,
Recompense, comes in the morning,
Justice, I will only need to search,

Spectacular, in beauty Your presence,
The diadem, to shine across time,
When wronged, you...

August 1, 2018

Levi @@
Levi eyes are seeing through, the canapy in the heavens,
The answer to the question being, brought from there to here,
Solidify the position, we are hoping day and night,
Break the restraining barrier; destroy the blackest night.

Creative power flowing; soon to touch the nations,
We ask you for the nations,
You told us to ask you for the nations.

All things for your glory.  I weep over soothesaying hacks.
Prove, you are ever faithful, lead me on and guard my back.

Worship and adore the risen Christ today,
Thank Him for answers to questions and
All He gives away.

Follow us to the courtyard,
Keep us far from the magistrate,
Bring the news for the hearing,
Our ears are lonely for gr...

August 1, 2018
Euclid, United States


I'm thankful that you cover the day with attention on our heart.
Thank you for helping encouraging leading and inspiring the writing of the book.
Thank you for the readership large that will be blessed of you.
Thanks for the money coming in view for the needs we have this week
Thank you for favor
Thank you for delivering David to us.*
Thank you for turning questions into abundant answers.
Thank you for your power and might, even thou my strength is small
Thank you for being willing to grant a kingdom even thou we're not worthy at all.
Thank you for Jesus the Christ our Lord.
The gates open
We will have
The q *
Delivering David to us in Euclid
*3:44 you revealed as you shrunk this a...

July 27, 2018
Euclid, United States


             Foreign intelligence condemnation
               Learning behavior not belonging
         Yearning to be free of the death decay

July 28, 2018
Euclid, United States


All she had was a bundle and a dream upon her eye.  A Faraway vision accessible, but minimized by greater desire.  Wanting to shed the past and the name she was born to have.  The journey got ever longer as her strength would fall out of bed.

The midnight hour started crying for the dreamer who loved it so.  Explorations never taken because her bagage an anchor tow.  Hosting prey of airways becoming fodder at her feet.  The dream grew ever darker as the dreamer opened heavens seat.

Palace castle beyond this realm stuck frozen fast in time.  Dreams are ever nearing as the dreams lost now on wine.  Somewhere underneath her past a clue remains unfound.  To rid her life of bagg...

May 26, 2018
Euclid, United States

Battle axe of heaven, chop through this temporal realm
Open the gates of angels, connect me to heaven's quell
My ego I set aside, calling on Simeon and on Judah
Jesus has paid the price, His Hosts know Him well

Benjamin now go after, inheritance for the saints
Super joy unspeakable, us mortals know His strength
Eagles clear the way, reveal Christ in the heavens
Storehouses so near, two gates of abundant houses

June 26, 2018
Euclid, United States

               The ticket came in partial despair
           Comforts of royalty camped in our hair
         Time is of essence; two routes we can take
              Meeting the elders down at the lake

July 14, 2018

Negative news
           Of user views
   Provide motivation to neglect
                               The talents abused ruse