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trupti pattanaik

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Improvement begins with " I "
December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas to all !!!

December 20, 2017

Ages since we exchanged vows..
Holding the firm arms till wrinkles.
Strong shoulders to cuddle till support on the wheels.
We will part to heaven and days left so few..
Should I cherish the years of togetherness or  frown the last minutes of death..
Death is certain and my love is eternal..
Let's join hands and embrace peace with our heart and cry the moment which would last forever...

Let's smile every day and keep loving because life is too short !!  💙💛💚
T. P

December 14, 2016


Mother and child connect,
That firmed within the womb...

Husband and wife connect,
With thy vows of togetherness...

Grandparents and grandchildren,
Carried the same blood in thy views..

Bird and egg,
Nested with motherly love...

Beggar and footpath,
Bond and expectation of help...

Teacher and children,
Affectionate love of childhood...

Farmer and land,
Remembrance of rain down earth..

Brother and sister,
Strong love with innocence..

All connected differently... 😐

October 21, 2016

Cried the moon and the stars today,
His body burnt into ashes...
Soul watches his love who weeps..
Wears white and cries wide.. what is thy fault.
Life engraved colorless, bangles crushed along with her dreams,
Society sways her aside in all rituals, blames of omen were blown to her.
Who will see what she lost, what she needs, what she dreams..
All she knows now, a widow who is a curse..
Was destiny in her hands or was it all that she deserved..

October 19, 2016
Bengaluru, India

Failure on my way why do you break me,
I stand still on the window watching the rain drops falling...
But do the rain drops stop their way?
Do they break when it rains and splashes everywhere?

Love in my heart why do you break me.
I lie down and tears roll down my eyes and I watch them falling...
But do the tear drops stop their way?
Do they break when we cry and fall on the cheeks?

Yet it rains and we cry, some things in life are better learnt in pain and gloominess.


September 21, 2016
Bengaluru, India

I luv you with all my soul,
As soulmates are meant for eternity.

I would love you till my eyes close,
As the body dies but love lives..

I luv you...


July 8, 2016

It's been a long time I fell for you...
The bond and love for you..
Still feel like the first raindrops on the earth..

Been together and waves of happiness and sorrow passed by..
The care and togetherness patched along in our heart...
Still feel like the dew drops on the red rose..

Sweet memories and busy life,
The nostalgic mind remembers your love always..
Still feels that your are the bright day after a gloomy night.

I love you...
Thanks for not giving up on me!

May 6, 2016
Bengaluru, India

Betrayal and lies scarred you..
Memories are nightmares

The sand of time will leave your hands,
Life is another chance to live for yourself.

Create your magic of loving yourself,
Memories of nightmares will be replaced.
Dreams of princess will become true,

What will happen in destiny is not in your hands,
Until then love yourself in every possible ways.

The kingdom made for you will be yours,
You will have love that you will love.

Until then let no tears touch your cheeks,
Be yourself and stay calm..

There is always a bright day after night,
There is always sunshine after rain.

Just for you

May 5, 2016
Bengaluru, India

Raindrops on my window glass slide down
Tears of missing you roll down
Neither the clouds hold the rain drops
Nor the eye holds the tear drops..

It falls down..
So that you can smile again in the morning sunshine..
When the clouds are clear, and a new day begins..

Suffering and gloominess comes to an end to live again
Come lets all fall in love with life..
Enjoy rain and sunshine until you embrace death.


April 8, 2016

Morning alarm and smudged mascara on eyes..
Are the days when I made burnt toast and tasteless tea.

Hurried and stumbled across the mess on the floor,
fighting with the strangled hairs on my head..

Hasty walks to the bus heading office..
Yes! Running after name, money and a livelihood..

Facing the world, people's compliments and insults,
Downtrodden under work and pressure with few coffee breaks,

Evening with bunch of vegetables and a burger in hand,
Mother when you call, miles away...

Learnt to hide my fear and problems,
Your voice wipes away my worries as an autumn fall...

Nostalgic with thoughts flows my mind at home..
Childhood days with eagerness to grow up soon....

February 4, 2016
Bengaluru, India

The day when I met you again after longing for years.. this heart was numb.
Not able to feel the joy of the eyes which was staring at you.
should I cry or smile, was a war between the lips n eyes..
I pretended to be normal, tried to stand away from you, not to make you realize anything..
But true love of childhood comes back with endless hope...
With a pony tail,no makeup, in my bicycle I use to look at you and wish you could be ever mine.
but days passed,  we graduated n grew up..
That day when you came n stayed forever was a fairy tale.
and now I find myself in ur arms and I realize I am your princess made for each other!

Worth the wait..

April 29, 2015

..and you always say, never change yourself for anyone, neither for you as well...
but i would say i changed...
I learnt to love everything around me,
I learnt to feel goodness in the hotness of the summer sun,
my life changed when u came in my life.. being mine.

I learnt to fall down knowing you will catch me and also not to cry if i am alone and fall down.. i would rise back on my knees again for you...

My hands feel your warmth when u hold them and walk along..i learnt to stop and watch you , carefully taking me along by your side...

Many things changed and yet i feel i am myself only because you let me be myself..now that the only thing i wish to change is.... my last name.

Love yo...

February 27, 2015

The whriling smoke circled out of the lips..
Gushes the heartful of emotions and dispair.

Life encircling in the fire within the heart..
Because there is nothing more left to repair.

Thy heart cried ànd the path remains a mile..
Yet the pain doesn't ends and she no more care.

She stands with the cigarette and smoke curling..
Does that prove her dare.

Going though a dead end, thinking for a while..
Why did I come here and how shall I bear.

February 8, 2015
Hyderabad, India

And life was merrier with you pulling my pony tail, throwing sand at each other, hide and seek play...
could never replace anything....

The roads near your lane that crosses mine were yours too including my toys and school homework..

We were then sixteen, and never felt that we grew up and got up for our own life at other places far away from each other..

I hunted for you, and you were never there. You reminded me the same hide and seek game, you had your love of your life, and I always loved you..

You came back again and we were friends.. We felt a lovely connection of two little heart, were young now..I knew you loved me and I did, but failed to say.

We could never express each other, ...

February 6, 2015
Hyderabad, India

Winter evening, dull lights, foggy destination..
Blood oozing out of her face, shoulders, her hands tried to pacify the blood and tears running down with a fear though her spine.
Yet she rose up for some help, but there, she was alone and her arms grabbed by him left no choice.
The marks of blood and body resesited the pain when the knife passed through her chest, time was still, nothing changed.
He kept saying that he loves her but the pain she was left with by him, did never proved love..
Love is not lust , there she saved her feminity and moved on.
Time passed by, but the scars could not heal..
why is it important to prove love by your body and not by your heart?
She trusted him more tha...

February 6, 2015
Hyderabad, India

Wish I had a window seat... with many pillows,
sitting down with a cup of coffee, and reading books..

Coffee time...
10:10 Pm

February 6, 2015
Hyderabad, India

Hello pals,

Saying hello to my pen pals...
Hope to discover more about life..
I love to pen down my feelings... thanks to letters..
Simply love sharing... hoping to get some more pen pals too..

Good morning...

February 6, 2015
Hyderabad, India

Dear bride,

Its your day today... dressed up with a spark in morning hue, your eyes speak so many things about what is in your heart.
For the beloved one who will be your everything.
The conshell bangles cling to your arms saying , "I am made for you ".
The anklets jingle with a soulful melody with a impatience whelm.
The red colour gets the most deserving power today to show that , nothing can be better than this today.
You finally grew up and its your day today to start the next journey with someome.

Blessings and best wishes...


February 5, 2015
Hyderabad, India

After you left..

Life taught me how to overcome soltitude..
To walk alone while crossing the roads..
The wind that ruffle my hair, I learnt to clip it aside..
When I look pretty, I learnt to smile at the mirror.
I pacified myself when I am impatient and gloomy..
Tears roll down, no more, because I learnt to block it from falling down.
I loved myself in every ways now.
All I realized is , time heals the pain but ĺeave behind the memories.
But you somewhere taught me to feel you and have you in my writings..

Thanks.. after you left..


February 5, 2015
Hyderabad, India

Dear lost love...

This is for you..

I waited for you like anything..
I loved you so much that I missed you at every point of my life.  I wanted you to be mine forever..but I am standing here with empty hands, I lost you forever... but I will wait for you.
Somewhere, deep in my heart , I have a belief that you will return back to me; although I know that night will be a worse life than it is now.