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Zara Iftikhar Mufti

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United States
September 11, 2019


Time to act, Prime Minister Imran Khan !
You have in grip the whole Pakistan
You have been bestowed with popularity
But with that comes a price and responsibility
Please make use of this great following
And help Kashmir from whats ongoing

To uphold peace is a great virtue
But a sin in the face of a 38-day curfew
We dont want to be part of the world’s criminal silence
We are not indifferent to genocide and must act in defiance
Enough appeals, requests, tweets and rallies have been made,
The message, as expected, still fails to be conveyed,
Such things are for nations that understand humanity,
Not the ones that are lead by racism and  support Modi’s brutality,


July 23, 2014

A shameful day for mankind was 20th of July,
Hundreds killed in Gaza but noone questioned why !
Massacre in Shejaiyah witnessed by its land and sky,
The latter filled with smoke, the former heard each n every cry,
Our souls are dead, our hearts made of stones,
We dont care how many bled by the shrapnel drones,
Our eyes have 3D glasses and ears have microphones,
We dont see the bloody streets nor hear their screams or moans,
We should dread the day when we will answer God,
Why we watched them die, why our imaan was flawed,
Entirely innocent and killed while fasting,
They are martyrs of ramazan, their peace is everlasting,
Palestine is their land, now they are part of its mud,
What better way...

September 13, 2015

In a broken Syrian house stood a beautiful little child,
His world shattered, cheeks blackened, head full of 'WHYs ?' and hair wild,
Oh little boy ! Are you hungry ?
He was asked as we slumbered in luxury,
He had not eaten for two days he said,
As we ate endless meals without praise i bet,
On asking what he wished to have, he said he wanted 'bread',
Something kids his age could have never said,
The question made him hopeful and he quickly stepped ahead,
Forgetting all the pain and the stories unsaid,
He couldnt hide a shine in his grief filled eyes,
A little lick on his lip and vanished all the 'WHYs',
Then what have you been eating oh little boy?! ,they asked
'Grass' he replied with tears u...

April 20, 2017

These words by Martin Luther King
Describe the world we live in:
''Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.'' Unqoute

Ponder over this unfortunate world's plight,
Where all laws boil down to..'might is right'.
The unarmed stone pelters of Kashmir and Palestine,
Who stand for their sovereignty dont meet the given line.
You can barge into their countries with heavy artillery,
Just call it your own and no one will bother to read history.

I wish there were more of us who cared to know the truth,
Who neither fell prey to media nor to ignorance of their youth,
I wish there were more of us who cared for world peace,
Who could stand for justic...

December 15, 2016

My oldies and goldies i miss you so much
Those cold Abbottabad days felt so warm with your touch

Most gentle Bigbaba your way of calling..
'Zara mara pup rara' was quite enthralling
The frost and the chips and the cash on each trip were only a few of your kind hearted things
The town still remembers you as Razvi sahab.. and the legacy you left as Kami mamoo.. is no less than that of a kings

My dear BBG your tough way of love,.. the rules and the values were far more above..
than any grandmother may think she behoves
The gogis and pakwans you made for each one.. showed your love, your affection that had all hearts won

The wisest and finest of all, Amijan.. i love you the same as i love my g...

December 14, 2016

This year Pakistan is poorer than ever it has been
We lost two men with hearts of gold in 2016
There have been noone like them in the years we have seen
They taught us what life is and what it should mean

One defined humanity and a great mission he began
Abdul Sattar Edhi; Pakistan's richest poor man
Orphans, sick and needy; thats what made his clan
Lived in rags, begged in flags, did whatever that one can

The other gave up fame so Allahs message could be conveyed
He gained a name regardless, rest in peace Junaid Jamshed
His voice will be remembered by each and every one
When you die in the cause of Allah, youre nations beloved son

May we have more fathers like Edhi who teach us selflessne...

August 20, 2014

What have you done Imran Khan?
Shocked all; punjabis and pathan,
Asking Nawaz to resign is ridiculous,
He won the election and its unambiguous,
Rigging or no rigging, results would have been the same,
Accept your defeat, be great, there is no shame,
You had won all hearts if not enough seats,
We followed you on all roads and streets,
You have lost your sensible supporters now,
Those who trusted you but made no worship vow,
Do you realize how its damaging Pakistan?
No schools, no businesses, a ready bait for Taliban,
And of all the people you join the notorious Qadri,
What made you think he was that
Its not a protest for justice, its just your ego trip,
Go home, help yourself out o...

July 24, 2014

"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."

Martin Luther King Jr.